The Howling Eye (Extreme)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the level 50 challenge-mode trial. For the Main Scenario trial, see The Howling Eye. For the level 50 story-mode trial, see The Howling Eye (Hard). For the Ultimate Raid involving Garuda, see The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate).

The Howling Eye (Extreme)

The howling eye extreme banner1.png
50 (Sync: 50)
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
60 minutes
Duty Finder
High-end Trials (A Realm Reborn)
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 20 
Req. quest
Feature quest Gale-force Warning
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:34.3, Y:24.9)
The Howling Eye
The echo icon1.png The Echo
On wipe: +5% (max +25%)

An attack by the primal Garuda has annihilated an entire Twin Adder brigade, with the sole survivor left to tell a tale writ in terror and misery. Garuda's powers are far greater than they should be; left with few options and all but one of them almost certain failures, the Order of the Twin Adder turns to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, so that they may summon a Warrior of Light.

— In-game description

The Howling Eye (Extreme) is a level 50 trial introduced in patch 2.1.


Aggressive difficulty r6.png Lady of the Vortex: Garuda

Phase 1

This is very similar to the other versions - however, when the Razor Plumes appear, make sure to kill the Satin Plume first. Otherwise, the Satin Plume will sleep everyone. Any time Garuda disappears, random AoEs will spawn. These are Feather Rain.png  Feather Rain, a spell learnable by Blue Mage frame icon.png Blue Mages.

Phase 2

Garuda will spawn two adds, Chirada and Suparna. The off-tank should hold Chirada while the main tank should hold Suparna. Separate them and kill one at a time. Generally you will be killing Chirada first.

At the end of this phase Garuda will teleport to the center and cast Reckoning. There's no dodging this, so stack up in the center. This will wipe if too many stones are destroyed.

Phase 3

Garuda will destroy the pillars, and summon more Razor Plumes. This time they will have a Spiny Plume with them. Kill the Razor Plumes, but do not kill the Spiny Plume. The Spiny Plume will apply "Thermal Low" to the tank it is agro'd on. Tanks must swap agro on the spiny plume at 2 stacks. At 3 stacks of "Thermal Low" the party will wipe.

When Garuda vanishes, kill the Spiny Plume. This will create a shield that will protect you from wiping when Garuda reappears. Dodge the Spiny Plume's AoE when it dies and hide under its shield.

Phase 4

Garuda will summon a Spiny Plume, Chirada and Suparna, and a large number of green whirlwinds.

There are safe spots in the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast to stand to avoid the whirlwinds.

As in Phase 2, separate Chirada and Suparna, kill them one at a time. Garuda will vanish once they both die.

As in Phase 3, avoid killing the Spiny Plume until Garuda vanishes, then hide under its shield. The Spiny Plume will act just like it did in phase 3 with the "Thermal Low" stacks.

You'll cycle between Phase 3 and Phase 4 until Garuda dies.

Attack Images

Solo strategy (level 70+)

With a high player level (70+) and high-end gear, The Howling Eye (Extreme) can be finished solo or with a small party. To do so, enter the trial unsynced by selecting "Unrestricted Party" in the duty finder options.

With sufficient defenses, healing and damage, the fight's mechanics can be largely ignored, and all damage focused on Garuda.


Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Vortex ring of fending icon1.png  Vortex Ring of Fending Ring 90 CBlue 1
Vortex ring of slaying icon1.png  Vortex Ring of Slaying Ring 90 CBlue 1
Vortex ring of aiming icon1.png  Vortex Ring of Aiming Ring 90 CBlue 1
Vortex ring of casting icon1.png  Vortex Ring of Casting Ring 90 CBlue 1
Vortex ring of healing icon1.png  Vortex Ring of Healing Ring 90 CBlue 1
Vortex feather icon1.png  Vortex Feather Material N/A ABasic 1
Xanthos whistle icon1.png  Xanthos Whistle Other N/A ABasic 1
Nightmare Whistle.png  Nightmare Whistle Other 1 ABasic 1
Faded copy of fallen angel icon1.png  Faded Copy of Fallen Angel Orchestrion Roll N/A ABasic 1


This duty is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Gone with the wind icon1.png  Gone with the Wind 10 Defeat Garuda in the Howling Eye (Extreme). - 2.1
Mightier than the vortex icon1.png  Mightier than the Vortex 5 Complete the Howling Eye (Extreme) with a party of only blue mages, Silence Echo turned on, and Unrestricted Party turned off. - 5.15