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Disambig icon.png This article is about the story-mode Main Scenario trial. For the level 100 challenge-mode trial, see Everkeep (Extreme).



99 (Sync: 100)
Item Level
(Sync: 680)
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
60 minutes
Duty Finder
Trials (Dawntrail)
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest The Resilient Son
Summit of Everkeep
Xak Tural
Duty Support

Known as the Resilient Son for the miracle of his birth, the First Promise Zoraal Ja was driven solely by the desire to prove his worth. So it was that he had embarked upon the path of conquest, but it led him nowhere save to an empty summit. Having failed to win the throne and surpass his father, he remains consumed by his obsession and has devoured the souls of his own people in a bid to achieve his ends. For the sake of not only Tuliyollal, but the entire star, you must put an end to the struggle of this tormented man.

— In-game description

Everkeep is a level 99 trial introduced in patch 7.0 with Dawntrail.

Duty Support

Wuk Lamat Alphinaud Y'shtola G'raha Tia Estinien Krile Alisaie
DS Wuk Lamat.png DS Alphinaud3.png DS Y'shtola2.png DS G'raha Tia1.png DS Estinien2.png DS Krile.png DS Alisaie3.png
Class Warrior frame icon.png Intrepid Sage frame icon.png Sage Black Mage frame icon.png Conjurer frame icon.png Sorceress Paladin frame icon.png Black Mage frame icon.png All-rounder Dragoon frame icon.png Dragoon Pictomancer frame icon.png Pictomancer Red Mage frame icon.png Red Mage
Role Tank Healer Healer or DPS Tank or DPS DPS DPS DPS


This trial can be undertaken with other players or with a party of NPCs through Duty Support. If using Duty Support, you will begin the battle with one stack of Willful icon1.png Willful. If you would be KO'd, instead a stack of Willful will be consumed to ignite the Will to live icon1.png Will to Live, immobilizing you and protecting from most damage for several seconds.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png King of Resolve: Zoraal Ja

The arena initially has a border surrounding it that will inflict Bleed icon1.png bleeding to anyone who steps in it, dealing moderate damage-over-time. This AoE is not lethal.

Phase 1

  • Soul Overflow: Party-wide magical damage.
  • Double-edged Swords: Telegraphed frontal 180 degree cleave followed by a telegraphed 180 degree rear cleave (or vice versa).
  • Patricidal Pique: Telegraphed magical tankbuster.
  • Soul Overflow: Party-wide magical damage and spawns multiple untargetable supporter NPC adds, which glow yellow.
  • Calamity's Edge: Party-wide physical damage and replaces the adds with geysers of yellow energy. These use late telegraph circle AoEs (Burst), so move away from them.
  • Vorpal Trail: Spawns telegraphed line AoEs covering each wall. These will converge towards to the center and expand outwards again. Meanwhile, the boss will use another Double-edged Swords, requiring players to dodge both the cleaves and the moving line AoEs.
  • Soul Overflow and Calamity's Edge are now combined with Double-edged Swords, requiring players to dodge both the cleaves and the circle AoEs.

When the boss reaches ~30% HP, it will use Soul Overflow again and an unskippable cutscene will play, transforming the boss and restoring all its HP.

Phase 2

The party will receive a checkpoint that they will restart from if they wipe. Also, if using Duty Support, falling off the arena will reset the battle from the checkpoint regardless of the Willful buff. However, wiping during phase 2 will increase the number of Willful icon1.png Willful stacks to 2.

The boss has a much larger hitbox than in phase 1.

