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Abyssos: The Fifth Circle (Savage)

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Abyssos: The Fifth Circle (Savage)

Abyssos The Fifth Circle (Savage).png
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
Savage Raids (Endwalker)
Allagan Tomestone of Comedy 15 
The Caustic Purgatory
The World Unsundered
Stone, Sky, Sea
The echo icon1.png The Echo
Permanent +20%

To see Nemjiji's frenzy as you recount your battle with the proto-Carbuncle, one might think that she had been infected with the mythic creation's corrupting poisons and was scrambling to record her final words before expiring. Although she claims that the many fantastical bestiaries that lie scattered about the laboratory are simply for research, you gather that she would take great pride in seeing her name inscribed upon the cover of one.

— In-game description

Abyssos: The Fifth Circle (Savage) is a level 90 raid introduced in patch 6.2 with Endwalker. The raid is also known as P5S.

Phases & Abilities

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Mythic Creation: Proto-Carbuncle

Raid Guide by MTQcapture
Raid Guide by Hector Hectorson

Before the battle, players should be assigned a clock position, a light party consisting of a tank, healer and two DPS, as well as four groups of two partners. Please note that the arena is surrounded by a poison that will instantly kill any player knocked into it. Failing any mechanic will result in a Damage Down icon1.png Damage Down debuff, as well as other various effects.

Unlike the Normal encounter, the Savage encounter starts in the second arena used in the Normal mode and does not include the mid-fight cutscene. The Savage arena also contains circular outlines in the cardinals and intercardinals which indicate the locations where caustic pools can spawn.


A duty gauge called Satiety will appear at the start of the battle. While initially full, it will begin gradually decreasing. Upon reaching 0 for the first time, the boss will use Starving Stampede. The bar can be refilled to 100 if the boss is fed a Lively Bait, or will wipe the party otherwise. Upon reaching 0 for the second time, the boss will enrage and wipe the party.

  • Sonic Howl: Raidwide attack that deals medium damage.
  • Ruby Glow: Raidwide attack that deals high damage and summons walls onto the arena that reflect the boss' attacks.
  • Topaz Stones: The boss will drop either yellow stones that explode in an AoE (or fill an area if Ruby Glow was used), or poisoned stones that slowly expand out in large puddles that deal a high damage-over-time Toxicosis icon1.png Toxicosis debuff to anyone who steps in it.
  • Venomous Mass: An AoE tankbuster that applies a Poison icon1.png Poison debuff, as well as a Physical vulnerability up icon1.png Physical Vulnerability Up debuff. This is always followed up by Toxic Crunch.
  • Toxic Crunch: A follow up tankbuster that deals high damage and a Poison icon1.png Poison debuff.
  • Caustic Pools (no castbar): Four puddles will spawn around the room with two gas clouds in them and a countdown timer, indicating how many people need to be in the puddle when the timer finishes. Standing in the puddle inflicts a medium damage-over-time Toxicosis icon1.png Toxicosis debuff. If there is only one player in the puddle, it will drop a heavy split damage AoE (Venom), likely killing whoever is inside as well as summoning a Lively Bait add that will begin slowly casting Scatterbait. The add can be killed or eaten by the boss as part of a later mechanic. If this cast finishes, it will explode, dealing high raid damage and debuffing the raid with Damage Down icon1.png Damage Down. If no players are in the puddle, it will use Venom on the closest player, and spawn an add as well.
  • Double Rush: The boss will turn and charge to one corner of the room, which is coupled with a 180 degree cleave in front, and then charge to the opposite corner, dealing high unavoidable raid damage and knocking back players from the diagonal the boss charges. The knockback can be prevented with knockback immune.
  • Topaz Clusters: The boss will drop four sets of yellow crystals in each zone that will detonate in the order they were dropped. Players will need to remember the order the crystals fell in and move to the appropriate safe zones in order.
    • The first safe quadrants will always be diagonally opposite.
    • The second safe quadrants will be the other diagonally opposite quadrants from the first set.
    • The third safe quadrant will be random.
    • The final safe quadrant will always be diagonally opposite the third.
  • Venom Squall: The boss will drop an AoE on all players requiring them to spread out, a large AoE (Venom Drops) under all players that needs to be baited, and then another attack requiring them to stack to mitigate.
    • Venom Rain: All players are hit by an AoE where they are standing that deals medium damage. Debuffs with a short Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up.
    • Venom Pool: Players must stack to mitigate this attack, which targets both healers. Debuffs with a short Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up. Later this attack can be dropped on yellow crystals to convert them into poisoned crystals.
  • Venom Surge: The same attacks as Venom Squall, but in reverse, i.e. Venom Pool (light party stacks) -> Venom Drops (bait) -> Venom Rain (spread).
  • Claw to Tail/Tail to Claw: The boss will perform attacks in front of and behind its hitbox, depending on the order of the attack.
    • Raging Claw: The boss will successively use seven 180 degree cleaves in front.
    • Raging Tail: The boss will use one 180 degree cleave behind.
  • Starving Stampede (no castbar): Eight blue markers will spawn around the arena, as well as a red fangs marker that will sequentially move to each blue marker, indicating where the boss will jump to. Each point explodes in a large circular AoE, and getting hit by this will deal high damage and immobilize the player for the remainder of the mechanic, eventually resulting in their death.
    • Devour: The boss will consume all stunned players and spit them out, instantly killing them. This cannot be mitigated with tank invulnerabilities.
  • Acidic Slaver: If a Lively Bait is not spawned after the boss completes Starving Stampede, the boss will use this ability and wipe the party. This later serves as the enrage cast, which will wipe the party.
  • Searing Ray: The boss fires a beam forwards, hitting the entire arena in front of it. This attack will bounce off the reflective walls.
  • Sonic Shatter: Soft Enrage. The boss will spam high damage raidwide AoEs.


