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The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)

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The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)1.png
70 (Sync: 70)
Item Level
345* (Sync: 345)
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
120 minutes
Duty Finder
Raid Finder (Ultimate Raids)
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 100 
The Binding Coil of Bahamut

There once were brave souls who uncovered the truth of the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Such trials as they overcame were not to be recorded in history, but far from fading with the passage of time, they have been imagined in vivid detail by the wandering minstrel. As his lilting melody caresses your mind's eye, you cannot help but be transported to the scene of struggle against the elder primal Bahamut...

— In-game description

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) is a level 70 ultimate raid introduced in patch 4.11 with Stormblood. The raid is also known as UCoB and is based on the Coils of Bahamut raid series from A Realm Reborn.

Unlock and Requirements


Visual guide by Tessan Twintails - Light PF Does Ultimate Strategies

The arena is surrounded by a wall that will instantly kill any player who touches it, although there will be initially be a barrier that will prevent players from touching the wall. The barrier will disappear when the party initiates combat. It is advised that players pre-place markers to know where to have the first boss drop Neurolink Puddles. Players should also assign a ranged DPS player to bait Liquid Hells around the edge of the arena. Players should also assign clock positions to avoid knockback from Raven's Dive in the second phase. Finally, players should break into two light parties to handle breaking into safe zones to bait Twisters in later phases. It is important to note that there are several different ways to handle mechanics for this fight. This guide will explain mechanics and recommend a basic strategy; however, it is best to see what works for your raid group.

Phase 1: Twintania


  • Plummet (no cast bar): Frontal tankbuster cleave dealing heavy damage to anyone hit.
  • Fireball (no cast bar): A player is marked, and the boss fires a large fireball at that player dealing heavy magic damage. This attack can be split to mitigate damage.
  • Twister: Four random players will have small, dark green tornadoes dropped under where they were standing when the cast bar finishes. Touching these causes instant death and causes a heavy knockback on any player nearby, which will also kill them.
  • Death Sentence: Heavy-hitting tankbuster that also debuffs with a Slashing resistance down ii icon1.png Slashing Resistance Down II debuff, causing the boss's auto-attacks to hit much harder. Requires a tank swap.
  • Liquid Hell (no cast bar): A random player past a certain distance from the boss is targeted with five fireball spits, with each spit dealing moderate damage and dropping a large persistent fire puddle. The fire puddles will inflict Burns icon1.png Burns to anyone who steps or lingers in them around a second after they appear, killing them after a tick. In a later usage of this ability, a random player regardless of distance will be targeted.
  • Neurolink (no cast bar): The boss will drop a small black Neurolink puddle at its current location. Players who stand in this will receive the Neurolink icon1.png Neurolink debuff, decreasing their damage dealt by 90% but allowing them to survive Hatch orb explosion, and in phase 3, Aetheric Profusion. This boss will drop a total of three Neurolinks.
  • Generate: A random DPS player is marked, and a black orb will slowly move towards them. If the player is standing in a Neurolink puddle, the orb will explode in a medium-sized AoE (Hatch), dealing minimal damage and inflicting Mana hypersensitivity icon1.png Mana Hypersensitivity, which causes being hit by another orb to be fatal until the debuff wears off. Any other players not in a Neurolink that are caught in the orb explosion will die. If a player hit is not standing in a Neurolink puddle, or if the orb is allowed to linger for too long, the orb will explode and instantly wipe the raid (Deep Hatch).
  • Aetheric Profusion: Enrage. If the boss is not defeated in time, it will become untargetable and cast this ability, wiping the party. In phase 3, this ability deals lethal partywide damage that requires standing in a Neurolink to survive.


100% - 74% % HP

The boss will start off by using Plummet, followed by Twister and Fireball. Players should drop their Twister AoE at the edge of the arena, then group up to split the Fireball damage. The boss will then use Death Sentence on the main tank. Players should tankswap during the cast. The boss will then repeat these attacks until it reaches 74%, where it will drop its first Neurolink puddle.

