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See also: Trust System

The Duty Support system can be used to progress through main scenario duties with a party of NPCs.

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As of Patch 6.2, instanced duties for A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker are supported. Duty Support for 3.x to Stormblood and beyond will be added in future patches.

Accessing the Duty Support System from Duty Entrance

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The Duty Support icon will display above the entrance of applicable duties.

Select the entrance, and then choose the option to enter the dungeon with a group of NPCs in the window that appears. A new menu will display, from which you can select "Register for Duty" to begin the duty.

Accessing the Duty Support System

Duty Support3.png

First, select Duty Support under Duty in the main menu. A list of available duties will be displayed in the window that appears. Select the duty you wish to enter, confirm which NPCs will be accompanying you, then select the "Register for Duty."

The Duty Finder and Trust menus can also be accessed by pressing the appropriate button at the bottom of the Duty Support menu.

Party Selection

Certain duties allow you to switch out the NPCs in your party. This is indicated by a message that displays underneath your party members.

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Click on your party members or press the confirm button on your controller to open a window showing a list of available NPCs for that duty.

  • The NPC party members available in A Realm Reborn instanced duties are fixed according to your role, and therefore cannot be selected.

Duty Support can be used to complete the following duties

A Realm Reborn