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Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage)

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Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage)

Asphodelos The Fourth Circle (Savage).png
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy 30 
Req. quest
Feature quest Who Wards the Warders?
The Gates of Pandaemonium (X:21.4, Y:18.0)

As you approach the conclusion of your tale of Asphodelos, you cast a hesitant glance at the greatly enthused, yet utterly exhausted Nemjiji. Whether or not her writing arm—or the facts of your confrontation with Hesperos—will withstand the inevitable fit of her excitement remains to be seen...

— In-game description

Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) is a level 90 raid introduced in patch 6.05 with Endwalker.

Phases & Abilities

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Hemitheos: Hesperos

Video guide by Mrhappy1227 - Part 1
Video guide by Mrhappy1227 - Part 2
MTQCapture Video Guide PART ONE
MTQCapture Video Guide PART TWO

Players should note that the arena is surrounded by spikes on all sides, that if touched, will result in death. It is recommended that players form "light parties" consisting of a tank, healer and two DPS for a stacking mechanic later.

Phase 1

  • Decollation: Unavoidable Roomwide AoE. Mitigate and heal through.
  • Bloodrake: This mechanic will target either all DPS or all tanks and healers. The boss will tether to these players and deal damage and absorb their aether. This is the boss noting which roles it tethered to.
  • Aetheric Chlamys: The boss stores the aether absorbed by the blade in it's cloak (Chlamys). The boss will follow up with another Bloodrake and target the opposite role group from before.
  • Director's Belone: The boss poisons the aether in its blade and releases it onto the party, debuffing four random players with Role Call. Players whose aether was absorbed into the blade before this must not have this debuff, and need to pass it on to other players. To do this, a debuffed player must simply pass over the player they wish to hand the debuff off to.
  • Inversive Chlamys: The boss poisons the aether within its cape and releases it on to random players with tethers. The role group that didn't have its aether stored in the cape must pick up these tethers and move away from the group, as they deal heavy damage in a large AoE, and will kill any player with the Role Call debuff. This attack also debuffs with Magic Vulnerability Up, so overlapping these attacks will also result in death. The boss will follow this up with another Decollection, so healers need to be ready.
  • Elegant Evisceration: A multi-hit tankbuster that debuffs with Magic Vulnerability Up in between hits, making the second hit lethal. Either tankswap to handle this mechanic, or use a tank invulnerability skill.
  • Setting the Scene: Drops four tiles on each quadrant of the arena, each of which has a specific effect when called upon:
    • Fire Panel: Both healers are targeted with a stack marker. Players should quickly split up into their "light parties" to mitigate. Each group will also be debuffed with Magic Vulnerability Up, so overlapping these stacks will result in a wipe.
    • Water Panel: A fast, heavy-hitting knockback from the center of the arena. Players must stand very close to the center of the arena to survive.
    • Thunder Panel: A point blank AoE in the center of the arena. Players must spread out to avoid.
    • Poison Panel: Each player will drop a point blank AoE. Players must spread out to avoid. Each player will also be debuffed with Magic Vulnerability Up, so overlapping these stacks will result in death.
    • Note that when each panel activates, it becomes unsafe to stand in them, dealing heavy damage and debuffing with a Damage Down debuff.
  • Pinax: Two of the panels will light up, indicating which panels the boss will activate and in what order. After the first two panels activate, the other two will flash, indicating what order they will be used in. These panels will be activated in quick succession, so players need to pay attention to what mechanics are coming out and move accordingly.
  • Shift: The boss will drop a marker at one of the four cardinals of the map, and hold its sword and cape out to either side of it. This will indicate where the boss is moving to, as well as what mechanic will be performed. If the sword is glowing, the boss will use a massive cleave that can only be avoided by standing directly next to the wall where the marker is. If the cape is glowing,

The boss will follow this up with another Elegant Evisceration, then use another Bloodrake, dealing raidwide damage. This time, however, the boss will tether to three of the tiles, leaving the untethered tile as a safe zone for a later mechanic. The boss will remove the floor tiles and cast Setting the Scene again, shifting their locations. Players must remember which tile was their safe zone for later.