74% - 44% HP

From here the boss will start using Generate and Liquid Hell. The tank should move the boss away from the puddle so players can step into the Neurolink without immediately colliding with the Generate orb and accidentally hitting anyone with the blast. There are several strategies on where to have the boss drop the Neurolink puddle, so players should predetermine where they are going to drop it. From here, an assigned player (usually the physical ranged DPS) should stand furthest away from the boss to bait Liquid Hell puddles, dropping them around the edge of the arena. After dropping the Neurolink, the boss will immediately cast Liquid Hell. Have the targeted player move out of the attack and make sure other players don't step into the puddles while moving out of mechanics. The boss will then cast Generate and mark a DPS with three small orbs rotating above them. The boss will then send the Hatch orb towards the player. The DPS needs to move inside the Neurolink and everyone else needs to move away to avoid the splash from the explosion. After sending the orb towards the marked player, the boss will cast another Liquid Hell. If the assigned Liquid Hell baiter is targeted by the first Hatch, another player should move to bait the next set of Liquid Hells. Alternatively, the assigned baiter can stand at the wall behind the Neurolink while another player (usually a caster or healer) enters the Neurolink puddle to intercept the orb. The boss will then follow up with Death Sentence, requiring another tankswap. The boss will then cast another Generate and Twister. Players will have to bait this attack and wait for the Hatch to explode before moving back into the center of the arena. The boss will finally use another Plummet, and repeat these attacks in this order until it reaches 44% HP.

44% - 0% HP

Once the boss's HP is below 44% it will drop another Neurolink puddle. From here, the boss will have variations for its two newest attacks. The boss will fire two Generate orbs at two different players, and a random player will be targeted by Liquid Hell and cannot be baited. The variable Liquid Hell will always come out in the same order in the rotation. After dropping the second Neurolink, the boss will start by firing a Liquid Hell at the furthest player, then follow up with a Generate. Once the orbs are cast, the boss will then immediately target a random player and use the variant of Liquid Hell. Once the players' marked for Generate have handled their orbs, all players except the one targeted by Liquid Hell should stack for Fireball to mitigate the damage. The boss will then cast Death Sentence. requiring a tankswap, another set of orbs on two marked DPS players with Twister, then finally a Plummet to end the rotation. The boss will then cycle through these attacks starting with the first Liquid Hell and continue until it is either defeated or enrages. If the boss is not defeated after 3 minutes, it will enrage, becoming intangible and cast Aetheric Profusion, wiping the party.

Phase 2: Nael Deus Darnus


  • Heavensfall: Raid-wide proximity damage that causes a knockback from the center of the arena and spawns a pillar. Being too close the center will cause lethal damage.
  • Thermionic Burst: The Heavensfall pillar hits parts of the arena with telegraped conal AoEs, dealing massive damage and inflicting Paralysis icon1.png Paralysis.
  • Bahamut's Claw: Heavy-hitting tankbuster that hits the main target 5 times.
  • Meteor Stream: An attack that hits four random players, followed by the remaining four. These deal splash damage so players must spread out. If not all eight players are alive, a random player will be hit twice in a row and will likely die.
  • Lunar Dynamo: A large donut AoE with no cast bar. the only safe zones are under the boss or far away.
  • Iron Chariot: A point-blank AoE with no cast bar or size indicator. Deals lethal damage with a knockback.
  • Dalamud Dive: Leaps on tank dealing heavy damage with splash damage. Move away from tank to avoid.
  • Raven's Dive: Leaps on a random player, dealing damage in a small AoE. Anyone else except the primary target in the AoE will be knocked into the wall and killed.
  • Thermionic Beam: Boss fires a laser at a random player, dealing massive damage that needs to be split across other party members. Has no cast bar.
  • Hypernova: A random player will be targeted and an puddle will drop on them. Lingering inside a puddle for too long will inflict a lethal Bleed icon1.png Bleeding debuff.
  • Ravensbeak: Heavy-hitting tankbuster that inflicts Piercing resistance down ii icon1.png Piercing Resistance Down II, requiring a tankswap.
  • Bahamut's Favor: Buffs the boss with Damage up icon1.png Damage Up and summons five dragons around the edge of the arena. Dragons will appear at random cardinals and intercardinals.
    • The Ice Dragon sequentially uses Iceball on all players, starting from one random player, debuffing with Icebitten icon1.png Icebitten. If a player is hit by a second Iceball, they will die. The debuff can only be removed by the Firescorched debuff and will cancel it out as well.
    • The Fire Dragon tethers to a random player and hits them with Fireball, which deals splash damage and debuffs anyone hit with Firescorched icon1.png Firescorched. Any players with Firescorched who are hit will die. This can only be removed by Icebitten and also cancels it out.
    • The Thunder Dragon inflicts the debuff Thunderstruck icon1.png Thunderstruck on two random players, which resolves in a small AoE around the player. While this AoE does no damage to the afflicted player, it will deal massive damage and inflict Paralysis icon1.png Paralysis to anyone caught in the AoE.
    • The Light Dragon will cast Wings of Salvation, dropping puddles underneath random players. If players are in these circles when they expire, they will die. When the puddles resolve, they leave behind white circles that players can step into to dispel the Doom Doom debuff, which will consume the puddles. Note that players without Doom Doom can still step into and consume the puddles, which will make them unavailable for cleanses and lead to deaths.
    • The Dark Dragon will cast Doom.png  Doom on random players with random durations. If the debuff resolves, the player will die. This can be dispelled by walking into the white circles from Wings of Salvation.
  • Cauterize: The dragons at the edge of the arena will sequentially mark 3 random players except for the highest enmity player with green markers. When the marker disappears, they will use a massive line AoE aimed the player's location, knocking back and killing anyone hit. Starting from true north, the first two dragons going clockwise will dive at the first marked player, the third dragon will dive at the second marked player, and the fourth and fifth dragon will dive at the third marked player.
  • Megaflare: Enrage. If the boss is not defeated in time, it will become untargetable and cast this ability, wiping the party.


