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Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle

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See also: Anabaseios and Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle (Savage)


Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle

Anabaseios The Tenth Circle.png
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
Normal Raids (Endwalker)
Normal Raids
Allagan Tomestone of Causality 20 Allagan Tomestone of Comedy 10 
Req. quest
Feature quest Pandæmonium Awakens
The Dæmons's Nest (X:6.1, Y:5.8)
The Dæmons's Nest
The Northern Empty
Stone, Sky, Sea

You steel yourself to brave Pandæmonium once again, but your advance is blocked by a familiar face: Themis, who has been molded by Athena from memories of the past and souls of the present. Although his voice is friendly, he says that the strings of his creator force him to face you as foe. Before he departs, the massive stones and impregnable gates of Pandæmonium arrange into a twisted form. This verboten being serves a singular purpose─to crush any who would oppose its mother's plans.

— In-game description

Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle is a level 90 raid introduced in patch 6.4 with Endwalker. The raid is also known as P10N.

Phases & Abilities

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Dæmoniac Dungeon: Pandæmonium

Note: Green acid should not be run through, as inflicts stacking poison damage over time. Can fall off edges

  • Silkspit: web aoes that will try to tether to other players and posts on either side. Players should spread apart so no tethers are visible. If tethered when aeos goes off, players will get Binding Soul Snare debuff, which binds in place and kills at 5 stacks. Unbound players should run thru webs to break. Later casts will have more tethers
  • Pandæmonic Pillars: 6 towers appear, needs one player in each to soak. Will then either do pointblank aoe underneath (cage) or donut (spinning lasers), inflicts removeable Doom if inside resulting aoe. Corner(s) with no towers originally should always be safe
  • Ultima: raidwide with bleed
  • Pandæmonic Meltdown: line stack
  • Soul Grasp: multihit tankbuster stack
  • Entangling Web: web aoes on ground. Will later connect to posts on either side and form bridges - these can be used to dodge upcoming mechanics and later Silkspits
  • Pandæmonic Ray: boss will look to one side of arena, cleaving half of east or west in direction facing
  • Parted Plumes: conal aoes that move in circle around center. Stand on last marker that appears, then move into safespot (first marker) once it goes off. Inflicts removeable Paralysis if hit
  • Touchdown: large growing red and black aoe, will cover entire center platform. Move to side using web bridge
  • Harrowing Hell: multihit raidwide damage (large damage), followed by knockback from boss - stand very close to boss
  • Wicked Step: dual tankbuster towers, should be soaked by one tank each


Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Rarity Quantity
Unsung helm of anabaseios icon1.png  Unsung Helm of Anabaseios Other ABasic 1
Unsung armor of anabaseios icon1.png  Unsung Armor of Anabaseios Other ABasic 1
Unsung ring of anabaseios icon1.png  Unsung Ring of Anabaseios Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Rarity Quantity
Unsung gauntlets of anabaseios icon1.png  Unsung Gauntlets of Anabaseios Other ABasic 1
Unsung chausses of anabaseios icon1.png  Unsung Chausses of Anabaseios Other ABasic 1
Unsung greaves of anabaseios icon1.png  Unsung Greaves of Anabaseios Other ABasic 1
Unsung ring of anabaseios icon1.png  Unsung Ring of Anabaseios Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 3

Name Type Rarity Quantity
One amongst the weary orchestrion roll icon1.png  One Amongst the Weary Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1