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Quest giver
The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:21, Y:18)
Quest line
Alexander Quests
Experience 0
Gil 3,800
Previous quest
Feature QuestEnigma
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Folly of Youth

Roundrox seeks a loyal friend to entrust with an important task.

— In-game description




Reaching Lightkix Eyesfixed requires flying unlocked in The Dravanian Hinterlands.



  • Roundrox seeks a loyal friend to entrust with an important task.
  • Roundrox appears deep in thought, and upon speaking to her, you learn of her intent to give her beloved glowstone to Mide, so that the treasure hunter can share in the joy it has brought the young goblin. Deeming you a trustworthy courier, Roundrox bids you deliver the item to her friend, who can oft be found gazing at the steel colossus from the remains of a nearby bridge. Seek out Mide and hand over the goblin girl's pride and joy.
  • You find Mide overlooking the steel colossus, and although she is hesitant to accept the codex fragment at first, she finally concedes it may be for the best. The treasure hunter subsequently reveals that only a select few are able to view the contents of the codex, and that Roundrox is one of them. Determined that the Illuminati should not uncover this truth, Mide plans to draw their attention away from the girl, hoping that they will follow whoever holds the fragment. Just as Mide finishes her explanation, Backrix appears bearing word from Wedge. It would seem he urgently requires your presence at Bigwest Shortstop. Return to the outpost and hear what news the engineer has to share with you.
  • Wedge hurriedly explains that Y'shtola has detected high volumes of aether being drawn into Alexander from the surrounding land, indicating that the Illuminati have resumed their efforts to awaken the primal. To make matters worse, the goblins are also reported to be amassing explosives and supplies in what appears to be an attempt to create a new weapon. Undaunted, Wedge intends to strike at the Illuminati before they can launch their offensive, and enthusiastically proclaims that you are essential to the success of his stratagem. With that, he scurries off to meet Biggs at their chosen rendezvous point, doubtless expecting you to follow him.
  • Shortly after you join Biggs, Wedge appears with Cid and Y'shtola in tow. Y'shtola is keen to observe the unusual fluctuations in aetheric energy, while Cid has been enlisted to offer advice on the plan of attack. With the team duly assembled, Wedge unveils a new invention: a device which he plans to use to throw Illuminati communications into disarray, affording you an opportunity to take them unawares. Upon activating the device, however, another of Alexander's giant limbs screeches into life, coming to rest on the opposite bank of the Thaliak. Though all has not gone quite to plan, it seems the hatch to the left arm is momentarily unguarded, and your comrades bid you take advantage of the chaos caused by the colossus's sudden awakening to enter while you still hold the element of surprise. Hurry across the Thaliak and speak with Lightkix Eyesfixed who guards the bank where Alexander's arm chanced to fall.
  • You find Lightkix Eyesfixed dutifully standing watch over the entrance to the dormant primal. With your allies at your side, venture into the labyrinth of steam and steel and put a stop to the Illuminati's latest scheme.
    • ※The Fist of the Son can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • After a series of fierce battles against foes both old and new, you succeed in thwarting the Illuminati's nefarious plans. Return to Bigwest Shortstop and share news of your victory.
  • After congratulating you on your victory, Biggs delivers some disconcerting news. While patrolling the area, he and Wedge chanced to see Mide handing over the codex fragment to the Illuminati. As the three of you ponder the treasure hunter's actions, Quickthinx Allthoughts appears, apparently intent on explaining matters. He declares that Mide was an ally of the Illuminati all along, and makes several cryptic remarks implying that everything is proceeding exactly as it should. Though all present find his claims hard to believe, Backrix reveals that an expedition of Au Ra set forth to investigate the ruins near the Thaliak River some three years before. Furthermore, he says that the author of the Enigma Codex was an Auri Xaela with the same hair color as Mide. Despite these revelations, Roundrox refuses to believe that her friend had any part in the purported treachery, and rushes off to look for her. You can only hope the young goblin does not stray too far, as the Illuminati are certain to return ere long.