The Masked Carnivale

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The Masked Carnivale is a series of solo combat challenges for Blue Mage frame icon.png Blue Mages that is unlocked as part of the Blue Mage Job Quests. Many battles are optional, but some are required to progress in job quests.


How to Participate

Speak with the Celestium Attendant in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:11.5 Y:13.2).


The Masked Carnivale is comprised of 32 stages in total. You can view a list of all available stages by speaking with the Celestium attendant. Stages do not need to be completed in numerical order. Many stages consist of multiple separate battles (Acts), although completing an Act does not grant a checkpoint. Note that dying will fail the duty and remove the player from the instance.

Be advised that once you begin a stage, you cannot register or remove active actions.

All stages are level synced and it is not possible to "unsync" any.

The first 25 stages are unlocked with Feature QuestThe Real Folk Blues. Subsequent stages are unlocked with further progression (every 10 levels) of blue mage job quests.

Act 1Act 2Act 3GilSealsTomestones
All's Well That Starts Well5010:300:20Arena Slime
Arena Dullahan
30005040 poetics
Much Ado About Pudding5023:302:30Arena Pudding
Arena Marshmallow
Arena Bavarois
Arena Gelato
Arena Flan
Arena Licorice
30005040 poetics
Waiting for Golem5033:452:45Zipacna30005040 poetics
Gentlemen Prefer Swords5043:302:35Arena Bat
Arena Wolf
Kreios30005040 poetics
The Threepenny Turtles5051:200:45Brotherly Gil Turtle30005040 poetics
Eye Society5063:202:25Arena Catoblepas
Arena Mandragora
Arena Catoblepas
Arena Mandragora
Arena Eye
30005040 poetics
A Chorus Slime5073:302:40Ice Sprite
Lava Slime
Ice Sprite
Lava Slime
Lava Slime
Gladiatorial Node
500010080 poetics
Bomb-edy of Errors5083:452:45Arena Snoll
Arena Bomb
Arena Snoll
Arena Progenitrix
Arena Cherry Bomb
500010080 poetics
To Kill a Mockingslime5094:453:30Guimauve500010080 poetics
A Little Knight Music50104:303:10Crom Dubh500010080 poetics
Some Like It Excruciatingly Hot50113:302:30Arena Gas BombArena Gas Bomb500010080 poetics
The Plant-om of the Opera50124:303:10Arena RoseletHydnora500010080 poetics
Beauty and a Beast50134:303:30Arena Haagenti
Arena Vodoriga
Carmilla500010080 poetics
Blobs in the Woods50143:002:30Arena JamArena Jam500010080 poetics
The Me Nobody Nodes50154:453:45Bestial Node500010080 poetics
Sunset Bull-evard50164:303:30Arena CyclopsTikbalang500010080 poetics
The Sword of Music50175:304:15Right Claw
Left Claw
Kreios500010080 poetics
Midsummer Night's Explosion50186:004:20Arena Manticore
Firesand Keg
Arena Manticore
Firesand Keg
500010080 poetics
On a Clear Day You Can Smell Forever50195:004:00Reflective RebekkahReflective Rebekkah500010080 poetics
Miss Typhon50206:005:10TyphonUltrosUltros
500010080 poetics
Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof50214:153:15Arena ImpApademak500010080 poetics
Here Comes the Boom50225:004:00Arena GrenadeThe Forefather500010080 poetics
Behemoths and Broomsticks50235:003:45Kronprinz Behemoth500010080 poetics
Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends50246:455:40Arena Viking
Arena Magus
Arena ScribeEpilogi500010080 poetics
Dirty Rotten Azulmagia50258:457:15Azulmagia (enemy)Azulmagia (enemy)Azulmagia (enemy)10000200160 poetics
Papa Mia60265:004:00Arena MirrorknightPapa Humbaba500010080 poetics
Lock up Your Snorters60274:002:20Typhon500010080 poetics
Dangerous When Dead60286:005:00Durinn500010080 poetics
Red, Fraught, and Blue60298:007:00Shikigami of the PyreShikigami of the Undertow500010080 poetics
The Catch of the Siegfried60307:306:30SiegfriedSiegfriedSiegfried10000200160 poetics
Anything Gogo's70317:406:50Gogo, Master of Mimicry (boss)Gogo, Master of Mimicry (boss)10000200160 poetics
A Golden Opportunity (duty)80327:406:50GoldorGoldor10000200160 poetics

Bonus List

The Masked Carnivale stages1.png
Title Description
Too Fast, Too Furious Completed performance faster than the ideal time.
Slow and Steady Completed performance faster than the standard time.
10 Ways to Die Used ten or fewer unique spell types.
4 Ways to Die Used four or fewer unique spell types.
Can't Touch This Took zero damage.
Ain't Got Time to Bleed Restored zero HP.
Modus Interruptus Interrupted a target's spell casting.
A Walk in the Park Refrained from using Sprint.
Mastery of Fire Cast only fire- or unaspected spells.
Mastery of Water Cast only water- or unaspected spells.
Mastery of Earth Cast only earth- or unaspected spells.
Mastery of Wind Cast only wind- or unaspected spells.
Mastery of Ice Cast only ice- or unaspected spells.
Mastery of Lightning Cast only lightning- or unaspected spells.
Elemental Mastery Cast spells aspected to all six elements.
Total Mastery Used actions aspected to all six elements and three damage types (blunt,

piercing, slashing).

