The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1

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The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1

The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1.png
50 (Sync: 50)
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 10 
Req. quest
Feature quest Primal Awakening

Situated upon Vylbrand, Castrum Occidens is more akin to a research facility than a fortress. Even before its pillar was driven into the ground, Legatus Gaius van Baelsar had ordered his people to probe the fragment of Dalamud which fell at that precise location. The impact resulted in the creation of vast caverns pervaded by corrupted crystals. Though unknown dangers lie in wait within, you must brave them all if you are to learn the truth of the Calamity.

— In-game description

The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1 is a level 50 raid introduced in patch 2.0.

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The Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 1 Guide

General Information

Players' average item level (iLvl) needs to be 70 or above to enter Turn 1.


  • Gain access to the Exploratory Site: 0/1
  • Breach the aetherial fields: 0/2
  • Defeat Caduceus: 0/1


Aggressive difficulty r6.png ADS

ADS, Allagan Defense System, is the mini-boss of Turn 1. ADS cannot be stunned but can be silenced. High Voltage will do moderate damage to all players in the room and paralyze all players hit. Paralyze cannot be removed by Esuna. Players should silence High Voltage when ADS casts it. It casts the High Voltage about once every 15 - 18 seconds. After casting High Voltage, it will use Repelling Cannon then Piercing Laser then repeat. Players can dodge both abilities by moving out of the ground indicators. Once every 40-60 seconds, ADS will spawn adds. the second tank should take the aggro of adds. Do not let the add tether to ADS or ADS will gain health and damage.

  • Players need to destroy ADS in 4 minutes or the boss will perform massive AoE damage to all players.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Caduceus


Mechanic 1: Stacking Buff Every 30 seconds or so the boss gains a stacking debuff increasing his damage. You can clear a stack of this debuff by dragging a slime in to him. The boss will heal relative to the amount of HP the slime has when he merges in to it.

Mechanic 2: Slimes Platforms will light up also every 30 seconds or so. Anyone standing on the platform will spawn a slime that has perma-aggro on that player. If the player runs away the slime will explode doing massive damage. Slimes need to be DPS down to less than 25% HP and dragged in to the boss.

Important Mechanic 3: Split Around 60% the boss will split in to 2 versions of himself now with only 30% hp and doing half damage. Buffs will stack now on both bosses and slimes need to be dragged to both bosses. Bosses need to be tanked far apart from each other. If they get to close they will merge and the buff will stack about 1 stack per 2-3 seconds essentially wiping you.

Important Mechanic 4: Boss Death The 2 bosses must die close to the same time.

Unimportant Mechanic 1: Cleave Don't stand in front of him

Unimportant Mechanic 2: Tail Swipe Don't stand behind him / OT should try to trigger this without getting hit to reduce burden to healer since it won't attack MT during Tail Whip

Unimportant Mechanic 3: Acid Spit Will target 1 random person and spit a pool of acid on the ground.


Spread out. If you are all clumped in 1 area a platform may light up on the other side of the room. Know who is getting the slimes, be vocal. If you are not getting a slime get off the platform. Help DPS the slime down to 20% before it merges. Merge the slime from 3'0 clock or 9'0 clock on the boss to avoid damage.

DPS avoiding unnecessary damage is key.

Time the boss split having 0 stacks on him to make the fight easy. If he splits with 1 stack on him the fight will be difficult. Be vocal.

On split, take your party and split in to 2 even groups (2 DPS, 1 tank 1 healer) and burn your respective bosses. Continue to drag slimes in to the boss during this phase to make it easy.

Tank the boss on the spine of the 2 platforms in front of him from when you enter the room. This gives your MT 3 platforms he could potentially run to if they light up (you don't want your MT spawning slimes because they instantly merge in to the boss giving him a huge heal). Tank will take double damage when they are together and requires lots of healing.

Upon split the OT will attack 1-2 times to get threat and sprint to the back left platform relative to when you enter the boss room. Take your time, be vocal, DPS them down and collect your items.


Gold Coffer (small).png Caduceus

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Allagan Round Shield Shield CTomestone 1
 Heavy Allagan Armor Body CTomestone 1
 Allagan Gloves of Healing Hands CTomestone 1
 Allagan Tassets of Maiming Waist CTomestone 1
 Allagan Trousers of Striking Legs CTomestone 1
 Allagan Earrings of Maiming Earrings CTomestone 1
 Allagan Bracelets of Aiming Bracelets CTomestone 1
 Allagan Ring of Striking Ring CTomestone 1
 Allagan Ring of Casting Ring CTomestone 1
Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Allagan Circlet of Casting Head CTomestone 1
 Allagan Cuirass of Maiming Body CTomestone 1
 Allagan Gauntlets of Aiming Hands CTomestone 1
 Allagan Trousers of Maiming Legs CTomestone 1
 Heavy Allagan Flanchard Feet CTomestone 1
 Allagan Earrings of Healing Earrings CTomestone 1
 Allagan Choker of Fending Necklace CTomestone 1
 Allagan Bracelets of Striking Bracelets CTomestone 1
 Allagan Wootz Nugget Crafting material ABasic 1
 Allagan Silk Crafting material ABasic 1
 Allagan Leather Crafting material ABasic 1
 Allagan Aetherstone - Headgear Crafting material ABasic 1
 Allagan Aetherstone - Hand Gear Crafting material ABasic 1
 Allagan Aetherstone - Foot Gear Crafting material ABasic 1

Other Loot

Treasure Coffer (X: 14.5 Y: 4.1)

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 X-Potion Medicine ABasic 1
 X-Ether Medicine ABasic 1
 Hi-Elixir Medicine ABasic 1

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