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Quest giver
The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:23, Y:26)
Quest line
Alexander Quests

Experience 0
Gil 5,000
Previous quest
The Pulsing Heart
Next quest
A Song of Steam and Steel

Redbrix grows anxious for lack of tidings.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Mide at Bigwest Shortstop.
  • Speak with Roundrox.


  • Though the primal has been stopped, the Illuminati have not. Moreover, neither you nor Redbrix has heard from your comrades. Thus, the watchman bids you seek out Mide, and discover what has taken place at Bigwest Shortstop.
  • You arrive to find Roundrox distraught over the inexplicable theft of her pile of treasures. Mercifully, it would seem the Illuminati who stole them did not get far, as Cid and Biggs soon return with an unconscious thief, along with two crates loaded with the young goblin's missing items. Roundrox subsequently deduces that the Illuminati were actually looking for her glowstone─little suspecting that it was sitting at the heart of the Ironworks' decoding device all along. To everyone's surprise, the strange crystal lights up at the child's touch, revealing itself to be a fragment of the Enigma Codex...and the missing piece of Quickthinx's plan. Though it is safe for the time being, Cid is certain that the Illuminati will not stop until they have claimed their prize, and counsels you to be ready. After a brief celebration, you make to leave, but sense that Roundrox has something more to say. Speak with the child, and find out what it could be.
  • Roundrox wishes to thank you for your help, and Mide adds her voice to the chorus. As you discuss recent events, a chance observation by the child prompts the treasure hunter to speak of her past, when she and her allies sought to piece the broken world together through logic and science. What happened to these dreamers is unclear, but Mide abruptly changes the subject and asks that you watch over Roundrox until your next meeting.
  • Take pride in what you have done, and steel yourself for the next battle.



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