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Alexander is a level 60, 8-player raid of Heavensward (3.0). It is available in both Normal (story mode) and Savage (challenge mode) difficulties. Alexander (Savage) is the main high-end raid of Heavensward.

Alexander: Gordias

Alexander: Gordias is the first section of Alexander released on July 7, 2015. It requires a minimum item level of 170.

Unlock: Completion of the level 60 quest chain starting with Feature QuestDisarmed by talking to Slowfix in Idyllshire (X:7.5 Y:6.5). Players first must complete Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestHeavensward. Players do not need to have completed The Coils of Bahamut in order to participate in Alexander.

Alexander: Gordias (Savage)

Alexander: Gordias (Savage) is a tougher version of Alexander: Gordias, released July 23, 2015. The first sector requires a minimum item level of 190 and increasing by 5 per sector.

Alexander: Midas

Alexander: Midas is the second section of Alexander released on February 23, 2016. It requires a minimum item level of 200.

Alexander: Midas (Savage)

Alexander: Midas (Savage) is a tougher version of Alexander: Midas, released Feburary 23, 2016.

Alexander: The Creator

Alexander: The Creator is the third and final section of Alexander released on September 27, 2016. It requires a minimum item level of 230.

Alexander: The Creator (Savage)

Alexander: The Creator (Savage) is the tougher version of Alexander released on September 27, 2016. It requires players with item level of 245 or higher to enter.

Alexander Quests


Alexander Normal rewards tokens that can be exchanged to gear at Sabina in Idyllshire (x5,y5).

Alexander: Gordias Loot
  Tarnished Gordian Lens Tarnished Gordian Lens Tarnished Gordian Crank Tarnished Gordian Chain Tarnished Gordian Spring Tarnished Gordian Pedal Tarnished Gordian Bolt
The Fist of the Father       X   X X
The Cuff of the Father X         X X
The Arm of the Father X   X   X    
The Burden of the Father   X X   X    

See Alexander: Gordias Rewards

Alexander: Midas Loot
  Tarnished Midan Lens Tarnished Midan Lens Tarnished Midan Crank Tarnished Midan Chain Tarnished Midan Spring Tarnished Midan Pedal Tarnished Midan Bolt
The Fist of the Son       X   X X
The Cuff of the Son X         X X
The Arm of the Son X   X   X    
The Burden of the Son   X X   X    

See Alexander: Midas Rewards

Alexander: The Creator Loot
  Tarnished Alexandrian Lens Tarnished Alexandrian Lens Tarnished Alexandrian Crank Tarnished Alexandrian Chain Tarnished Alexandrian Spring Tarnished Alexandrian Pedal Tarnished Alexandrian Bolt
The Eyes of the Creator       X   X X
The Breath of the Creator X         X X
The Heart of the Creator X   X   X    
The Soul of the Creator   X X   X    

See Alexander: The Creator Rewards

Additional Information

Alexander is also a server in the Japanese Gaia Data Center.


Rising from the waters of the Thaliak River, this mechanical fortress is the essence of a primal. Aside from its main trunk the colossal construct rests on two massive "arms" of steel, giving it the appearance of a clockwork giant. Events suggest that Alexander is capable of manipulating the flow of time, allowing its controllers to "correct" mistakes in history, but without further investigation, there is much to the primal that remains unexplained.

Creation Myth

Unlike the majority of Beastmen deities, Alexander is not the creation of any specific myth or faith. It would be more accurate to describe the citadel as the primal manifestation of the ideals of Quickthinx Allthoughts-an incarnation of his vision for the perfect world. The Illuminati leader found the core of his concept in the Enigma Codex, a one hundred yeat old work containing the revelations of a genius Au Ra technologist, his mind drawn to the plans for a self-sustaining, mobile bastion of logic and reason. Considering Quickthinx's calculating nature, it is assumed that primal summoning was merely the most efficacious method of creating his "Alexander Initiative".


