Alexander: The Creator (Savage)

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General Information

Alexander: The Creator (Savage) is the third and final section of Alexander (Savage), the main 8-player raid in Heavensward. Released on September 27, 2016, Creator requires players with item level of 245 or higher to enter. Once unlocked, the raid can be queued from the Duty Finder.


Completion of the level 60 quest Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Retells Your Story by talking to Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona (x21.7,y8.7). Players are required to first complete the side quest Of Endings and Beginnings.


The Eyes of the Creator (Savage) (A9S)

The Breath of the Creator (Savage) (A10S)

The Heart of the Creator (Savage) (A11S)

The Soul of the Creator (Savage) (A12S)

Accuracy Cap

Floor Tank Melee DPS BLM BRD/MCH SMN
A9 700 646 592 ??? 592
A10 700 646 592 ??? 592
A11 700 646 592 ??? 592
A12 700 646 592 ??? 592

Rewards / Exchange

In addition to gear, after completing any floor, each player will obtain an Alexandrian Manifesto. Alexandrian Manifestos can be exchanged for gear at Sabina in Idyllshire (x5,y5).


Gear Slot Required Token # of Token
Arms Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 4 8
Gladiator's Arm Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 4 5
Shield Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 4 3
Head Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 2 6
Body Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 4 8
Hands Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 2 6
Waist Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 1 6
Legs Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 3 8
Feet Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 2 6
Accessories Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 1 4
Illuminati Deepest Gobdip Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 3 4
Illuminati Tautest Gobtwine Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 3 4
Illuminati Darkest Gobcoat Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 2 4


A9S Loot - Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Waist Armor

A10S Loot - Hand Armor, Feet Armor, Illuminati Darkest Gobcoat

A11S Loot - Head Armor, Leg Armor, Illuminati Tautest Gobtwine, Illuminati Deepest Gobdip

A12S Loot - Body Armor, Weapons, Shields



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