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Duty Finder Menu
See also: Duties and Party Finder

General Information

Duty Finder is a tool players can use to automatically find groups for dungeons, guildhests and other group content. Player needs to unlock the dungeon or guildhest first before using the tool. Duty Finder will match players from different servers. A light party consist of 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 damage dealers (DPS).

See also: Classes and Jobs

In patch 2.1, Duty Roulette was introduced to allow randomization of duty selection with daily bonuses for certain activities.

Duty Finder Unlock

Duty Finder unlocks at the same time as your first matched duty. This could be either a Guildhest or the MSQ Main Scenario QuestIt's Probably Pirates.

Duty Finder Settings

Duty Finder settings were introduced in patch 3.0. Players can access settings from the gear wheel icon on the top left corner of the Duty Finder menu (above the "Duty Finder" menu name).

Participation Requirements

Undersized Party

Undersized Party (referred to as unsynced by the community) allows players to participate in Duties with below minimum party member requirements. For example, running Sastasha Seagrot with 2 players. In this setting, level sync, item level sync and role requirements are ignored. Only certain duties allow undersized parties.

  • Defeating enemies will grant no EXP or item drops. Spiritbond also will not be gained. However, any items in chests still drop.
  • Players will still receive treasure chest rewards from defeating bosses, first time completion bonuses (such as tomestones), and the EXP from completion of quests.

Minimum IL

Minimum IL or item level reduces the item levels of the entire party to that of the minimum item level requirement of the duty. It is intended for players wish to be challenged by the duties as they were when first introduced. Players can select this setting in conjunction with Undersized Party setting.

Loot Rules

Normal: Regular loot rules that enables Need, Greed and Pass system for all drops.

Greed Only: All party members must select Greed.

Lootmaster: Party Leader determines loot distribution. For each drop, party leader can manually distribute the loot to an individual party member or make the entire party choose Greed only.

  • Loot Rules cannot be changed once entering a duty.
  • Loot Rules can only be enabled by pre-made parties. They are always Normal when random players are matched by duty finder.

Explorer Mode

Explorer Mode was released in patch 5.4 in Shadowbringers. It allows players to freely explore previously completed dungeons. Using Explorer Mode, players can take their time to enjoy the scenery of their favorite dungeons with no enemies or obstacles to ruin their fun.

Triple Triad and Lord of Verminion

In patch 3.4, players can queue to play Triple Triad in The Battlehall through Duty Finder. Players can also queue in Duty Finder to play Lord of Verminion.

High-end Duty

Raid Finder Menu

Raid Finder allows players to register for instanced raids without having to form a party. By selecting a desired raid and matching requirements, players will be matched automatically with other players spanning multiple Worlds within the same data center. The Raid Finder will be unlocked when speaking with the NPC who would normally unlock the entrance to the specified instanced raid. It can be accessed via the Duty tab of the Main Menu.

Note: Not all raids and extreme trials are accessed via Raid Finder. Each major patch, the raids and trials which are to be found in the Raid Finder may change. Such content not in the Raid Finder can be found in the Duty Finder instead.


Players need only to have access to either the latest Extreme Trail, Have Unreal Trials unlocked or Have the latest savage tier unlocked. Please keep in mind, however, that the Raid Finder will become inaccessible when the next series of Savage raids or Extreme trials is introduced. At that time, players must unlock the next Savage or Extreme raid to gain access to the Raid Finder.

Raid Finder Content

The following raids and trials are available through High-end Duty via Duty Finder:



Raid Finder Settings

Matching Requirements

  • Duty Complete - Players must have completed the selected raid at least once.
  • Duty Incomplete - Completion of the selected raid is not required to participate.


  • Duty Completion - Only available to players who have yet to claim weekly rewards.
  • Practice - When this option is selected, players can specify which phase of the battle they wish to practice.

Practice Phase Selection

This option is available only when selecting Practice. Players can then choose First Phase or Final Phase.

  • Practice phase selection does not entail the actual skipping of phases.
  • If party members have already completed the duty for the week, the number of treasure coffers may be reduced.

Party Composition

When queuing solo or with less than a full party, the Raid finder will match together 2 tanks, 2 healers, 1 ranged physical DPS, 1 ranged magical DPS, 1 melee DPS, and 1 other DPS.The fourth, unspecified DPS class or job to be matched will depend on the settings selected when registering for a raid.

When selecting Duty Completion, the unspecified DPS player cannot be the same class or job as other players to be matched together in a party.

When selecting Practice, the unspecified DPS player can be the same class or job as other players to be matched together in a party.

Please note that the above composition requirements are not imposed upon preformed parties.

  • Players who have yet to complete the selected raid will take priority in the queue.

Language Setting

Language settings from the Duty Finder will be carried over to the Raid Finder

  • Loot rules can only be changed when registering as a full party.

Progress and Reward Acquisition

Upon registering for and completing a given Savage raid, your weekly progress will be updated to that point, preventing you from obtaining rewards from previous raids.

Example: A player registers for and completes Alexander - The Cuff of the Son (Savage) but has yet to enter Alexander - The Fist of the Son (Savage) that week. In this case, even if the player goes back to clear Alexander - The Fist of the Son (Savage), they cannot obtain rewards until the weekly reset.

Reward eligibility is reset every Tuesday at 8:00 (GMT).

  • In the event a raid is underway when reward eligibility is reset, players will still be permitted to vie for items during the upcoming week.


Players can now be matched automatically with other players to challenge the hardest encounters Eorzea has to offer. Including options to match with other experienced players or practice groups, finding comrades-in-arms has never been easier.