Enfeeble me Tender Applied six or more unique enfeeblements.
Enfeeble me Tenderer Applied nine or more unique enfeeblements.
Let's Get Physical Used only physical-type actions.
Advanced Spellcasting Cast only rank 4 or 5 spells.
Beginner Spellcasting Cast only rank 1 or 2 spells.
Four-faced Used four or more unique actions that are fired from the face.
Giant Slayer (Hidden) Not interrupting King's Will three times throughout A Little Knight Music.
Trouble with Tentacles (Hidden) Not killing any Tentacles in Act 3 of Miss Typhon.
Perfect Blue (Hidden) Get the following challenges during Dirty Rotten Azulmagia: Can't Touch This, "Too Fast, Too Furious", Ain't Got Time to Bleed, and Total Mastery (If spells that change your HP are used - such as Devour.png  Devour - this will prevent the achievement).
The Celestium's Finest (Hidden) Get the following challenges during The Catch of the Siegfried: Total Mastery, Can't Touch This, "Too Fast, Too Furious", defeat all three shades on ACT 3 before defeating the original Sigfried (Standing on the electrified ground and briefly getting the Electrocution icon1.png Electrocution debuff will fail the feat).
Pure Azure (Hidden) Get the following challenge during Anything Gogo's: "Too Fast, Too Furious", receiving one or more Vulnerability Up icon1.png Vulnerability Up debuff will fail this feat.
Going for Gold (Hidden) Get the following challenge during A Golden Opportunity: "Elemental Mastery" and "A Walk in the Park". Destroying the crystal in Act 2 will fail this feat.


Enemy Weaknesses

The Masked Carnivale enemy weaknesses1.png

Many enemies that appear in the Masked Carnivale are weak to a particular element, which can be confirmed when viewing the list of stages. Use this to your advantage and set your actions accordingly.

The elemental weakness of enemies is also indicated by an icon above their display names.


The Masked Carnivale results1.png

After completing a performance, your clear time, bonuses, and score are displayed.

Bonuses are awarded for fulfilling certain conditions and affect the score.

Weekly Targets

The Masked Carnivale weekly targets1.png

Weekly targets are available for certain performances, indicated with an icon.

There are three levels of difficulty for weekly targets:

  • Novice (blue) - Only requires clearing the stage.
  • Moderate (white) - Requires 1 objective in addition to clearing the stage.
  • Advanced (gold) - Requires 3 objectives in addition to clearing the stage.

To view the conditions, select a performance with a weekly target, marked with an icon. This information can also be viewed in the Timers menu.

The weekly reset occurs every Tuesday at 8 a.m. GMT. The following list converts that for several time-zones and their respective daylight savings times (where applicable), though it is not all-encompassing.

Daily reset time
Time Zone U.S. Pacific U.S. Eastern Central Europe Japan Australia Eastern
Standard Time 12 a.m. 3 a.m. 9 a.m. 5 p.m. 6 p.m.
Daylight Savings Time 1 a.m. 4 a.m. 10 a.m. 7 p.m.

Weekly Rewards

Level Gil Gil Allied Seal Allied Seal Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Poetics Tomestones Frequency
Novice 3,000 100 80 Weekly
Moderate 5,000 150 120 Weekly
Elite 10,000 300 240 Weekly

Weekly totals:

  • Gil 18,000
  • Allied Seal 550
  • Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 440


The Masked Carnivale is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Smokin' i icon1.png  Smokin' I 5 Complete a single stage at the Masked Carnivale. - 4.5
Smokin' ii icon1.png  Smokin' II 5 Complete 5 stages at the Masked Carnivale. - 4.5
Smokin' iii icon1.png  Smokin' III 5 Complete 10 stages at the Masked Carnivale. - 4.5
Smokin' iv icon1.png  Smokin' IV 5 Complete 15 stages at the Masked Carnivale. - 4.5
Smokin' v icon1.png  Smokin' V 5 Complete 20 stages at the Masked Carnivale. - 4.5
Smokin' vi icon1.png  Smokin' VI 5 Complete 25 stages at the Masked Carnivale. Achievement title icon.png Mask of the Blue 4.5
Smokin' vii icon1.png  Smokin' VII 5 Complete 30 stages at the Masked Carnivale. - 5.15
The harder they fall icon1.png  The Harder They Fall 10 Achieve the "Giant Slayer" feat at the Masked Carnivale. - 4.5
Octopath traveler icon1.png  Octopath Traveler 10 Achieve the "Trouble with Tentacles" feat at the Masked Carnivale. - 4.5
Something borrowed icon1.png  Something Borrowed 10 Achieve the "Perfect Blue" feat at the Masked Carnivale. Achievement title icon.png Perfect Blue 4.5
None more blue icon1.png  None More Blue 10 Achieve the "The Celestium's Finest" feat at the Masked Carnivale. Achievement title icon.png Champion of the Blue 5.15
Violets are violet icon1.png  Violets Are Violet 10 Achieve the "Pure Azure" feat at the Masked Carnivale. Achievement title icon.png Of the Truest Blue 5.45
All that glitters is blue icon1.png  All That Glitters Is Blue 10 Achieve the “Going for Gold” feat at the Masked Carnivale. Achievement title icon.png Glitterier than Goldor 6.45