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Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle (Savage)

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Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle (Savage)

Anabaseios The Tenth Circle (Savage).png
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
Raid Finder
Allagan Tomestone of Comedy 30 
Req. quest
Feature quest Guided by the Past
The Dæmons's Nest
The Northern Empty
Stone, Sky, Sea
The echo icon1.png The Echo
Permanent +15%

Stone and steel moving by means of magicks or technology is hardly cause to raise an eyebrow, but the idea of inanimate objects being imbued with life is fantastic indeed. Nemjiji seems to agree, and to see the flourishes she adds to your report of the battle with Pandæmonium, you wonder if her power to create may rival even Athena's.

— In-game description

Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle (Savage) is a level 90 raid introduced in patch 6.4 with Endwalker. The raid is also known as P10S.

Phases & Abilities

Animated guide by Hector Hectorson

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Dæmoniac Dungeon: Pandæmonium

Please note that players can fall off the arena to their death, although they can be resurrected after a moderate delay. Players must avoid stepping into the poison pools joining the left and right platforms, as they will be inflicted with a Concentrated poison icon1.png Concentrated Poison debuff that deals massive damage-over-time, reduces healing received, and lasts for 45 seconds. Due to the amount of healing required to keep the afflicted player alive, this is essentially a death sentence.

Players should assign light parties, partners consisting of one DPS and one support, Silkspit spread positions, Pandæmoniac Pillars tower positions, and Pandæmoniac Turrets tower positions.

Failing most mechanics will result in a Damage Down icon1.png Damage Down debuff, as well as other various effects.


  • Ultima: High raidwide damage that inflicts Bleed icon1.png Bleeding damage-over-time. Should be mitigated.
  • Soul Grasp: Telegraphed, multi-hit, shared AoE tankbuster that targets the highest enmity player. Can be shared with mitigation or taken solo with an invulnerabilty cooldown.

Dividing Wings 1

  • Dividing Wings: Spawns two winged rods in the middle of the center platform. One will tether a random DPS and the other will tether a random support, indicating they will target them with wide conal AoEs (Dividing Wings) that deal damage, inflict Bleed icon1.png Bleeding, and Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up.
    • Steel Web: At the same time, one random support and one random DPS will receive a stack marker and a telegraphed web AoE under them. Each stack must be shared by them and two other people (i.e., players not tethered). Players in the stack must not be too close to each other. All players in each stack will be webbed together, requiring a player to break each web by running through the web tether, which will free the trapped players. These will be handled by the players who had the Dividing Wings tether. Players who are webbed will be unable to move and will quickly gain stacks of Binding soul snare icon1.png Binding Soul Snare. When it reaches 5 stacks, the players will die.
      • Note that if the stacks are too close together, players in each stack are too close, or if there are more than 3 players in the stack, the webs will be pink and be impossible to break. The webbed players will be inflicted with both Incapacitating soul snare icon1.png Incapacitating Soul Snare and Binding soul snare icon1.png Binding Soul Snare, which will quickly kill them.
      • Players who break a web trap will gain a stack of Heavy soul snare icon1.png Heavy Soul Snare, reducing movement speed dealing damage-over-time, which will significantly increase it it reaches 4 stacks. Therefore, each player should break only 3 web traps.
  • The boss will next use one of two attacks. Note that the AoE indicators will only very briefly appear so players will need to react to the cast bar name.
    • Circles of Pandæmonium: A donut AoE with the safe region inside part of the boss's hitbox.
    • Pandæmon's Holy: A point-blank AoE with the safe region slightly outside the boss's hitbox.
  • Wicked Step: Two tankbuster towers will spawn to the left and right, requiring one tank to take each with mitigation. These do high damage and inflict a damage-over-time debuff, Stab wound icon1.png Stab Wound. The tanks will also be sent flying from the center of the tower and will need to position themselves to be knocked to the side platform further from the tower they take. Note that it is possible to be knocked off the arena boundaries to their death. Failing to soak a tower will cause it to explode and wipe the party.
  • Entangling Web: Both tanks, one random healer, and one random DPS will receive a telegraphed circular AoE. After several seconds, the AoEs will lock in and should be avoided. The targeted players will need to drop the AoEs at the posts to the left/right of the arena (one pair left and one pair right), while ensuring that the AoEs overlap. If they do, the posts will be webbed and create a web bridge that allows players to cross between the center and side platform safely.
  • Pandæmoniac Pillars: Eight towers will spawn in the center platform: three to the left, two in the middle, and three to the right. These must be soaked by one player each, which will inflict minor damage (Bury). Failing to do so will inflict high raidwide damage, Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up, and Sustained damage icon1.png Sustained Damage. Missing more than one tower will wipe the raid due to the Magic Vulnerability Up. The tanks should return to the center platform using the web bridges and take the northwest/northeast tower, the healers should take the middle towers, the melee DPS should take the east/west towers, and the the ranged DPS should take the southeast/southwest towers.
    • The southeast/southwest towers will then always spawn skull adds that will do a line AoE through the bottom of the arena (Peal of Damnation), always making that region unsafe.
    • The other towers will spawn one of two hovering adds:
      • If the add has a spiked crown and begins forming a cage, it will do a small point-blank AoE (Imprisonment).
      • If the add has a halo and begins forming purple lasers, it will do a donut AoE (Cannonspawn).
      • Anyone hit by these attacks will be inflicted with a removeable Doom Doom in addition to the Damage Down.
    • At the same time, the boss will either use Circles of Pandæmonium or Pandæmon's Holy.
    • The party will need to identify the safe row and then dodge the add AoEs, usually by finding a donut. Note that if two donut AoEs are next to each other, players will need to dodge to the side of the donut safe spot away from the other donut, as they partially overlap.
  • Silkspit: Each player will be a large telegraphed web AoE that deals high damage (requiring shields/mitigation) and inflicts Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up.
    • Similar to Steel Web, if players are too close to each other, they will be webbed together. However, if players are too close to the posts, they will also be webbed. The party should drop the AoEs so everyone is fully spread and no web traps form.
    • One method is for melees/tanks to spread to the side platforms, while the ranged DPS/healers are at the center platform on the cardinals.

