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Reflections in Crystal

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the name of the major patch, see patch 5.3.
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Reflections in Crystal

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Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:11.7, Y:11.2)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 22,440
Gil 4,500
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestUnto the Morrow
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestAlisaie's Quest
Feature QuestEmpty Promise
Side QuestSafekeeping

Her heart laid bare, Ryne appears to be at peace again.

— In-game description





  • Having bade the people of the Crystarium an emotional farewell, the moment has come for your fellow Scions to depart for the Source. Together with Ryne, you make your way to the Ocular, where your friends have gathered for the final time.
  • The air is heavy with anticipation as you take your place in the chamber, and you try unsuccessfully not to think about all the things that could go wrong. After a moment's hesitation, you give the signal to proceed, and Beq Lugg commences the ritual, directing the Scions to commit first their memories to the spirit vessels, and then their very souls. The deed duly done, the crystals and their precious contents are entrusted to your safekeeping. All that remains is for you to step into the mirror and see your friends home.
  • It is an otherwise ordinary day when you throw open the doors of the Rising Stones and step into its familiar surrounds, but the Twelve know your purpose is anything but ordinary. A few words are enough to convey this fact to Krile and Tataru, who share a tense look before ushering you to the infirmary. The spirit vessels safely in place, you wait with bated breath...and heave a sigh of relief as, one by one, your friends awaken in their own bodies once more. As far as you have come, however, one soul remains to be restored to its rightful home, and thus do you return to the road, bound for the beacon of hope that gleams in the distance...
  • Some days later, it is with great jubilation that the Scions welcome a new addition to their ranks: a bright-eyed youth named G'raha Tia. And together with comrades old and new, you set your sights upon the many adventures still to come.
  • Though you have reached a momentous malmstone in your journey, the road stretches on to places beyond imagining. Yet whatever may lie ahead, and whatever hardships you may face, you have faith that your experiences in the First will give you the strength to forge ever onward.


Post-Reflections in Crystal Dialogue

Speaking to G'raha Tia in the Rising Stones:

G'raha Tia: I suppose we ought to take stock of the situation. By forestalling the Eighth Umbral Calamity, we have unwritten history. The future now lies beyond my ken.

G'raha Tia: None can say what awaits, but so long as we stand together, I doubt not but that we can overcome all trials. We have always done so, have we not?

What would you like to do?

> Ask him how he fares of late.

G'raha Tia: Do you mean since I reawakened in this body? The hunger being par for the course, I have no complaints. All appears to be well.

G'raha Tia: Though my memories straddle the lives I have lived, there are no contradicting fragments which cause me confusion.

G'raha Tia: Yet by the same token, 'tis a strange feeling to be possessed of my young body again. Even accounting for the crystallization, I do not recall ever being so light and spry.

G'raha Tia: As for my soul, Y'shtola assures me it is similar to yours, [Player's First Name]. That is to say it is somewhat denser than others, but otherwise normal.

G'raha Tia: On the face of it, it appears to make sense, but I couldn't help but consider the differences between your circumstance and mine.

G'raha Tia: You, of course, merged with Ardbert. And as similar as your souls may have been, the fact is you were different people. Thus did your soul gain in density.

G'raha Tia: How you were able to merge is another matter. Given what we know of the soul, that you possessed distinct memories should have rendered the process more complicated. Though I but theorize, perhaps your strong and shared desire to do so made it possible.

G'raha Tia: In contrast, I simply merged with myself. Whatever additional experiences the older me may have had, my fundamental existence remained unchanged. Mind you, that's not to say that I hadn't improved! Far from it!

G'raha Tia: At any rate, when our souls combined, it shouldn't have been a process of augmentation, but rather...shall we say, attunement. It seems somewhat strange that my soul has become denser.

G'raha Tia: Or could this be the result of having undergone another Rejoining? If so, it would serve as proof of a future that many fought and died to prevent. Lest we forget, my friend. Lest we forget...

> Show him your wind-up Mystel.

G'raha Tia: Well, now... I have my suspicions as to what this is about, but would you be so good as to confirm them for me?

G'raha Tia: Aye, just as I thought. They went ahead with it after all.

G'raha Tia: The artisans of the Mean had come to me with a proposal, you see. In celebration of the night's return, they asked how I wished to be commemorated: on a coin, or as an automaton.

G'raha Tia: Neither, I replied...for all the good it did. They knew I would be embarrassed─it makes no difference what name they give it. Yet still they did it...

G'raha Tia: A right stubborn lot, they befits the people of the Crystarium. They shall be just fine without me, and Lyna may rest assured I do not worry for them.

G'raha Tia: Nevertheless, I shall never cease to pray for their happiness.

G'raha Tia: No longer am I a leader of a nation. Whatever power and influence I may have wielded, I left behind as surely as I left my body.

G'raha Tia: But everything I have ever felt and experienced... All of these things and more I have brought with me─you have brought for me.

G'raha Tia: And I shall carry them close to my heart always, unto the end of my days.

> Nothing.