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Servers or Worlds are individual instances of Final Fantasy XIV. Servers are located in 3 places in the world: North America, Europe and Japan. Each region is further divided into Data centers. Each data center has multiple servers.

There are no regional limitations on servers. Anyone can create characters on any of the 3 regions. During Character Creation, players can select the world server of their choice to begin the game on. An indicator by each world in the world list indicates population density, represented by chocobo icons, as low, average, or high. See experience for an explanation of how to create a character on a Preferred server.

Characters cannot be created on Congested servers, or on servers where very many players are currently logged on.

To transfer a character from one server to another, player needs to use the World Transfer Service, which costs real world money. This fee is waived if transferring from a Congested server to a Preferred one, or from any server to a New server.

Note that Legacy servers are servers that existed before A Realm Reborn (2.0). Each server has an ID number that is based on the approximate order in which the servers were activated. If multiple servers were activated at the same time, they are listed in alphabetical order.

North American Server

Aether Data Center

ID Name Activation Date Legacy Server
ARR-26 Adamantoise August 16, 2013 No
ARR-28 Cactuar August 16, 2013 No
ARR-47 Faerie August 18, 2013 No
ARR-34 Gilgamesh August 16, 2013 No
ARR-63 Jenova April 04, 2014 No
ARR-36 Midgardsormr August 16, 2013 No
ARR-9 Sargatanas August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-49 Siren August 18, 2013 No

Crystal Data Center

ID Name Activation Date Legacy Server
ARR-6 Balmung August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-60 Brynhildr September 12, 2013 No
ARR-29 Coeurl August 16, 2013 No
ARR-33 Diabolos August 16, 2013 No
ARR-30 Goblin August 16, 2013 No
ARR-31 Malboro August 16, 2013 No
ARR-59 Mateus September 12, 2013 No
ARR-61 Zalera September 12, 2013 No

Primal Data Center

ID Name Activation Date Legacy Server
ARR-27 Behemoth August 16, 2013 No
ARR-7 Excalibur August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-46 Exodus August 18, 2013 No
ARR-52 Famfrit September 4, 2013 No
ARR-8 Hyperion August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-48 Lamia August 18, 2013 No
ARR-35 Leviathan August 16, 2013 No
ARR-32 Ultros August 16, 2013 No

European Server

Chaos Data Center

ID Name Activation Date Legacy Server
ARR-37 Cerberus August 16, 2013 No
??? Louisoix June ?, 2017 No
ARR-38 Moogle August 16, 2013 No
??? Omega June 16, 2017 No
ARR-10 Ragnarok August 16, 2013 Yes
???-?? Spriggan June 18, 2019 No

Light Data Center

ID Name Activation Date Legacy Server
ARR-53 Lich September 4, 2013 No
ARR-39 Odin August 16, 2013 No
ARR-50 Phoenix August 18, 2013 No
ARR-40 Shiva August 16, 2013 No
???-?? Twintania June 18, 2019 No
ARR-64 Zodiark April, 04, 2014 No

Japanese Server

Elemental Data Center

ID Name Activation Date Legacy Server
ARR-1 Aegis August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-11 Atomos August 16, 2013 No
ARR-23 Carbuncle August 16, 2013 No
ARR-17 Garuda August 16, 2013 No
ARR-3 Gungnir August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-42 Kujata August 18, 2013 No
ARR-19 Ramuh August 16, 2013 No
ARR-16 Tonberry August 16, 2013 No
ARR-43 Typhon August 18, 2013 No
ARR-54 Unicorn September 12, 2013 No

Gaia Data Center

ID Name Activation Date Legacy Server
ARR-21 Alexander August 16, 2013 No
ARR-12 Bahamut August 16, 2013 No
ARR-2 Durandal August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-24 Fenrir August 16, 2013 No
ARR-18 Ifrit August 16, 2013 No
ARR-5 Ridill August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-15 Tiamat August 16, 2013 No
ARR-44 Ultima August 18, 2013 No
ARR-45 Valefor August 18, 2013 No
ARR-55 Yojimbo September 12, 2013 No
ARR-58 Zeromus September 12, 2013 No

Mana Data Center

ID Name Activation Date Legacy Server
ARR-22 Anima August 16, 2013 No
ARR-56 Asura September 12, 2013 No
ARR-57 Belias September 12, 2013 No
ARR-13 Chocobo August 16, 2013 No
ARR-25 Hades August 16, 2013 No
ARR-41 Ixion August 18, 2013 No
ARR-14 Mandragora August 16, 2013 No
ARR-4 Masamune August 16, 2013 Yes
ARR-51 Pandemonium September 4, 2013 No
ARR-62 Shinryu April 4, 2014 No
ARR-20 Titan August 16, 2013 No

Data Center Selection

Data center selection1.png

When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to select a regional data center. Your choice of data center will determine the Worlds you may choose from after creating your character. Please note that characters are bound to the World on which they are created.

  • Your data center can be changed at any time via the Data Center Selection window at the title screen.

1. Select a data center.

If you have previously logged in with a character, the data center of the last character played will be denoted with a ★ symbol.

2. Review the list of data centers and their associated Worlds.

Worlds listed under the data center of the last character played will be highlighted.

World Visit System

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