Pandæmoniac Bonds 1

  • Pandæmoniac Bonds: Assigns various debuffs to players, which will resolve when the debuff timers expire:
    • Dæmoniac bonds icon1.png Dæmoniac Bonds: The player will be hit with a medium sized AoE that requires them to be spread. Will be assigned to the entire party with the same timer.
    • Duodæmoniac bonds icon1.png Duodæmoniac Bonds: The player will be hit with a medium sized AoE that requires them to share with exactly one other player, or all players in the AoE will take lethal damage. Either all supports or all DPS may receive this debuff, so one support should stack with one DPS to resolve.
    • Tetradæmoniac bonds icon1.png Tetradæmoniac Bonds: The player will be hit with a medium sized AoE that requires them to share with exactly three other players, or all players in the AoE will take lethal damage. One random support and one random DPS may receive this debuff, so all supports should stack and all DPS should stack to resolve.
    • For the first usage of Pandæmoniac Bonds, the party will always receive Dæmoniac bonds icon1.png Dæmoniac Bonds and either Duodæmoniac bonds icon1.png Duodæmoniac Bonds or Tetradæmoniac bonds icon1.png Tetradæmoniac Bonds. The order that these will resolve in is random, so players need to keep track of debuff timers to determine which one will resolve first.
  • Pandæmoniac Meltdown: A random player will receive a line stack marker, while two other random players will each receive an orange overhead marker. Players without the orange markers should stack, while the orange marked players should stay out, as they will be targeted with line AoEs that inflict Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up, making overlap lethal. The line stack inflicts high damage and should be mitigated.
  • Touchdown: A telegraphed, expanding AoE that will hit the middle platform and kill anyone hit, requiring the party to dodge to the side platforms.
    • For this first usage, the entire party can dodge to one of the side platforms. Shortly after the dodge, the Pandæmoniac Bonds debuffs will resolve, requiring the party to position accordingly (e.g., spread -> partners; partners -> spread; spread-> role stacks; role stacks -> spread).
  • The boss will then use another Ultima raidwide (which will also remove the web bridges), followed by a Soul Grasp tankbuster.