  • Vengeful Belone': All players will receive a debuff. Tanks and healers receive Acting DPS, while two DPS will receive Acting Tank and the remaining two will receive Acting Healer. Later on, players will need to grab an orb tethered to a player that corresponds to their debuff, and the orbs must be grabbed in pairs, as the orbs deal split damage, and will kill a singular player.
  • Elemental Belone: Debuffs all players with Elemental Resistance Down, which means that players not standing on the correct panel later will die.

The boss will use another heavy-hitting Bloodrake, requiring mitigation and healing, then will cast Belone Bursts, summoning the orbs to the field. Each orb will have a marker over it indicating which players need to take it. To make this mechanic easier, it is recommended that players group up according to their debuff, so tanks group together, healers group together, then the Acting Tanks grop together, and the Acting Healers group together, then each stand in a pre-marked position (usually each group will stand in the inner corner of each panel), making it easy for players to identify which orbs they need to take. Once the orbs tether, players can set about running into them. It should be noted as well that each orb explodes in a large AoE, and also debuffs any player hit with a stack of Thrice-come Ruin, meaning that players can only be hit by two orbs. If the stack reaches three, the player will be debuffed with Doom and will die. Soon after the boss will begin casting Periaktoi.

  • Periaktoi: The boss will cause all tiles to erupt, so players must stand on the tile that was previously untethered to, or they will die.

The boss will perform another Bloodrake, tethering to each player and dealing heavy raidwide damage, then will cast Belone Coils.

  • Belone Coils: The boss will spawn four circles, with either the DPS or healer/tank symbols crossed out in them. This indicates which role can handle the circles. At the same time, the boss will use Inversive Chlamys, which the remaining four players must grab and move away from the circles to avoid overlapping damage. These attacks will resolve at the same time, then the fight will continue. The boss will cast Aetheric Chlamys, storing the aether of the players who picked up the tethers. This will be followed by another Bloodrake and another Belone Coils and Director's Belone, meaning the players that aren't in the circles need to grab the debuffs if they land on other players. Another Inversive Chlamys which will be picked up and moved away from the debuffed players. Again, these attacks and debuffs will all resolve at the same time.

Following this, the boss will use anotherDecollation, so healing and mitigation are advised, followed by another Elegant Evisceration. For this phase, the boss will repeat the Setting the Scene/Pinax/Shift mechanics, followed by three casts of Decollation, then become untargetable and cast a hard enrage Decollation. The boss must reach less than 50% health before becoming untargetable or the party will wipe.

Phase 2

Reaching this point in the fight acts as a checkpoint, so if the party wipes, they will restart from here. Note that leaving the battle and restarting will erase this checkpoint.

  • Searing Stream: Unavoidable raidwide AoE. Mitigate and heal through.
  • Akanthai: Act 1: The boss will summon several overlapping AoEs and towers. These will initially do nothing and disappear. Once they leave the screen, several dark thorns will drop on to the arena, demonstrating where and when mechanics will resolve, and the boss will cast another Searing Stream. The boss will then begin tethering to the thorns, showing what order they will erupt in. Generally, the boss will tether to either the north/south or east/west thorns, indicating they will erupt first, then the thorns where the towers were, indicating players need to stand in those next, then finally the last set of thorns that weren't tethered to before. These will erupt in quick succession, requiring players to pay attention, move to the safe zones between the massive AoEs, cover towers, then move to the next safe zones.
  • Near/Farsight: The boss will target either the two closest or two furthest players at the end of the cast (based on which attack used) and deliver a heavy hitting tankbuster to them. Tanks need to mitigate and move to the correct location before the cast finishes.
  • Akanthai: Act 2: Similar to the first act, the boss will show where the towers and AoEs will originate, then they will disappear and be replaced by thorns. The boss will cast Demigod Double, a double tankbuster requiring either both tanks to stack or an invulnerability skill. The boss will then begin tethering to thorns again, demonstrating the safe zones and when mechanics will come out. Then the boss will tether players together with colored orbs over their heads. The orbs will disappear and each player will receive a Thornpriclked debuff, indicating they are under the effect of a tether. The tethers can be broken if the tethered players move far enough apart, which will be indicated by the tether changing color from blue to dark red/black, before triggering a specific effect centered on each player around two seconds after the tether changes color.
    • Red Orb: A medium-sized group soak AoE. Will do significantly increased damage if the Thornprickled debuff naturally expires.
    • Purple Orb: Raidwide AoE. Will do significantly increased damage if the Thornprickled debuff naturally expires.
    • Green Orb: Instant death to both players if the tether is broken. Will do no damage if the Thornprickled debuff naturally expires.
    • Each set of orbs exploding will result in a Magic Vulnerability Up debuff, meaning getting hit by any other mechanic will result in death.