  • Smiting Circuit: Zoraal Ja readies his blades. Telegraphs either a point-blank (outside hitbox safe) or a donut AoE (inside hitbox safe).
    • If the glowing swords are inside its hitbox, it is a point-blank AoE.
    • If the glowing swords are outside its hitbox, it is a donut AoE.
  • Dawn of an Age: Party-wide magical damage and reduces the size of the arena to a much smaller square consisting of a 4x4 grid. Note the presence of identical outer platforms on each intercardinal. It is also now possible to fall off the platform, causing death.
  • Vollok: Summons swords covering 10 tiles in a pyramid formation, telegraphing square AoEs.
  • Bitter Reaping: Telegraphed magical tankbuster hitting both tanks.
  • Vollok: Now summons swords on one of the outside platforms.
  • Sync: The distorted world comes into synchrony. The square AoE telegraphs on one outside platform will be resolved on the same locations on the middle arena. (Imagine the outside telegraphs "sliding" into the middle.)
  • Gateway: Spawns multiple blue tethers linking rows/columns of two outside platforms with different rows/columns of the central platform.
  • Blade Warp: Summons two blades on an outside platform that will face the middle arena.
    • Forged Track: Blades go soaring through dimensions. The blades will telegraph a line AoE. However, the final location of the AoEs in the middle will be determined by which blue tether from the AoE telegraph links to which row or column.
  • Forged Track is used again, spawning blades on a different outside platform.
  • Actualize: Party-wide magical damage and reverts the arena to its original state.
  • Half Full: A late telegraphed half-room cleave indicated by which of its blades is glowing.
  • Half Circuit: Zoraal Ja imbues his blades with power. A combination of Smiting Circuit (in or out) and Half Full (left or right) with the same animation indicators. May be followed by spread AoE markers on each player (Fire III).
  • Dawn of an Age is used again, transitioning the arena.
  • Gateway and Blade Warp are used again, but this time, four swords (two on adjacent outer platforms) will appear. Players will need to solve for both sets of warped line AoEs simultaneously. In addition, once the first sets of AoEs resolve, another set of four swords will appear on the two remaining outer platforms and should be handled as before.
  • Duty's Edge: Four-hit line stack AoE. Heal and mitigate.
  • Vollok is used again, this time spawning eight blades (4x2) on two adjacent platforms each. This leaves only a quadrant of the middle arena safe during Sync.
    • This attack is used again with eight swords on the two remaining platforms. However, it will also be combined with Half Full, requiring players to dodge both the square AoEs and half-room cleave at the same time.

Mechanics repeat until the boss is defeated.



All lines from the boss are voice acted.

Zoraal Ja: Let the victor's reign be sanctioned by the blood of the fallen.
Zoraal Ja: I need more power!
Y'shtola: The aetheric density has surged...
Wuk Lamat: No backing down!
Alphinaud: Is he burning lives!?
Zoraal Ja: Graaah... Hraaah... Hraaagh!
Estinien: You'll have to do better than that!
Krile: Time to strike back!
Zoraal Ja: More! I need more!
Y'shtola: The aetheric density has surged even further!
Zoraal Ja: What visions are these?
Alisaie: Visions? What is he seeing?
G'raha Tia: Is he hallucinating?
Zoraal Ja: Out of my way!
Zoraal Ja: Is this my weakness, given shape?
Zoraal Ja: Down with you!
Estinien: Alphinaud, get clear!
Alphinaud: Understood!
Duty record data cache limit exceeded. Unpausing recorder.
Alisaie: Thick as thieves, these two...
Zoraal Ja: No limits will bind me!
Krile: Stop this! Your body won't survive!
Wuk Lamat: He won't stop! It falls to us to stop him!
Zoraal Ja: Begone, along with my pitiful past!
Alphinaud: Estinien, this way!
Estinien: Right!
Zoraal Ja: Yaaaaaarrrgh!
Zoraal Ja: This power is proof of my authority!
G'raha Tia: A frightful transformation...
Wuk Lamat: This is the power you sought...?
Zoraal Ja readies his blades!
Alphinaud: He controls the blades!
Estinien: It's outside next!
Alisaie: We can avoid it by closing the distance!
Zoraal Ja: Hyaaah!
Zoraal Ja: Creation yields to my command!
Alphinaud: What's happened!?
Zoraal Ja's obsession ushers the world to a distorted dawn!
Y'shtola: He's manipulated the ambient aether!
Estinien: Hmph, just a fancy trick.
Zoraal Ja: My will resonates within reality!
Krile: He's gathered blades outside!
G'raha Tia: Does he mean to unleash them all at once?
The distorted world comes into synchrony.
Y'shtola: Observe the aether, and you'll see where it's safe!
Krile: Keep calm and watch the flower of aether...
Wuk Lamat: Wh-What am I supposed to do!?
Zoraal Ja: Mine is the path!
Y'shtola: He's created spatial distortions!
Alisaie: Swords outside! Watch out!
Blades go soaring through dimensions.
G'raha Tia: Their course changed!
Alisaie: An irksome technique...
Zoraal Ja: Fly, my blades!
Zoraal Ja: All is mine to make and unmake!
Wuk Lamat: Argh, I've no idea what I'm looking at!
Zoraal Ja: Bleed!
Zoraal Ja imbues his blades with power.
Zoraal Ja: Mine is the power!
Zoraal Ja: Mine is the path!
Zoraal Ja: Fly, my blades!
Krile: The flow of aether has become more distorted!
Wuk Lamat: No more looking! I'm going with feeling!
Zoraal Ja: No mercy!
Alphinaud: Everyone, gather to me!
Alisaie: Ugh!
Estinien: We must hold fast!
Zoraal Ja: Resonate!
Krile: Brace yourselves!
Wuk Lamat: You won't get the best of us!