Pandæmoniac Bonds 2 (Turrets)

  • Pandæmoniac Bonds will be cast again. Dæmoniac bonds icon1.png Dæmoniac Bonds and Duodæmoniac bonds icon1.png Duodæmoniac Bonds will always be assigned, but in a random order that they will resolve.
  • Pandæmoniac Turrets: Eight towers will spawn in the center platform: four at the north and four at the south. These must be soaked by one player each.
    • Each tower will spawn an untargetable Pandæmoniac Pillar add, which will be numbered 1-4 (i.e., each number is assigned to two adds). Numbers 1 and 3 will always be assigned to the top row, while 2 and 4 will be assigned to the bottom row.
    • The numbers indicate the order each add will use a split damage line AoE (Peal of Condemnation) at the player it locks on to. A few seconds before the line AoE fires, the add will lock onto the closest player to it and will rotate based on the player's location. Each add has an orange circle that indicates the direction it is facing.
    • The line AoE will knock back and inflict a short Magic vulnerability up icon1.png Magic Vulnerability Up to all players hit. In addition, the player at the front of the stack (not necessarily the player the add targets) will be inflicted with Dark resistance down ii icon1.png Dark Resistance Down II, preventing them from being in the front of subsequent stacks for the rest of the mechanic.
    • A common strategy is for the tanks to soak each beam with another player, with the exception of the fourth. The first beams should be taken with a melee DPS in front, the second with a ranged DPS in front, the third with a healer in front, and the fourth taken by the tank solo (with a short defensive cooldown).
    • In the case that the numbers are in a diagonal pattern (i.e., the 3 and 4 turrets are diagonally opposite each other), it may be prudent for healers to aim the third set of beams diagonally towards the fourth, to help allow the fourth set of turrets to lock onto one tank each.
  • Shortly after the last set of beams resolve, the Pandæmoniac Bonds debuffs from earlier will resolve, so players should spread then stack with their assigned partners, or vice versa.
  • Pandæmonic Ray: The boss will look to one side of arena, cleaving half the room based on direction it faces. Anyone hit will be inflicted with Hysteria icon1.png Hysteria and run uncontrollably, likely off the arena, although they can be saved with Rescue.png  Rescue.
    • Unlike normal mode, several Arcane Sphere adds will then spawn in the middle of the arena, leaving a gap between each add. These will do each a line AoE (Jade Passage) through it, leaving the gaps safe. The AoE is only very briefly telegraphed.
  • The boss will then use another Ultima raidwide, followed by a Soul Grasp tankbuster, and finally Wicked Step tankbuster towers.

Pandæmoniac Bonds 3

  • Entangling Web will be used again, so the web AoEs should be positioned to form bridges to both side platforms.
  • Silkspit is used again and is resolved as before. Note that before the AoEs resolve, the boss will cast Pandæmoniac Bonds, which will always assign Dæmoniac bonds icon1.png Dæmoniac Bonds and Tetradæmoniac bonds icon1.png Tetradæmoniac Bonds, although in a random order that they will resolve.
  • Pandæmoniac Pillars is used again, which is handled as before, including the subsequent AoE dodges.
  • After the AoEs resolve, the boss will begin casting Pandæmonic Ray. The party will need to dodge to the safe half of the middle arena while resolving their debuffs. The first set of debuffs (either spreads or role stacks) will resolve with the half-room cleave. The second set of debuffs (role stacks if spreads were first, spreads if role stacks were first) will resolve with the Jade Passage line AoEs, so players should be mindful to dodge them while spreading or stacking.
    • Note that if anyone is dead prior to role stacks resolving, it is recommended for players with the debuffs (if their role has fewer than 4 alive) to sacrifice themselves (i.e., not stack with anyone), because anyone who stacks with them will take lethal damage.

Dividing Wings 2

  • The boss will use Dividing Wings and Steel Web again, this time summoning a winged rod to the south of each side platform, which will tether one random support and one random DPS. Similar to before, another random support and a random DPS will each receive a stack marker.
  • The boss will cast Touchdown, requiring the party to split to each platform, i.e. supports to one and DPS to another. The tethered players, regardless of their role should point their conal AoEs directly south to avoid hitting other players, while the stack marker players should be north, with other players sharing the stack loosely spread.
  • After the stacks and conal AoEs resolve, the originally tethered players will free the webbed players on their platform.
  • The boss will use Pandæmoniac Meltdown and Soul Grasp again.

