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Deltascape V3.0 (Savage)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the (Savage) version. For the level 70 story-mode raid, see Deltascape V3.0. For the first tier of Omega (Savage) in general, see Omega: Deltascape (Savage).


Deltascape V3.0 (Savage)

Deltascape V3.0 (Savage).png
70 (Sync: 70)
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
Savage Raids (Stormblood)
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 15 
The Audience Chamber, Deltascape V3.0
Gyr Abania
Stone, Sky, Sea
The echo icon1.png The Echo
Permanent +20%

Deltascape V3.0 (Savage) is a level 70 raid introduced in patch 4.05 with Stormblood. The raid is also known as O3S.


Deltascape V3.0 (Savage) Guide

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Halicarnassus


  1. Standard Panels
  2. Forest Panels
  3. Cave Panels
  4. Library Panels
  5. Final Phase - Mixed panels

Core Mechanics

  • Critical Hit - High Damage tank buster. Always crits. Tanks take awareness kill
  • Spellblade:
  • Holy: 3 AOE's + Stack. Boss will also cast Pole Shift which switches the tethered players positions. In this case have party stack with the player tethered to stack mechanic, and have other 2 tethers spread away from these.
  • During Libary phase: You will receive 2 stacks and 4 AOEs. To handle this you have the 4 AOEs go in 1 Green Book each granting physical vun down. The 2 stacks and 2 unmarked will go into Blue Books, granting magic vun down. This enables the stacks to be soaked by 2 players.
  • Fire 3: AOE around the boss, under the boss is safe.
  • Blizzard 3: AOE around boss, dodge out.
  • Thunder 3: Line AOE.
  • Panel Swap: Changes arena type, also changes effect of next mechanic:
  • Queen's Waltz: Effect changes on the panel she is stood in. Effects are introduced in order, but later will switch based on where she jumps too.
  • Plain area: Casts the A3S protean wave mechanic targeting all players with conal AOEs. Spread around boss and don't overlap other players.
  • Forest: Boss casts T6 Thorny vines tethering tanks/healers with DPS. Run apart with Tanks/healers going one way , DPS the other
  • Cave: Casts pillars in non-blue tiles ala normal mode. Comes with raid wide AOE dmg.
  • Library: Each player takes a non-booked panel, at the end of the cast a book falls on each player dealing ½ max HP.
  • Haste: Increases cast time of next mechanic.
  • Haste 3: Increases cast time for set duration. Final phase only.
  • Dimensional Wave: Medium raid wide AOE DMG
  • Playing field: Swaps tiles on arena to DPS/Tank/Healer, and later Pig/Frog/Imp. All must be stood on, by correct player type.
  • The Game: Triggers playing fields.
  • Oink: Red Triangles. Stack to prevent turning into pigs.
  • Ribbit: Conal AOE in front of boss. Turns you into frog.
  • Squelch: Look away mechanic, turns you into imp if looking at boss.
  • Place Token: Spawns adds based on phase. All adds hit very hard.
  • Forest Phase: White Flame- DPS down ASAP, tank boss away as she continues to do circular AOE's
  • Cave: Spawns greater dragon. OT picks up and tanks it near boss within blue panels.
  • Library: Spawns Apanda, hits hard, casts Magic Hammer which creates circular AOE's under players.
  • Final Phase: Spawns Iron Giant + Ninjas. Need to be tanked seperately, MT picks up giant, OT ninjas. Mage LB these and burn down before they wipe raid.
  • Mind Jack: Gives players forward/left/right/retreat marches later causing them to run in that direction based on where they are facing. Will be paired with other mechanics.
  • Waltz (Thorns + Spellblade Fire 3): DPS position to run south. Tanks and healers run north. This breaks vines and takes players out of AOE.
  • Dark Tokens: In final phase mindjack is paired with dark tokens, you must face so you remain within central 4 squares, and so that mindjack makes you on the opposite corner to the token you are tethered with. This maximizes the tether distance so it doesn't kill the player.
  • Place Dark token: First time you see during the cave phase this it will spawn 4 reapers on the outer edges that deal line AOE dmg, and 1 reaper in the centre. One of the blue panels will be a safe spot. This can be found as no reapers will line up with the panel.

Mechanics Order:

  • Phase 1 Standard
  • Critical Hit
  • Spellblade Holy + Pole Shift
  • Waltz - Protean Wave
  • Haste
  • Spellblade / Random
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Playing Field
  • Oink
  • The Game
  • Panel Swap - Phase 2 Forest
  • Waltz - Thorny Vines + Spellblade Fire
  • Haste
  • Spellblade Thunder
  • Critical Hit
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Place Token - White Flame
  • Mindjack + Waltz vines
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Panal Swap - Phase 3 cave
  • Place Token - Dragon
  • Waltz - Pillars + raid wide damage
  • Ribbit - DPS, healers and OT need to hide on far corner to avoid, then move out to avoid cleave
  • Critical Hit
  • Place Dark Token + Waltz - Safe will be one of two inner blue panels.
  • Haste
  • Spellblade
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Panal Swap - Phase 4 Library
  • Waltz - Each party member takes a non-book panel each, folio will do ½ max HP
  • Oink
  • Place Token - Apanda
  • Waltz + Magic Hammer
  • Squelch
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Critical Hit
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Spellblade Holy - 2 stacks + 4 AOEs, use books. No Pole shift.
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Panal Swap - Final Phase Mixed Panels
  • Playing field - 2 pigs + 2 frogs + 2 birds
  • Ribbit/Squelch/Oink - These mechanics will happen randomly back to back. To maintain DPS uptime, have 2 healers fail the first mechanic, then 2 tanks fail the second mechanic, then all 4 DPS fail the final mechanic. All players should go to respective panels.
  • The Game - Panels go off
  • Boss jumps to panel and casts waltz based on which panel she is on.
  • Spellblade - Seems random which you get from here.
  • Critical hit
  • Mind jack + Place dark token - 4 additional tokens will mark players with tethers. You need to end up diagonally opposite to the tether for max range while still in the inner safe zone.
  • Jumps + Waltz
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Haste
  • Spellblade
  • Spellblade
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Place token - 1 giant + ninjas MAGE LB
  • Haste 3
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Waltz
  • Spellblade
  • Dimensional Wave
  • Critical Hit
  • Waltz
  • Spellblade
  • Critical Hit
  • Place Dark tokens
  • Waltz
  • Dimensional Wave

Should be dead! But repeats till enrage around 11m 30s.


Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Genji tsutsu-hakama coffer (il 340) icon1.png  Genji Tsutsu-hakama Coffer (IL 340) Other N/A ABasic 1

Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Genji kabuto coffer (il 340) icon1.png  Genji Kabuto Coffer (IL 340) Other N/A ABasic 1
Genji kote coffer (il 340) icon1.png  Genji Kote Coffer (IL 340) Other N/A ABasic 1
Genji sune-ate coffer (il 340) icon1.png  Genji Sune-ate Coffer (IL 340) Other N/A ABasic 1