Seemingly out of nowhere, a large mechanical monstrosity suddenly appeared in the Thaliak River, shrouded in a large barrier. It stirred briefly, putting a leg up on the shore and out of the barrier, then ceased moving. The Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn moved in to investigate, and Y'shtola Rhul, with her ability to see the flow of Aether, could see that the machina was absorbing Aether from the land at an alarming rate, and would leave the Dravanian Hinterlands a lifeless husk in just a few moons. Cid nan Garlond was able to deduce that the large mechanical beast appearing was most likely the work of the Illuminati, and headed off to speak with Brayflox to learn more on the matter, while Y'shtola headed off to Matoya's Cave to see if there was a way to stop the flow of Aether to the machine.

While investigating the machine, Biggs and Wedge made a discovery: a hatch near the foot of the machine. The hatch seemed to be locked by some sort of strange code. Cid arrived after the discovery to report that the machine was indeed most likely summoned forth by the Illuminati, and they might hold the key to gaining access to the hatch. Using a device he built, Wedge manages to intercept some coded messages from the Illuminati. However, it appears to be nonsense, and nothing of use.

At that time, a strange treasure hunter named Mide appeared, and was able to aid in opening the door. With her in tow, the party heads inside the machine and explores, finding a massive amount of strange machina inside that became hostile and attacked. After defeating the machines, the party heads back outside, and finds themselves surrounded by a large horde of goblins, who reveal themselves to be the Illuminati. The leader steps forward and identifies himself as Quickthinx Allthoughts, and addresses Mide, saying that the treasure she was looking for was somewhere else. This prompts one of the goblin machinists to mock her, mentioning the Alexander Initiative. Before he can silence his loud-mouthed compatriot, Mide shoots the bombs on the goblins back, and the party flees in the confusion.

When they had escaped back to safety, they went over all they learned; the Illuminati were behind the appearance of the machine, it was named Alexander, and Mide was looking for something to do with the machine. Mide reveals her purpose: she is searching for some relic named the Enigma Codex, a book written a hundred years prior that was full of genius inventions unseen by the world. The chief invention being Alexander, a mobile bastion designed to be a haven for those of logic and reasoning. It revealed the names of the legs of the citadel were Gordias and Midas. Cid also confirms their suspicions, that the only way to stop the machine absorbing Aether is to stop the core of the machine.

Adventuring further into Gordias, Mide reveals she is able to shut down the core, they just needed to find it. On the outside, they determine the location of the core and head back to deactivate it. Once they defeat the robotic menace guarding the core, Mide is indeed able to dismantle it. Quickthinx appears and seems less than perturbed by the success of their mission, saying that he is searching for the missing piece he needs to make the perfect world, and departs.

Upon leaving Gordias, the party learns that the Illuminati had stormed Idyllshire searching for something, but upon arriving in the city they learn that they had left with very little and not harmed anyone. Returning to the shore, they are troubled by Backrix that the young child goblin Roundrox, who had helped Wedge build his device and even provided a strange glowing stone for it, had all her precious treasures taken by the Illuminati.

Tracking them down, the thief is soon apprehended and the treasures returned to Roundrox. She deduces the strangers may have been looking for her glowing stone, which now rested at the center of the interception machine. Retrieving it and touching it, it began to indeed glow, and emit strange text. Mide recognizes it as a piece of the Enigma Codex, and is most likely the missing piece of Quickthinx's "plan".

Mide is pressed about her understanding of the Enigma Codex, and reveals that her and her companions attempted to use the Codex to summon Alexander and fulfill the great vision of the future therein. However, the summoning was considered a failure. Refusing to elaborate any further than that, The party is left to ponder what she has revealed.

Wanting to make the obviously upset Mide feel better, Roundrox entrusts the piece of the Codex to her. Mide confides in the Warrior of Light that she is impressed by ROundrox, that not just anyone is able to make the Codex reveal itself to them. She notes that while it no longer reacts to her, having Roundrox around may prove very useful.