Harrowing Hell

  • Dividing Wings will be cast again, this time summoning the winged rods to the left and right of center in the middle platform. Each will tether a player as before, who must point them away (e.g., towards the east and west).
  • Pandæmonic Web: Three random players will receive Entangling Web baited AoEs, while one random player will receive a Steel Web stack AoE, which must be shared with the two players without any tether/marker. The players with Entangling Web AoEs must spread while overlapping their AoEs with the posts in the southern end of the platform, which will join them with a web barrier if done correctly. After the stack AoE resolves, the three webbed players in the stack will be targeted with an Entangling Web AoE. They must be freed by other players and quickly place and overlap their AoEs at the southern end again. Their position in the stack can be used to telegraph where they will drop their AoE. If done correctly, the web barrier will be reinforced, and the system message "The webs are impassable!" will appear.
  • Pandæmoniac Bonds will be used again, with the party always receiving Dæmoniac bonds icon1.png Dæmoniac Bonds and either Duodæmoniac bonds icon1.png Duodæmoniac Bonds or Tetradæmoniac bonds icon1.png Tetradæmoniac Bonds. Similar to before, the order these resolve in is random.
  • Harrowing Hell: Massive, multihit physical raid damage that requires very heavy mitigation and healing to survive. The tanks must be the front two players, as they will take significantly increased damage. The frequency of AoEs will increase over time, and conclude with a knockback. If the web barrier at the south was successfully reinforced, it will prevent the party from being knocked off the platform. Otherwise, the barrier will break (or be absent) and the party will wipe. The knockback cannot be prevented with knockback immune actions.
    • It is recommended to save personal/party mitigation, tank invulnerabilities, and tank limit break for this sequence.
    • If the reinforced web wall was not made, it is possible for both healers to Rescue.png  Rescue each other during the knockback to prevent falling off the platform, then use a level 3 limit break to revive the party. This method requires tight timing and coordination.
  • Shortly after the knockback resolves, the final set of Pandæmoniac Bonds debuffs will resolve, so players should try to preposition beforehand during the knockback.

Final Phases

Primarily repeat mechanics for the rest of the fight.

  • Ultima
  • Soul Grasp
  • Wicked Step
  • Entangling Web
  • Parted Plumes: Functions similarly to normal mode. Telegraphed conal aoes will move around a persistent AoE circle around the center, which will inflict a short Bleed icon1.png Bleeding. Inflicts removeable Paralysis icon1.png Paralysis if hit.
    • The boss will begin casting Pandæmonic Ray while the AoEs are resolving, so players should be prepared to move to the safe half of the room.
  • Circles of Pandæmonium / Pandæmon's Holy
  • Silkspit
  • Pandæmoniac Pillars + Circles of Pandæmonium / Pandæmon's Holy
  • Pandæmoniac Meltdown
  • Harrowing Hell: Enrage. The boss will repeat the sequence of massive raidwides again. If players survive this, it will use a final knockback that will knock all surviving players off the arena, wiping the party, because there is no web barrier present.


Treasure Coffer

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Ascension head gear coffer (il 660) icon1.png  Ascension Head Gear Coffer (IL 660) Other N/A ABasic 1
Ascension hand gear coffer (il 660) icon1.png  Ascension Hand Gear Coffer (IL 660) Other N/A ABasic 1
Ascension foot gear coffer (il 660) icon1.png  Ascension Foot Gear Coffer (IL 660) Other N/A ABasic 1
Hermetic tomestone icon1.png  Hermetic Tomestone Other N/A ABasic 1
Divine shine icon1.png  Divine Shine Other N/A ABasic 1


All lines from the boss are voice acted.

Pandæmonium: You will go no further! (upon pull)
Pandæmonium: I offer a glimpse of Lady Athena's power! (Dividing Wings)
Pandæmonium: A tangled morsel awaiting death... (Steel Web)
Pandæmonium: I'll give you special cells! (Wicked Step)
Pandæmonium: Webs like unto chains! (Entangling Web)
Pandæmonium: I must watch over all life... (Pandæmoniac Pillars)
Pandæmonium: To the depths with you! (Dæmoniac Bonds)
Pandæmonium: Stay where you are! (Pandæmoniac Meltdown)
Pandæmonium: These bars are unbreakable! (Touchdown)
Pandæmonium: I am Pandæmonium, and these cells are mine! (Pandæmoniac Turrets)
Pandæmonium: All paths lead back to me! (Pandæmoniac Ray)
Pandæmonium: Your soul screams! (second Pandæmoniac Pillars)
Pandæmonium: For Athena... For Mother! (second Dividing Wings)
Pandæmonium: This vessel can be so much more! (Pandæmoniac Web)
Pandæmonium: Bare yourselves to me! (Harrowing Hell)
Pandæmonium: I mustn't disappoint Lady Athena! (third Pandæmoniac Pillars)
Pandæmonium: Your punishment shall be unending! (Harrowing Hell enrage)


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