Nael has many attacks that don't have any cast bar or indicator that they are coming out. The boss will, however, call out a quote that indicates what attacks will follow the quote. Players need to still be familiar with what attacks follow each quote, but this lets players prepare and position themselves to some degree. The quotes and their associated attacks are as follows:

  • O hallowed moon, take fire and scorch my foes! - Lunar Dynamo, Thermionic Beam
  • O hallowed moon, shine you the iron path! - Lunar Dynamo, Iron Chariot
  • Take fire, O hallowed moon! - Thermionic Beam, Lunar Dynamo
  • Blazing path, lead me to iron rule! - Thermionic Beam, Iron Chariot
  • Fleeting light! Amid a rain of stars, exalt you the red moon! - Meteor Stream, Dalamud Dive
  • Fleeting light! 'Neath the red moon, scorch your earth! - Dalamud Dive, Thermionic Beam
  • From on high I descend, the iron path to call/walk! - Raven's Dive, Iron Chariot
  • From on high I descend, the hallowed moon to call! - Raven's Dive, Lunar Dynamo

It helps to have someone calling the attacks and how players need to move to minimize players taking damage. The boss will start the phase by immediately dropping a proximity marker in the center of the room, indicating that Heavensfall is about to come out. Players should mitigate this damage and use knockback resistance if they have it. After this, glowing conal AoEs will fire from the center where the pillar fell. Players need to avoid these, as if they are hit, the AoE will deal lethal damage, and if a player manages to survive, they are debuffed with Paralysis. While the AoEs are resolving, the boss will cast Meteor Stream, so players should spread out to avoid overlapping damage. Following this, the boss will use Dalamud Dive on the last player who held enmity on Twintania. This also deals splash damage, so players need to stay away.

The boss will land and cast Bahamut's Claw on the main target, then immediately cast Bahamut's Favor, spawning the 5 dragons at the edge of the arena. The boss will call one of it's quotes, then the Thunder Dragon will inflict two players with Thunderstruck. Meanwhile, the boss will cast Lunar Dynamo. To avoid overlapping players with the Thunderstruck splash, the boss should be pulled to the middle of the arena, the two inflicted players should stand on the flanks of the boss while the party stands in front of the boss.

At this point, the quote attacks will come out, so move accordingly to avoid. The Fire Dragon will tether to a player at this time as well, so make sure to move players in or out depending on what strategy is being used to handle the dragon's debuffs. At this time, two random players will be inflicted with Doom, while Wings of Salvation will drop puddles that players need to move out of until they resolve, then the Doomed players can dispel the debuff. The circles will appear at staggered times, so the player with the shorter version of Doom will need to take the first circle, and the player with the longer debuff takes the second. The boss will then use Bahamut's Claws on the main tank, and the Fire Dragon will tether to another player, while the Thunder Dragon marks two players for Thunderstruck. These players can simply move away from the rest of the party as the boss will not have a Lunar Dynamo up at this time.

The boss will call another quote, and players will have to adjust. The boss will be casting Thermionic Beam first, so players should stack for that, then move to avoid the second attack. The Light Dragon and Dark Dragon will cycle through casting Doom and Wings of Salvation, however this time, three players will be debuffed with Doom so players will still need to dispel in accordance with who has the shortest duration on their Doom debuff. Another two players will be marked for Thunderstruck, and a player will be tethered for Fireball. However, this time, the Thunderstruck debuff will resolve before the Fire Dragon casts Fireball, so players will have to spread for Thunderstruck, then stack in for Fireball if players are debuffing with this one. The boss will follow up with another Bahamut's Claw on the main tank.

