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Guildhests are instanced group quests, usually involves a mini-dungeon or boss fight, that players can complete for experience and gil. Guildhests are designed to teach players basic group mechanics that will be needed later on during Dungeons and Trials. Initial Guildhests are quite easy, they become difficult as players level up and delve deeper. After completing at least one Guildleve, you can then talk to a Battlewarden after completing Feature QuestSimply the Hest (starting region specific) to unlock Guildhests.

Gil Gil, experience Experience, and Grand Company Seals Company seal are rewards for completing Guildhests. There is also a initial first-time bonus awarded per job, per character (not available for Shadowbringers and later jobs).

Unlocking Guildhests

There are several steps to unlocking Guildhests. Note the following steps require that you do so in the region in which your character originally started FFXIV. Look under Character->Profile->City-State if you need a reminder what city your character is from. You can unlock Guildleves in regions that are not where your character is originally from, but doing so will not unlock Guildhests.

  • Unlock Guildleves, choose the region in which your character originally started FFXIV:
  • After reaching level 10, speak to the same Guildleve character as you did above. You will receive a message that you're strong enough to start doing Guildhests.
  • Speak with a Battlewarden.

To enter specific Guildhests, you must be at the required level otherwise the duty will not be available. Duty Roulette: Guildhests unlocks immediately upon completion of the first guildhest. The roulette can select from any of your unlocked guildhests, even if you have not yet completed your most recently unlocked guildhest.

Battlewarden Locations

Name City Location
Npcs offering guild hests icon1.png Lost Rabbit Thanalan: Western Thanalan, Horizon (X:23.2 Y:16.6)
Npcs offering guild hests icon1.png Ribald The Black Shroud: Central Shroud, Bentbranch Meadows (X:22.5 Y:21.7)
Npcs offering guild hests icon1.png Tiroro La Noscea: Western La Noscea, Swiftperch (X:34.5 Y:31.2)
Npcs offering guild hests icon1.png Sidonia Coerthas: Coerthas Central Highlands, Dragonhead (X:7.3 Y:20.5)
Npcs offering guild hests icon1.png Archimbalt Mor Dhona: Mor Dhona, North Silvertear (X:32.4 Y:10.2)

Guildhest Duty List

Name Level Party
Guildhest Basic Training: Enemy Parties 10 4
Guildhest Under the Armor 10 4
Guildhest Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds 15 4
Guildhest Hero on the Halfshell 15 4
Guildhest Pulling Poison Posies 20 4
Guildhest Stinging Back 20 4
Guildhest All's Well that Ends in the Well 25 4
Guildhest Flicking Sticks and Taking Names 25 4
Guildhest More than a Feeler 30 4
Guildhest Annoy the Void 30 4
Guildhest Shadow and Claw 35 4
Guildhest Long Live the Queen 35 4
Guildhest Ward Up 40 4
Guildhest Solemn Trinity 40 8