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Kugane Ohashi

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Kugane Ohashi

Kugane Ohashi.png
70 (Sync: 70)
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 10 
Req. quest
Feature quest The Past Is Never Past

In the Far Eastern realm of Hingashi, in the pitch of night, perched atop a ship's mast, a warrior awaits. In his hand, a sacred treasure, a sword without peer. Yet the enigmatic Yojimbo is a man with many secrets secreted within his many sleeves—all of which he is prepared to bring to bear against his most fearsome and radiant foe...

— In-game description

Kugane Ohashi is a level 70 trial introduced in patch 4.56 with Stormblood.



Aggressive difficulty r6.png Yojimbo

Kugane Ohashi Trial Guide

Throughout the fight, the boss will comment on the various attacks he uses, either by saying a phrase that appears in a speech balloon above his head. The first time the bosses uses an ability, the line will instead be shouted, appearing in a dialogue box and printed in the chat log.

Phase 1

  • Wakizashi: Tankbuster that hits an arc around the target.
  • Inoshikacho: Four butterflies will slowly float to random spots in the arena, exploding into large AoEs shortly after touching the ground.
  • Metta-giri: Moderate party-wide damage.

Phase 2

  • After reaching 80% HP, Yojimbo will move to the center of the arena, become untargetable, and shout "Now we fight like men. And ladies. And men who dress like ladies! For Yojimbo... It is Gilgameshing time!". Yojimbo will sink into a black vortex, then emerge from a golden light as Gilgamesh and toss his hat away. Phase 1 will then resume until Gilgamesh reaches 50% HP.
  • Dragon Night: Six dragon heads appear on one edge of the arena and slowly travel across in a straight line, dealing damage to players they touch and inflicting a stack of Vulnerability Up icon1.png Vulnerability Up. After reaching the other end of the arena, the heads bombard the ground for moderate party-wide damage. Yojimbo says: "Uh-oh! Someone woke the dragon..."
  • Yukikaze: Ice spears will appear on the edges of the arena, firing off in checkerboard pattern line AoEs.
  • Gekka: Each player is marked with a peach-colored orb above their head and a small AoE at their feet. After a short delay, the attack hits in the small AoE for minor damage, then strikes as a ring AoE around each initial hit for higher damage. Despite what the indicators may seem, it's safer to stack with allies than to spread apart, though players should never stack with more than two others.
    • Occasionally, the ring AoEs from the most recent use of Gekka will reappear a short time later and strike again. Gilgamesh says: "Divide and conquer, Gilgamesh style!"
  • Tiny Song: Red triangle markers over each player. Players not stacking with at least one other person are inflicted with the Minimum debuff. Gilgamesh says: "This should cut you down to size!"
  • Zanmato: Reduces the entire party's HP to 1. Gilgamesh says: "Behold, the sword art of legend—Zanmato!"

Phase 3

  • To start the phase, Gilgamesh will split into two Embodiment adds, while a giant version of him will rise in the background and begin building up a Divine Epicness bar.
  • Giga Jump: Spread AoE marker on both tanks.
  • Ame-no-Murakumo: Ultimate attack. Quoting Susano, the giant Gilgamesh slams a colossal sword into the ground, dealing damage to the entire party. If Divine Epicness reaches 100%, the attack will wipe the party.

Phase 4

  • Gilgamesh lands with another Giga Jump on a single tank.
  • Electrogenetic Force: A grid of lightning orbs will appear in the arena, each exploding with a small AoE. The only safe spot is one of the "grids" near Gilgamesh's landing point. All subsequent casts instead place a lightning orb on top of each living player. Gilgamesh says: "And now for something truly shocking!"
    • Gilgamesh will now always use Electrogenetic Force or Tiny Song during Dragon Night. Which one he uses is random.
  • Masamune: Gilgamesh dashes across the arena in a Line, following up with the two following attacks in quick succession. Gilgamesh says: "Not the strongest of swords, but it should suffice."
  • Zanma Zanmai: Reduces the entire party's HP to 1. Identical to Zanmato. Gilgamesh says: "Behold, the sword art of legend—Zanmato!"
  • Epic Stormsplitter: Line AoE directly across the arena, followed immediately by two rectangular AoEs on either side, covering the entire platform save for a narrow line directly in front of Gilgamesh. Stand in the larger AoEs until the line attack fires, then quickly move into the now-safe middle area. Gilgamesh says: "The seas part for Gilgamesh alone!"
  • Enchain: Marks four players, then after a delay traps them in Fetters, prioritizing both tanks and both healers. Fettered players are untargetable and cannot act, but the fetters themselves can be targeted and destroyed. Targeted players should run away from the boss ASAP, as fetters gain a stacking "Vulnerability Down" buff based on proximity to the boss. As he casts this ability, Gilgamesh will say: "What's the matter, friend? All tied up?"
  • Hells' Gate: Slow casting attack that inflicts Instant Death on all players with the Fetters debuff. Players trapped too close to the boss will likely not be freed in time and die to this ability.


Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer

Name Type Rarity Quantity
Yojimbo barding icon1.png  Yojimbo Barding Other ABasic 1