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Eden's Gate: Sepulture

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See also: Eden's Gate and Eden's Gate: Sepulture (Savage)


Eden's Gate: Sepulture

Eden's Gate Sepulture2.png
80 (Sync: 80)
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
Normal Raids (Shadowbringers)
Normal Raids
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 10 
Req. quest
Feature quest Super Seismic
The Core (X:23.4, Y:23.2)
Atlas Peak
Stone, Sky, Sea

Having successfully realigned the element of water following your triumph over Leviathan, the next candidate for restoration is earth, in the hope that the Empty will soon become able to support life. As before, you draw upon your experience of primals fought on the Source to shape the aether, this time recalling your fateful encounter with the Lord of Crags, Titan.

— In-game description

Eden's Gate: Sepulture is a level 80 raid introduced in patch 5.01 with Shadowbringers. The raid is also known as E4N.

Phases & Abilities

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Heritor of Crags: Titan

Eden's Gate E4N Guide

NOTE: It is possible to fall off the edge of the arena and plummet to an early doom during the entire encounter. However, should any participant fall, they can be raised after a moderate delay. The arena is also segmented into 16 tiles that play a significant role in Titan's mechanics.

  • Voice of the Land - blasts the entire arena with unavoidable raid-wide damage.
  • Evil Earth - marks a tile in the arena that will eventually explode, then cause all adjacent tiles to explode shortly afterward, repeatedly chaining in an outward wave of explosions. In normal mode, tiles will be marked with an orange telegraph. To avoid, simply wait for a tile (or tiles) to explode, then move into the previously exploded tiles, which will now be safe to stand on.
  • Weight of the Land - targets various random tiles in the arena and marks them for an explosion. If you see tiles glowing orange for any reason, simply move to an unaffected tile to avoid taking damage.
  • Stonecrusher - Titan's tank-buster. After casting, Titan stomps on the primary target, inflicting tremendous damage and applying a Physical Vulnerability Debuff. Stonecrusher is actually executed as a small AoE, meaning that any players (other than the main target) who are too close to the point of impact will also be hit (and likely slain outright if they are not a tank). To avoid, make sure that only the main tank is close enough to receive the damage. While it does inflict a Physical Vulnerability Up debuff for several seconds, a tank swap is not necessary, as the debuff is not impactful. Nevertheless, the main target should always attempt to mitigate Stonecrusher due to its high damage.
  • Crumbling Down - creates two proximity markers to the eastern and western sides of the arena's centre-line. After a brief delay, large boulders will fall onto the proximity markers, damaging the entire raid (depending on how close they were to the point(s) of impact). Once the boulders have landed, one of them will gain a glowing hue, indicating that it will eventually crumble, leaving only one boulder. The remaining boulder must be used to line-of-sight Titan during Seismic Wave.
  • Seismic Wave - an AoE raid-buster - can only be avoided by keeping the one remaining boulder between Titan and your character (line-of-sight). Anyone out in the open during Seismic Wave will suffer tremendous damage, typically lethal, as well as vicious debuffs if they survive the blast.
  • Geocrush causes Titan to leap towards a random segment of the arena and blast the raid with massive knockback. Before leaping, a visual effect of outward travelling arrows from the point of impact will give you an idea of where Titan will land and in what direction you will be pushed. Due to the tremendous knockback, players must ensure that they are close to the point of impact and aim themselves so that they do not get knocked out of the arena. If standing too far away, or aimed incorrectly, may be launched over the side to their doom. Bear in mind that knockback immunity will prevent this effect entirely.

Titan Fists 1

  • Titan Fists - causes Titan to morph his body so that his fists are much larger than normal, allowing him to unleash mechanics unique to this form, such as Massive Landslide. After a brief delay, Titan will smash all tiles to his sides. Anyone not standing on tiles in front of Titan will immediately be slain or knocked off the platform. After the initial smash, the originally safe tiles facing Titan will now become unsafe, forcing players to move to the sides to avoid the follow-up blast.

After the initial blast and follow-up blast, Titan will revert back to its normal form.

  • Bomb Boulders will now spawn around the arena in a set pattern. Participants will notice them eventually glowing, indicating an impending explosion that everyone should move away from, usually to the far edges of the arena. Simultaneously, Titan will cast Cobalt Bomb, tethering itself to one of the Bomb Boulders and converting it into a much larger version. In short, the raid should move as far away from the Cobalt Bomb as possible, whilst also placing themselves so that no Bomb Boulders clip them with their smaller explosions.
  • Geocrush causes Titan to leap towards a random segment of the arena and blast the raid with massive knockback once more. Just like before, make sure to move close to the point of impact to avoid being knocked over the edge, or utilize a Knockback Immunity cooldown.

Titan Wheels 1

  • Titan Wheels - causes Titan to morph so that the circular parts of his body form four wheels, similar to that of a go-kart or ATV. After a brief wind-up, Titan will launch himself forward via Fault Zone, crushing anyone directly in front of him with fatal damage and knocking back everyone else. Players must avoid being in front of Titan and by positioning themselves on tiles directly beside the line he will drive through. Due to the tremendous knockback, make sure you are standing on the side with the most arena-space (2-tiles-wide) so that you are not knocked off the platform.

