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The Cloud Deck

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The Cloud Deck

The Cloud Deck.png
80 (Sync: 80)
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Allagan Tomestone of Allegory 12 Allagan Tomestone of Revelation 8 
Req. quest
Feature quest Duty in the Sky with Diamond

Intelligence from Werlyt indicates that a previously unknown Weapon is laying waste to the VIIth Imperial Legion's headquarters. Though it seems improbable that the warmachina could turn against its creators, a letter left by Allie reveals her intention to commandeer the Weapon and rescue her brother Alfonse from the imperials. Together with Gaius and Cid, you formulate a strategy not to destroy, but to capture the rampaging machine before any harm can come to its pilot.

— In-game description

The Cloud Deck is a level 80 trial introduced in patch 5.5 with Shadowbringers.


Complete the level 80 quest Feature QuestDuty in the Sky with Diamond by speaking to Resistance Officer in The Lochs (X:11.3 Y:22.5). Pre-requisite quest is Feature QuestIn Memory.

The Diamond Weapon's Abilities (Phase 1)

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Mark I Anti-Eikon Warmachina: The Diamond Weapon

In this fight, 2 ships and 4 teleporters pads will be available to players. This is important to be able to dodge some of the mechanics during the battle.

Diamond Rain: Unavoidable Raid-wide damage

Adamant Purge: This mechanic is telegraphed by a glowing hand on one of the Diamond Weapon's sides. If hit, it will result in a KO, regardless of health. Teleport to the opposite side to avoid damage.

Attack: Auto-attack that targets tanks with line attacks. Avoid overlapping to minimize damage.

Photon Burst: Targets tanks with proximity-based damage. Separate from other players to avoid spreading damage.

Diamond Flash: This linear attack is telegraphed by a yellow glow on the Diamond Weapon's chest and will target a random player. Line up to share the damage.

The Diamond Weapon (Phase 2)

Code Chi-Xi-Sigma: This move will shed the Diamond Weapon's armor and transition to the next phase of the battle.

Auri Cyclone: This attack will be casted immeadiately after Code Chi-Xi-Sigma, placing a blue circle AOE on one of the ships. This attacks guarantees knockback, so either get as close as possible without getting inside to avoid getting knocked off the ship, or use knockback immunity.

Airship's Bane: This will temporarily destroy one of the ships. All players must evacuate as this attack will guarantee a KO if on the targeted ship.

Afterwards, the Diamond Weapon will hop onto the remaining ship.

Outrage: High Raid-wide damage

Auri Doomstead: Tankbuster

Auri Arts comes in two forms of attacks:

1: Untargetable Blue spheres will appear outside the ship, telegraphed by a zig-zag line. After that, the Diamond Weapon will target one side of the ship. Getting hit by this move will cause knockback and add a stack of Vulnerability Up. Move into a safe zone to avoid damage.

2: The Diamond Weapon will target the middle of the ship, followed by a circular AOE. Move to the side to dodge the linear attack, and then stay out of the circle.

Vertical Cleave: This attack will happen from the side of the ship and guarantee knockback. Line up with the corner of the ship to avoid falling off the ship.

The Diamond Weapon (Phase 3)

After another Auri Arts, the Diamond Weapon will regain its armor, another ship will appear, the teleporter pads will be active and the Diamond Weapon will re-use Phase 1 attacks along with new attacks.

Diamond Shrapnel: This attack will target two players and 5 blasts will chase them in rapid succession. These attacks do heavy damage, so teleport away from other players after the large AOE appear to minimize as much damage as possible.

Articulated Bits: 10 hands will spawn, 5 facing each ship. Each hand will fire a linear attack. Move to the other side of the ship you're on to avoid them. This attack can happen at the same time as Adamant Purge.

Adamant Sphere: 4 meteor circles will appear, 2 on each ship. One player must be standing in each sphere to soak the damage.

Homing Lasers: AOE circles will appear on all players. Spread out to avoid any overlap.

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