Around this time, Y'shtola returns and notes the machine is still drawing Aether, despite stopping the core of Gordias. This seems to mean the goblins have resumed attempting to take control of the massive primal. To hinder their progress, Biggs attempts to use a device he built to completely stop the Illuminati's communications. What instead happens is Alexander screeches into movement, planting its other leg on the opposite end of the shore, then ceases movement once again. Confused but pleased with the outcome, the party sets forth to the new leg, Midas, to explore its innards and deactivate the new core.

After exploring and dismantling more aggressive machines, the party leaves, only to be told that Mide had been seen dealing with the Illuminati, and had allegedly turned her piece of the Codex over to them. Quickthinx appears and confirms this, saying that she was their ally all along, and thanks to her, their plan was moving along accordingly.

Wanting to hear the story from her, the Warrior corners Mide and demands an explanation. Mide is quite forthcoming, revealing that she had in fact turned her piece of the Codex over to Quickthinx. She also explains the reason for doing so: She had originally intended to use both the Warrior of Light and the Illuminati to reactivate Alexander, her purpose being that she wants to find the soul of the man she loves and reunite with him.

As it turns out, when her and her party tried to summon Alexander three years ago, the primal had attacked them, killing her friends. Only their leader, Dayan had survived. He ordered her to erect the barrier to trap the primal, then sacrificed himself to save her. She believed that he had been pulled into the core of the machine and that he was still in there in some form or another. That's why she needed to gain access to the machine. She said that she needed Roundrox to do this, as the two things required to control Alexander were the completed Enigma Codex, and someone who could read it.

As if on cue, Wedge came huffing up to the pair and revealed that the Illuminati had raided their small camp and taken Roundrox hostage into the machine. The Warrior of Light and Mide ran after him, planning to head into Midas to disable the core and rescue the goblin child.

After moving through Midas and disabling the core, the party found Roundrox, chained to a chair with the Enigma Codex being projected to her through a strange machine. Through manipulation of the poor child's mind, the Illuminati had managed to get her to activate Alexander, but to what ends, they didn't know. They freed the child and took her out of Midas, much to the surprise of Backrix.

According to Backrix, they had set foot into the machine only moments ago, and emerged almost immediately with Roundrox. This led the party to deduce that within the barrier, time seemed to move differently. Pondering what this could mean, everyone took some time to rest.

After a while, Y'shtola notes that she observed the Aether that was leaking out of the primal had suddenly reversed, as if time itself had been rewound. This brought the realization that Alexander held some dominion over time itself, and the goal of the Illuminati was to take control of the machine and rewrite history as they saw fit. The only way to stop this was to disable the third and final core within Alexander.

The plan was that Biggs and Wedge would disrupt the barrier long enough for the Warrior of Light to secure access to where the core was located, then before Alexander could do much more, reactivate the barrier. The plan worked wonderfully and they managed to secure a path to the core. Y'shtola is frustrated by the fact that she was unable to stop the flow of Aether to the core, to which Mide reveals that when they had performed the rite to summon Alexander, they had used a treasure, a strange horn that she was given and was told by a mysterious man that it would help them call the primal forth. Y'shtola recognized the description of the relic as the Horn of Seige Rock, a relic that had evaded the Scions for a long time. It was instrumental to the summoning because of its ability to pull Aether from the very air around it. They deduced that the Ascians had given it to Mide. With this realization, they now knew that the only way to stop the machine from drawing Aether would be to power it off completely.

Once inside the machine, the Warrior of Light and Mide battle to the lift that would give them access to the final core. The machine is suddenly activated, and Alexander pulls them and the others waiting on the outside three years into the past. Finally it is revealed what took place that day:

When the great machine appeared before Mide and her companions, Illuminati snipers came out of the machine and opened fire on the party, killing her friends and wounding her. Dayan sacrificed himself and the party returned to the present. Mide was dismayed to learn that she could not do anything to change the past. When the party made to leave, she stayed behind with the core, saying she did not wish to leave Dayan anymore.