Players should note the Satiety meter that starts at 100 and will slowly count down to zero as the fight progresses. The boss will start by casting Sonic Howl, then Ruby Glow, dividing the arena into quadrants. Mitigate and heal through these. Once the arena is divided, the boss will cast Topaz Stones, dropping a stone into each quadrant, two of which are poisonous. Players will need to identify which poison crystal is closest to the center of the arena, as this will be the safe quadrant. Any yellow crystals will explode and refract around their quadrant. Once players have identified the safe zone, they should move to that zone and stand in the corner of the edge of the arena, being careful not to touch the expanding poison AoE. Once these attacks resolve, the boss will cast Venomous Mass, targeting the main tank. The tank should move away from other players, as this attack is an AoE and will kill anyone else hit. This attack debuffs with Poison icon1.png Poison and Physical vulnerability up icon1.png Physical Vulnerability Up. Immediately after that attack resolves, the off tank should Provoke.png  Provoke the boss, as Toxic Crunch will kill the main tank. This attack also debuffs with Poison icon1.png Poison. Note this attack can be handled with an invuln skill, but that tank will receive both Poison icon1.png Poison debuffs and take high damage, so healers should be ready if this is the chosen strategy.

Next, the poison puddles will spawn around the arena with a timer on the outer edge of each puddle. Players need to find their partner and stand near the puddle, only moving into it when the counter is about to finish, as standing within the puddle deals a high damage Toxicosis icon1.png Toxicosis debuff. If done properly, the puddles will simply fade. If anyone makes a mistake, the raid will take high damage and an ad will spawn. The boss will perform another set of tankbusters, then cast another Ruby Glow, dividing the arena in half. It will spawn one yellow crystal and one poison crystal, then use Double Rush. The boss will face a corner and charge to it, then turn around and charge to the opposite corner. Players need to stand behind the boss for the first charge, then move to the safe side of the wall to avoid the crystal explosion. Players will need to use knockback mitigation to avoid getting sent into the poison around the arena, as the second hit is unavoidable. The boss will follow this up with another Sonic Howl, then another Ruby Glow. Mitigate and heal through.

The boss will cast Topaz Cluster, dropping four sets of crystals that will land in each quadrant. Players will need to remember where each crystal drops and in what order so they can move to the correct safe zones in order and avoid damage. Once this resolves, the boss will use another set of tankbusters, then cast Venom Squall, requiring players to spread to their clock positions, then move in to bait their AoEs, and finally stack to mitigate Venom Pool. Overlapping the first AoE will result in death, as each attack debuffs with a short Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up. Once this is resolved the boss will use Claw to Tail or Tail to Claw. Depending on what word is first, the boss will either attack the arena in front of it, then behind, or vice versa. Players should identify which attack is coming out, then move to the proper safe zone to avoid damage.

