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See also: PvP Actions , PvP Gear and PvP rank

General Information

PvP, or Player-versus-Player, allows players to battle each other in various contests of skill and strength. Currently there are 3 PvP modes, The Feast, Frontlines, and Rival Wings, with a fourth, Crystal Conflict, coming in patch 6.1.

The Feast is a 4v4 or 8v8 battle arena where players go head-to-head, While Frontlines is a large battlefield consisting of 3 opposing alliances battling under the banners of Grand Companies.In PvP, players have special Actions and Traits and can obtain unique gear with the PvP currency, Wolf Mark Wolf Marks.

PvP Profile

Players are able to see their PvP Profile while in this zone (or by opening the PvP profile menu) to see things such as their PvP Rank, their standardized job actions, as well as their ratio of wins and losses in the Feast, Frontline and Rival Wings. Players can also set actions to their hotbars, and assign which Additional Actions they would like to use in battle. Finally, players can also assign Quick Chat options to their hotbar for the Feast.

The PvP profile displaying various useful pieces of information to players.

The Wolves' Den

The Wolves' Den is the hub area where players can unlock the various PvP duties, as well as engage in Dueling, 1v1 battles. Players can also practice their Jobs skills on the Training Dummys or exchange their Wolf Marks for gear, mounts and minions.


Unlocked via Side QuestIt's Time to Duel, Dueling allows 1v1 combat in the Dueling Circle at Wolves' Den Pier.

Crystal Conflict

Anticipated release in Endwalker (patch 6.1). Competitive 5v5 mode, ranked and unranked, with special class actions and no role restrictions.

The Feast

A ranked competitive PvP mode featuring 4v4 battles between two light parties consisting of a Tank, a Healer, a Melee DPS and a Ranged DPS. Players can queue for The Feast either solo or in a PvP party. This mode is planned to be retired indefinitely in patch 6.1.


Custom Matches

Custom Matches allow 2 teams of 4v4 or 8v8 to freely battle each other in The Feast.

Spectator Mode

Spectator Mode allows players to spectate Custom Matches in parties up to 8 players.


Frontline is a large battleground featuring 3 opposing forces of the Grand Companies. Up to 72 players, 24 players on each team, will be able to battle for supremacy.


Player versus PlayerBorderlands (Secure) is a PvP mode introduced in patch 2.3, as part of the A Realm Reborn expansion.


Player versus PlayerSeal Rock (Seize) is a PvP mode introduced in patch 3.05, as part of the Heavensward expansion.


Player versus PlayerField of Glory (Shatter) is a PvP mode introduced in patch 3.3, as part of the Heavensward expansion.

Danshig Naadam

Player versus PlayerOnsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam) is a PvP mode introduced in patch 5.15, as part of the Shadowbringers expansion.

Rival Wings

Rival Wings is 24 v 24 mode where players use Machina to destroy Magitek barriers and destroy the opposing party's crystal.