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The Pool of Tribute

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The Pool of Tribute

The Pool of Tribute.png
63 (Sync: 64)
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest The Lord of the Revel
The Ruby Sea (X:5.5, Y:24.4)

Your efforts to wreak havoc on the Isle of Zekki and draw the Red Kojin away from their imperial masters have exceeded all expectations. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond your knowing, two of the sacred treasures stored in the isle's vault "reacted" to the presence of the Yasakani-no-Magatama, summoning forth from the aether the great kami Susano—a primal by another name. How fortunate that you had the wisdom and foresight to invite several of your fellow adventurers on this journey to the Far East, and how kind they were to agree to help you torment the Red Kojin, for no single warrior, no matter how blessed or powerful, could ever hope to slay a primal on their own, despite what some wandering minstrels would have you believe.

— In-game description

The Pool of Tribute is a level 63 trial introduced in patch 4.0 with Stormblood.



Aggressive difficulty r6.png Lord of the Revel: Susano

Updated Shadowbringers Guide
The Pool of Tribute - Lv.63 Trial Guide

Many of the mechanics during this fight are simplified by having the Main Tank hold Susano in place while the rest of the party stacks behind him. Susano calls some of his attacks with a set phrase.

Phase 1

Rasen Kaikyo - Places a circular AoE under each party member

Yata No Kagami - "The seas part for we alone!" - A player will be marked (Red). After a short time, they will be damaged and knocked back. The path of their knockback will determine the safe area of the platform-wide AoE that follows. This AoE applies Lightning Resistance Down.

Brightstorm - Immediately following Yata No Kagami, a stack marker will appear on the previously marked party member. Stack to share damage.

Dark Cloud - Susano will periodically spawn Dark Clouds. These clouds will each cast a wide line AoE that inflict Paralysis icon1.png Paralysis.

At around 65%, Susano will start Phase 2

Phase 2

  • "How our hearts sing in the chaos!"

At the beginning of Phase 2, a flower-shaped crystal will appear on the platform. The Main Tank should pick this up as the player who picks it up will be the one receiving continuous damage from Susano during this phase.

Clash - The player that picked up the flower-shaped crystal will be locked in a clash with Susano, receiving a damaging debuff for as long as Ame-no-Murakumo is alive.

Ame-no-Murakumo - While clashing, Susano will begin casting this ability. Successful casting will cause a wipe. The party should focus damage on the sword to interrupt this cast.

Sheer Force - During the clash, orbs will spawn on the perimeter of the platform. The off-tank should run into these orbs before they get to the party, as they do splash damage.

This ends in heavy, unavoidable damage (a wipe if Ame-no-Murakumo is not destroyed), marked by a large, red line AoE across the platform.

Phase 3

All abilities from Phase 1 are present during this phase.

Stormsplitter - Tank Buster. Pop mitigation cooldowns.

Ama-no-iwato - "Earth and stone at our beck and call!" - Susano will trap a player in a chained stone. Two "dummy stones" will also spawn. The stone containing the player will be marked and then the stones will be shuffled. Only the stone containing a player needs to be destroyed. If the stone finishes casting 'The Sealed Gate', the player is killed (not confirmed).

Ukehi - Moderate party-wide damage that can hit 1 or 2 times