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General Information

PvP Gear Concept Art

PvP, or Player versus Player, allows players to battle each other. Currently there are 3 PvP modes, The Wolves' Den, Frontlines, and Rival Wings. The Wolves' Den is a 4 vs 4 battle arena, Frontlines is a large battlefield consisting of 3 opposing teams, and Rival Wings is a MOBA-inspired 24 vs 24 team mode. In PvP, players have special Actions and Traits and can obtain unique gear with the PvP currency, Wolf Mark Wolf Marks.

The Wolves' Den

The Wolves' Den is the PvP Area that also hosts 1 vs 1 duels. Arena PvP is limited to classes with soulstones. The Wolves' Den is located in off the shores of Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea. It was released in patch 2.1.


Dueling allows 1v1 combat in the Dueling Circle at Wolves' Den Pier. Released in patch 3.4.

The Feast

Competitive PvP mode featuring 8v8 and 4v4, ranked and unranked, party and solo.


Custom Matches

Custom Matches allow 2 teams to freely battle each other in The Feast. Released in patch 3.4.

Spectator Mode

Spectator Mode allows players to spectate Custom Matches. The mode was introduced to The Feast in patch 3.4.


Frontline is a large battleground featuring 3 opposing forces of the Grand Companies. Up to 72 players, 24 players on each team, will be able to battle for supremacy. It is located in Carteneau Flats near Mor Dhona. Frontlines was released in patch 2.3.

In patch 2.5, a deathmatch mode, Borderland Ruins (Slaughter), was introduced.

In patch 5.15, Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam) was introduced.


Seal Rock (Seize) is a PvP mode introduced in patch 3.05, as part of the Heavensward expansion. Similar to Frontline, Seize splits 24 to 72 players into 3 opposing teams.


Field of Glory (Shatter) is a PvP mode introduced in patch 3.3, as part of the Heavensward expansion. Similar to Seize, Shatter splits 24 to 72 players into 3 opposing teams.

Rival Wings

Rival Wings is 24 v 24 mode inspired by MOBAs where players side with mechs and mounts to do battle over objectives on opposite ends of a linear map. Released in patch 4.1.


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