Copperbell Mines (Hard)

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Copperbell Mines (Hard)

Copperbell Mines (Hard).png
50 (Sync: 50)
48 (Sync: 110)
Party size
Light Party
4man 1 Tank role.png 1 Healer role.png 2 DPS role.png
Time limit
Level 50/60/70 Dungeons
Req. quest
Feature quest Out of Sight, Out of Mine
Western Thanalan (X:27, Y:17)

Huzzah, back to the mines! Adventurers have cleared Copperbell Mines of hecatoncheires--or have they? A band of engineers from Amajina & Sons have gone missing in the deep shaft, cut off mid-knock: "ON SCHEDULE. HELP HEC--". A more thorough adventurer is needed to mop up the enduring giants, if pickaxes are to ring again underground and the gil to flow overground.

— In-game description

Copperbell Mines (Hard) is a level 50 dungeon introduced in patch 2.1.


Level 50+ players need to talk to Hugubert in Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona (x22,y8), to start the quest Feature QuestOut of Sight, Out of Mine to unlock the dungeon.
The quest is available after the completion of the main scenario quest Main Scenario QuestThe Ultimate Weapon.


  1. Clear the Screaming Dark: 0/1
  2. Clear the Crying Dark: 0/1
  3. Defeat Ouranos: 0/1

Copperbell Mines (Hard) Guide


Aggressive difficulty r6.png Hecatoncheir Mastermind

Hecatoncheir Mastermind will use Darkfire every 45 - 60 seconds. The fire will cover a portion of the platform, forcing players to move further down the bridge. Whenever Hecatoncheir uses Darkfire, a Flamebeau (bomb type monster) spawns. The Flamebeau will attempt to move towards the fire. Kill the Flamebeau ASAP. If it reaches the burning ground, it will explode and kill all players. If it is left alone it will self-destruct and wipe the party. Stun the bomb if necessary.

  • Do not let Flamebeau touch the burning ground cast by the boss.
  • Kill Flamebeau ASAP or it will explode and insta-kill the entire party.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Gogmagolem

Gogmagolem is a spriggan operating a rock giant. The boss not only has very high defense, it will also move back and forth in the boss room.

In the boss room, there is an object named Improved Blasting Device. One of your party members should operate the Device to spawn a Waymaker Bomb. That player should pick up the bomb. When it says it is going to explode in 5 seconds, place it in the path of the Gogmagolem. This is the main method of damaging the boss. Black bombs will also spawn near the Blasting Device and the center of the room. These will Self-Destruct, so move away quickly.

The other DPS should focus on killing all of the Kindling Sprites that spawn around the edges of the room.

When the Golem dies, the spriggan named Biggy will spawn. Kill Biggy and move away from very large bombs because these bombs will explode in a very large radius.


  • One DPS should spawn bombs with Improved Blasting Device, then carry and drop bombs in path of Gomagolem
  • Other DPS focus adds
  • When Biggy spawns, DPS him down

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Ouranos

Non-tank players should not stand in front of the boss. Avoid its circular AoE attacks and kill Giga adds when they spawn.

Occasionally, a Sand Worm will spawn. When the text "The abyss worm is searching for fodder" appears on screen, one of the players should pick up the object Crystallized Rock (found around the edges of the arena) and place it somewhere in the sand. Players should move away from the rock to avoid taking damage from the Sand Worm. If the rock is not placed in time, the Sand Worm will cast Bottomless Desert and pull all players to the middle of the room and deal heavy damage to all players. Bottomless Desert can easily lead to a wipe, so make sure someone is on dedicated rock duty.


  • Burn down boss
  • When Sand Worm is Searching for Fodder, carry Crystallized Rock onto the sand and drop it to distract the worm


Name Drops
Gogmagolem Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 10 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Hecatoncheir Mastermind Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 5 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Name Drops
Ouranos Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 15 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Spriggan Miner


Silver Coffer (small).png Hecatoncheir Mastermind

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Austere Ringbands Hands BDungeon 1
 Blessed Halfgloves Hands BDungeon 1
 Demagogue Pattens Feet BDungeon 1
 Hetairos Armguards Hands BDungeon 1
 Hoplite Gauntlets Hands BDungeon 1
 Lord's Sabatons Feet BDungeon 1
 Noble's Armguards Hands BDungeon 1
 Peltast Mitts Hands BDungeon 1
 Strategos Duckbills Feet BDungeon 1
 Thick Sollerets Feet BDungeon 1
 Toxotes Moccasins Feet BDungeon 1
 War Caligae Feet BDungeon 1

Silver Coffer (small).png Biggy

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Hetairos Belt Waist BDungeon 1
 Blessed Belt Waist BDungeon 1
 Lord's Trousers Legs BDungeon 1
 Thick Skirt Legs BDungeon 1
 Peltast Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
 Toxotes Kecks Legs BDungeon 1
 Austere Tights Legs BDungeon 1
 Strategos Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Hoplite Circlet Head BDungeon 1
 Thick Chain Coif Head BDungeon 1
 War Mesail Head BDungeon 1
 Noble's Goggles Head BDungeon 1
 Demagogue Mask Head BDungeon 1
 Strategos Coif Head BDungeon 1
 Peltast Belt Waist BDungeon 1
 Austere Satchel Belt Waist BDungeon 1

Gold Coffer (small).png Ouranos

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Blessed Gown Body BDungeon 1
 Demagogue Halfrobe Body BDungeon 1
 Faded Copy of The Dark's Embrace   This item is guaranteed to drop. Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1
 Hetairos Mail Body BDungeon 1
 Hoplite Tabard Body BDungeon 1
 Lord's Plate Belt Waist BDungeon 1
 Noble's Jacket Body BDungeon 1
 Toxotes Belt Waist BDungeon 1
 War Harness Body BDungeon 1

Other Loot

Treasure Coffer 1 (X: 11.8 Y: 12.5)

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Slime Puddle Minion ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 2 (X: 9.6 Y: 13.9)

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Hoplite Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Peltast Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Toxotes Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Demagogue Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Strategos Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Hoplite Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Peltast Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Toxotes Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Demagogue Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Strategos Choker Necklace BDungeon 1

Treasure Coffer 3 (X: 9.3 Y: 13.4)

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Hoplite Wristlets Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Peltast Wristlets Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Toxotes Wristlets Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Demagogue Wristlets Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Strategos Wristlets Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Hoplite Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Peltast Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Toxotes Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Demagogue Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Strategos Ring Ring BDungeon 1


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