The core had become too engorged on Aether to simply deactivate, so the party had to come up with a means to cut off the flow of Aether to it in order to finally stop the giant machine. Quickthinx appears before them to tell them that it is hopeless, he had seen the future and knew they would fail here. At this time, Shanoa, the cat that seemed to always accompany Quickthinx, lept at him, knocking a book he called his "Futurebook". Mide grabs the book, and Backrix recognizes it as the same book he dropped when he was back in the past and Shanoa had lept at him in the same manner. It turns out the book where Quickthinx was gathering his information from was in fact Backrix's watchbook, filled with the notes that he had been taking while guarding Alexander. The party determines that Shanoa is no mere cat and seems to (for one reason or another) have motives that are currently a mystery to them (beyond the normal enigmatic machinations of a cat). This meant that the future was uncertain, and they may yet have a chance at saving the star.

Quickthinx then calls for Alexander to enact judgment on those who are unworthy and trying to stop him, and Alexander reacts. a smaller version of the primal appears in the control room and rips open a small portal leading to a pocket of space-time. With this new barrier in their way, the only course of action is to head into the pocket and defeat the primal-within-a-primal.

After a fierce battle, the Warrior of Light triumphs over the Alexander Prime, and the core finally shuts off. Undeterred by this, Quickthinx appears and reactivates the core, stating that he can read and control the Enigma Codex as well, and only had Roundrox as a stand-in in case the power of the primal was too much to bear. Mide appears behind him and points the barrel of her gun at the goblin, and executes him. The core is now raging out of control and the party is unsure of how to stop it. Once again, Quickthinx rises with a whir and a click, saying that he had altered his body so much that physical injuries no longer posed a threat to him. He commands the core to reactivate, and it instead sends a power surge through the Enigma Codex, shattering it into unidentifiable pieces, and overloading the Goblin, bringing him to a screeching halt.

The core was on the precipice of overloading at this point, with no way to stop it. In that moment, Mide receives a vision: Dayan appears before her, confirming that he was indeed still in the core of Alexander. Mide asks if her friends are still alive, and Dayan says they are not. What happened that day was unfortunately supposed to happen, and could not be undone. He spoke of the countless worlds and realities he saw as Alexander, of a world where the Illuminati had succeeded, of Alexander appearing and brushing Dalamud aside, preventing the Calamity. All of this was done so Alexander could calculate the best possible future. And after it had done this, it chose to do nothing, as interfering with time would create more problems than it solved, so it decided to erase itself. However, when they had summoned Alexander, they had created a time loop, which would continue to rewrite itself, and drain the land of all its Aether, causing yet another Calamity. And so it had trusted in Mide and the Warrior of Light to stop it.

Dayan offered for Mide to come with him, to see what lies beyond space and time. She gladly agreed. Returning to the present, she bade her companions goodbye and threw herself into the core of Alexander, where she disappeared. The great machine slowly whirred to a stop, and the core deactivated.

Outside, Alexander had completely stopped absorbing Aether, and the time within the barrier had come to a halt. The land and the star was saved, thanks to the sacrifice of Mide.

Alexander (Savage) World Firsts

Sector Free Company Server Date
A1S Lucrezia Alexander 7/21/2015
A2S Elysium Gilgamesh 7/21/2015
A3S Elysium Gilgamesh 7/28/2015
A4S Elysium Gilgamesh 8/23/2015
A5S Elysium Gilgamesh 2/23/2016
A6S Elysium Gilgamesh 2/26/2016
A7S Elysium Gilgamesh 2/28/2016
A8S Elysium Gilgamesh 3/10/2016
A9S ANGERED FC Ragnarok 9/27/2016
A10S Elysium Team VS Gilgamesh 9/27/2016
A11S ANGERED FC Ragnarok 9/27/2016
A12S ANGERED FC Ragnarok 9/29/2016