One tank and one healer and a DPS pair will receive Red Orbs, the remaining healer will receive a Purple Orb, the second DPS pair will receive a Green Orb and finally the remaining tank will receive nothing. The mechanic is resolved by breaking the tethers or letting the mechanic naturally time out. When the mechanic resolves, the effect of the orbs will occur. The boss will also cast Dark Design, dropping AoEs under all players. To handle this mechanic, it is recommended that players position themselves under the boss to bait the AoEs, then have the purple orb players break their tether, then stand in the first set of tethered towers. The DPS players with the red orbs will move to one safe zone to avoid the boss's tethered AoEs with the tank with a red orb, while the healer with the other red orb will move to the other side of the map with the DPS players that have the green orbs. This will break the other tether, and since players are stacked this will mitigate the damage. Free from their tethers, after the AoEs resolve, the other tank and healer will move to the next set of towers to soak them, then the two DPS with the red orbs will separate, resulting in the other two tethers breaking. Once all the AoEs have resolved, all the tethers should be broken and all the attacks should be mitigated.

  • Ultimate Impulse: High damage roomwide AoE that needs to be mitigated and healed through.
  • Akanthai: Act 3: The boss shows 8 towers and a roomwide knockback from the center of the arena. The boss will tether to four towers on one side, then the other. The knockback will come between the two sides' towers resolving. The boss will then cast Kothornos Kick, leaping to the player that is the furthest away, dealing damage and placing a Vulnerability Up debuff on them while knocking everyone nearby away. four players (preferably ranged) will soak the towers while a player baits the kick over near the other towers. The boss will then target the three closest players with an attack, so it is recommended that the player who just got hit by the kick move away while melee players move in. During this time the first four towers will resolve, then almost immediately after the knockback will occur. It is recommended to use a knockback resist skill, as it will be difficult to reach the center of the arena for all players before the knockback occurs. The players that previously baited the attacks from the boss should now be near towers to soak the next attack. The boss will then repeat the Kothornos Kick mechanic, this time with no castbar. The ranged players near the first tower will draw the kick, then the remaining players on that side will move in to the hitbox to bait the close range attack. The boss will then use another Near/Farsight, so players should move accordingly.
  • Heart Stake: The boss attacks the top two players in the enmity list, dealing heavy damage and a significant Bleed debuff. Healing is recommended.
  • Akanthai: Act 4: The boss will show four towers and four AoEs, then cast Searing Stream, which should be mitigated. Players will then be tethered to either an AoE thorn or a tower thorn, and marked with either a blue or purple orb:
    • Blue Orb: Players deal damage in a point blank AoE.
    • Purple Orb: Players deal a roomwide AoE.

To handle this mechanic, first mitigate the second Searing Stream the boss casts, then the blue orb players (tethered to towers) should move across the arena to the opposite thorn, plus one in a clockwise direction. Purple orb players should move clockwise one thorn. When the blue orb tethers break, they will also cause the towers to explode, which should be where the purple orb players are standing. Once the blue tethers are broken, players will meet in the middle and rotate clockwise around the edge of the arena, breaking purple tethers one by one, dealing room wide damage while also setting off the AoE's they are tethered to on the other side of the arena. Players should break these slowly but steadily, as they also inflict a Magic Vulnerability Up debuff, making subsequent hits deal heavy damage. The boss will also begin casting Ultimate Impulse, so the tethers should all be broken before that, players should all be healed up, and mitigation should be applied to survive. Another Searing Stream will follow this.