After dashing forward, a follow-up shock-wave will slowly explode across adjacent tiles in a line while Titan reforms back into its usual shape.

  • Earthen Fury - inflicts unavoidable raid-wide damage and inflicts a damage-over-time (15s) to all participants.
  • Bomb Boulders will spawn around the arena once again, dropping in a pattern of three lines. Keep in mind that boulders will explode in the order that they spawned. As such, players should move towards a set of boulders that will explode 2nd or 3rd, wait for the previous line to explode, then move into the now safe area to avoid the remaining explosions. If you see a Cobalt Bomb, make sure you move as far away from that boulder as possible while dodging through the smaller patterns. Players may also need to watch out for Weight of the Land - randomly selected tiles that light up, indicating that they too will explode.

Depending on Titan's remaining health, the raid may notice a mechanic loop. If so, this will persist until Titan casts Geocrush (the leaping knockback), which always happens before Titan changes into one of his two other forms, except this time, Titan Fists and/or Titan Wheels will have a slight variation.

Titan Fists 2

  • Titan morphs his body so that his fists are much larger than normal, just like before, and begins to cast Massive Landslide. Titan will pepper each Massive Landslide a Left/Right Landslide, which marks one side of the arena for an additional smash that must be avoided. However, after smashing all tiles to his sides (don't forget the follow-up shockwave), Titan will leap to another portion of the arena, causing two straight-line AoE's to form in a "+" shape where he is landing that must be avoided, followed by yet another Massive Landslide + Left/Right Landslide, then another leap, and one final Massive Landslide + Left/Right Landslide before reverting back to normal and re-entering a mechanical loop.

Titan Wheels 2

  • Titan morphs back into its go-kart / ATV form. After a brief wind-up, Titan will launch himself forward via Fault Zone, just like before, fatally crushing anyone directly in front of him and knocking back everyone else.
  • However, this time he will turn 90 degrees, move forward a tile, turn to face the arena and prepare yet another Fault Zone, forcing the raid to avoid follow-up shock-waves from the first Fault Zone while running to Titan's other side to avoid being knocked off the platform by the second. After the second Fault Zone, Titan turns once more and prepares a third Fault Zone. Once he has executed the third Fault Zone, Titan prepares to unleash a donut-AoE (Magnitude 5.0) from his destination, forcing the raid to sprint into his hitbox to avoid tremendous damage, then reverts back into normal form and re-enters a mechanical loop.

There are only a few things to note about the impending mechanical loop, such as:

  • Bomb Boulders. There are a few various patterns these may fall in, such as triple-lines, star-shaped, circular, etc. All you need to remember is that (unless they all fall simultaneously, such as the circular pattern), the bombs will always explode in the order they were dropped in, so simply wait for a bomb to explode, then move to that location so that the remaining explosions can't reach you. If Bomb Boulders include a Cobalt Bomb, simply move as far away from the larger boulder bomb as possible when doing so.
  • In addition, you may also have to deal with combos such as Evil Earth + Bomb Boulders. Either way, it is nothing you haven't experienced already at this point.

Due to lack of an enrage timer, the fight will now continue until either Titan (or the raid) are defeated.


Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Armor of early antiquity icon1.png  Armor of Early Antiquity Other N/A ABasic 1
Gauntlets of early antiquity icon1.png  Gauntlets of Early Antiquity Other N/A ABasic 1
Chausses of early antiquity icon1.png  Chausses of Early Antiquity Other N/A ABasic 1
Bangle of early antiquity icon1.png  Bangle of Early Antiquity Other N/A ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Armor of early antiquity icon1.png  Armor of Early Antiquity Other N/A ABasic 1
Chausses of early antiquity icon1.png  Chausses of Early Antiquity Other N/A ABasic 1
Greaves of early antiquity icon1.png  Greaves of Early Antiquity Other N/A ABasic 1
Bangle of early antiquity icon1.png  Bangle of Early Antiquity Other N/A ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 3

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Eden minor icon2.png  Eden Minor Minion N/A ABasic 1
Landslide orchestrion roll icon1.png  Landslide Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll N/A ABasic 1


This duty is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Paradise found i icon1.png  Paradise Found I 5 Complete Eden's Gate. - 5.01
Paradise found ii icon1.png  Paradise Found II 10 Complete Eden's Gate 5 times. - 5.01
Paradise found iii icon1.png  Paradise Found III 20 Complete Eden's Gate 10 times. - 5.01


Titan: From the heart of a mountain, I rise.
Titan: Tempered in the flows of the mountain's core, my rage is eternal!
Titan: There is no salvation for the sons of man.
Titan: I am unbreakable, unstoppable!
Titan: I shall grind you to dust, mortal!
Titan: Your fleeting, meaningless existence ends here.
Titan: Bow down, overdweller!