By this point the boss' Satiety meter will be at zero, and it will use Starving Stampede, dropping several blue markers around the arena. A red marker will then move over each one, showing the order the boss will leap to them and attack in a wide AoE. Getting hit by this attack will Stun icon1.png Stun the player, then they will be consumed shortly after, killing them. Players will need to move in a pattern that will keep them away from the boss and its AoEs. The general strategy used by players is to start opposite the red marker, and move in a circle opposite the boss, then double back to avoid the rest of the attacks. During this, the poison puddles will spawn again, but players should ignore these until the current attack has resolved. Once the boss stops rampaging, players can get into their partner groups and stand in the circles, all except the tanks. Both tanks should stand together directly next to an empty puddle and use mitigation, and their partners (if they weren't already partnered together) should stand in another circle. This will cause the tanks to stack to mitigate the damage from failing the circle mechanic, and spawn an ad for the boss to consume, filling its gauge entirely. If an ad is not summoned, the boss will enrage and wipe the party. The gauge will continue to count down, but the fight will end one way or another before it reaches zero again.

The boss will use Sonic Howl and Ruby Glow again, this time dividing the arena in half and summoning five crystals, two on one side and three on another. The boss will then cast Venom Pool, targeting the healers. Players will move to the side with two crystals, then split into their light parties and stand in the hitbox of both crystals. When the attack fires, it will turn the crystals into poison crystals instead, creating a safe zone. The boss will then leap to a corner and cast either Searing Ray or Raging Claw. If Searing Ray, move to the opposite side of the wall as the boss. If Raging Claw, wait for the crystals to erupt, then move behind the boss. The walls will fade and the boss will use another set of tankbusters.

The boss will cast another Ruby Glow, dividing the arena into quadrants, then use Topaz Stone, dropping two yellow crystals and two poison crystals. The boss will also use Venom Squall here, requiring players to maneuver around the poison puddles to spread to avoid overlapping Venom Rain, bait the large AoEs, then stack. Players will need to wait until the yellow crystals detonate to move to the other quadrants to spread out. Once the walls fade, the boss will use either Claw to Tail or Tail to Claw, requiring players to move to the front or back of the boss' hitbox respectively. This will be followed up by another set of tankbusters.

The boss will repeat the Venom Pool mechanic again, this time with a Double Rush after the walls fade, requiring knockback mitigation, then another set of tankbusters. Healers should be prepared, as this is a lot of damage coming out quite quickly. The boss will use another Sonic Howl, then either Venom Squall or Venom Surge, so players will have to stack and spread accordingly. This is followed by another Tail/Claw attack, then the boss will soft enrage and begin spamming Sonic Shatter, requiring high mitigation. After this, the boss will slow cast Acidic Slaver. If the boss is not defeated before this cast finishes, the party will be wiped.


Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Abyssos earring coffer (il 630) icon1.png  Abyssos Earring Coffer (IL 630) Other N/A ABasic 1
Abyssos necklace coffer (il 630) icon1.png  Abyssos Necklace Coffer (IL 630) Other N/A ABasic 1
Abyssos bracelet coffer (il 630) icon1.png  Abyssos Bracelet Coffer (IL 630) Other N/A ABasic 1
Abyssos ring coffer (il 630) icon1.png  Abyssos Ring Coffer (IL 630) Other N/A ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Abyssos earring coffer (il 630) icon1.png  Abyssos Earring Coffer (IL 630) Other N/A ABasic 1
Abyssos necklace coffer (il 630) icon1.png  Abyssos Necklace Coffer (IL 630) Other N/A ABasic 1
Abyssos bracelet coffer (il 630) icon1.png  Abyssos Bracelet Coffer (IL 630) Other N/A ABasic 1
Abyssos ring coffer (il 630) icon1.png  Abyssos Ring Coffer (IL 630) Other N/A ABasic 1


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