  • Akanthai: Finale: The boss will show eight towers, dropping thorns, then will summon additional thorns behind some of the towers. The extra thorns will tether to players, giving them a small point blank AoE that will knock back anyone hit by it. The AoEs also deal a Magic Vulnerability Up debuff, so simply move towards the tower and spread out to avoid overlapping damage. The boss will also cast Fleeting Impulse, firing dark orbs at each player in turn. Players need to pay attention to this, as this will determine what tower a player needs to soak in what order. Once all players have been hit, the boss will begin tethering to towers one by one. Players will position themselves in order based on what number orb hit them and what number tower the boss tethered to (for example, if a player is hit by the third orb fired, they will stand in the third tower the boss tethers to). The boss will follow this mechanic with another Near/Farsight and Searing Stream, so players should move accordingly and healers should be ready. The boss will use another Demigod Double, so tanks should be ready to split this attack.
  • Akanthai: Curtain Call: Each player will be tethered to a thorn, and receive a purple orb over their head, which will deal a raidwide AoE and a short Magic Vulnerability Up debuff, meaning each tether needs to be staggered to survive the attack. There are four different timers for the Thornpricked debuff before the tether breaks: 12s, 22s, 32s, and 42s. Each DPS will have one of these timers, and each tank and healer will have one of these timers. To handle this mechanic, The DPS player in each pair should break their tether first at 12 seconds, then five seconds later, after the debuff wears off, the tank or healer with the same timer should break theirs at seven seconds. This will stagger the debuffs enough for everyone to survive. During this, the boss will cast Hell's Sting, firing several conal AoEs out towards the edges of the arena, then the safe spaces in between each AoE will also explode. Players need to dodge out of the AOEs, then back into the area where they were to avoid the second hit. Getting hit by either of these will result in a Damage Down debuff, lowering DPS output.

Once all the tethers have been broken, the boss will cast another Ultimate Impulse, requiring healing and mitigation, then the mechanic will repeat again and can be handled in the exact same way. Finally, the boss will slow cast Ultimate Impulse as an enrage, and must be defeated before the cast finishes, or the party will wipe and return to the start of the phase.


Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Rarity Quantity
Asphodelos longsword icon1.png  Asphodelos Longsword Sword CTomestone 1
Asphodelos shield icon1.png  Asphodelos Shield Shield CTomestone 1
Asphodelos war hammer icon1.png  Asphodelos War Hammer Greataxe CTomestone 1
Asphodelos claymore icon1.png  Asphodelos Claymore Greatsword CTomestone 1
Asphodelos bayonet icon1.png  Asphodelos Bayonet Gunblade CTomestone 1
Asphodelos trident icon1.png  Asphodelos Trident Polearm CTomestone 1
Asphodelos war scythe icon1.png  Asphodelos War Scythe Scythe CTomestone 1
Asphodelos knuckles icon1.png  Asphodelos Knuckles Fist Weapon CTomestone 1
Asphodelos samurai blade icon1.png  Asphodelos Samurai Blade Katana CTomestone 1
Asphodelos daggers icon1.png  Asphodelos Daggers Daggers CTomestone 1
Asphodelos harp bow icon1.png  Asphodelos Harp Bow Bow CTomestone 1
Asphodelos arquebus icon1.png  Asphodelos Arquebus Firearms CTomestone 1
Asphodelos tathlums icon1.png  Asphodelos Tathlums Throwing Weapons CTomestone 1
Asphodelos staff icon1.png  Asphodelos Staff Staff CTomestone 1
Asphodelos grimoire icon1.png  Asphodelos Grimoire Book CTomestone 1
Asphodelos foil icon1.png  Asphodelos Foil Rapier CTomestone 1
Asphodelos cane icon1.png  Asphodelos Cane Cane CTomestone 1
Asphodelos codex icon1.png  Asphodelos Codex Book CTomestone 1
Asphodelos orrery icon1.png  Asphodelos Orrery Star Globe CTomestone 1
Asphodelos pendulums icon1.png  Asphodelos Pendulums Noulith CTomestone 1
Asphodelos chest gear coffer icon1.png  Asphodelos Chest Gear Coffer Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Rarity Quantity
Asphodelos weapon coffer icon1.png  Asphodelos Weapon Coffer Other ABasic 1
Demi-phoinix horn icon1.png  Demi-Phoinix Horn Other ABasic 1