The boss will say another quote to determine if Lunar Dynamo or Iron Chariot will follow Raven's Dive. Since the boss will always use Raven's Dive here, players should stack close to the boss in their assigned clock positions. This lets players avoid getting knocked back and extra damage, while staying close enough to still react to mechanics. When the second attack fires, a tether will come out for another Fireball while two more players are marked by Thunderstruck. Like last time, the Fireball will cast after Thunderstruck resolves, so separate first. Immediately after the Fireball resolves, three more players will be marked with Doom, while other players are marked with Wings of Salvation. After all the wings resolve, Nael Deus Darnus will cast Ravensbeak so the tanks will need to swap mid cast. Following this, the boss will say a fourth quote, then 3 random players will be marked with green markers.


These green markers indicate that three dragons will use Cauterize (i.e., divebomb). Marked players should position these at the edge of the arena, spread far out from each other, and between the dragons. The goal is to have the dragons dive across the edges of the arena while keeping the center safe. While players are setting up for Cauterize, the boss will fire Hypernova at the players furthest away. Since players moving for Cauterize will most likely be furthest away, so to handle both these mechanics, wait until the green markers disappear before moving out of the way of Hypernova. At this point, the attacks for the fourth quote will come out. Players need to pay attention so they know whether to spread for Meteor Stream or stack to mitigate Thermionic Beam. Either way, players should move away from the main tank to avoid the splash from Dalamud Dive from either the first or second attack.

Once the Cauterizes have resolved, the dragons' won't be present for the rest of the fight. The boss will use Bahamut's Claw, then call out two quotes chosen completely at random from any of the boss's quotes, so players need to pay attention in order to be ready to move. A Ravensbeak will follow this, so be ready to tankswap. This will be followed by another Bahamut's Claw, then the boss will enrage, become intangible and cast Megaflare, wiping the party, so defeat the boss before then. Once the Nael is defeated, the boss will jump away. Players should heal and prepare to mitigate an incoming attack.

Phase 3: Bahamut Prime


  • Flare Breath: Hard-hitting conal cleave dealing magic damage.
  • Tempest Wing: The boss will tether to a random target, then hits the player with an attack that deals splash damage. Anyone hit by the splash damage is also knocked back and stunned. The tether can be picked up by other players.
  • Flatten: Heavy-hitting tankbuster. Mitigate to survive.
  • Earthshaker: A random player will get a marker over their head, and the boss will fire a massive conal AoE at the target, inflicting damage and Earth resistance down icon1.png Earth Resistance Down II. This AoE will also drop a puddle, which inflicts the Sludge icon1.png Sludge debuff if players stand in it. Sludge icon1.png Sludge is a heavy Damage over Time debuff that will prove lethal to anyone who gets it.
  • Megaflare: Random players are marked with a circle AoE. These players need to stack, while everyone else needs to spread out, as the attack randomly hits players with splash damage. If an unintended player is hit by this splash damage, they will die. Players will also have to dodge AoEs that appear on the ground.
  • Gigaflare: Deals high raid-wide damage, requiring mitigation.

The boss will also occasionally leave the arena and call back the previous bosses to perform their mechanics all at once. Strategy: Bahamut Prime will appear and cast Flare Breath and Flatten, then summon Nael Deus Darnus and Twintania

Quickmarch Trio.

All three bosses will appear next to each other at the edge of the arena and dash through the middle of the arena. This will create safe zones at the adjacent edges to the bosses. The boss will cast Twister at the same time in the safe zone that players need to dodge. It is recommended that players split into their light parties and move to each side to avoid overcrowding of Twisters in one area. Watch the enemy list to see when the cast will finish. Once Twisters resolve, Bahamut will cast Megaflare and Earthshaker, which will target both healers and a DPS. The boss will also tether players with Tempest Wing. The best way to handle these mechanics is to have any players marked for Megaflare move to the southern part of the arena, leaving space in between them to avoid excess splash damage. Have one healer each move to the northeast and northwest of the arena, along with tanks. Be sure to avoid the direct north and south of the arena, as the charge through the arena is quite wide. Move away from where the Twisters drop, and space out for Megaflare splash damage, while the marked player’s stack. Have the Earthshaker players move to the north, east and west, closer to the edge of the arena. Finally, have the tanks grab the tethers for Tempest Wing. Earthshaker will fire, so be careful about overlapping the AoEs, as this will cause lethal damage. Bahamut will perform Flare Breath and Flatten again

Blackfire Trio

A player will be marked with a Divebomb marker. Instead of moving to where players drop the marker, the boss will move to where it appears instead. Twintania will also mark players for Liquid Hell, and Nael will cast Thermionic Beam after that. To handle this mechanic, players should group together and move around the edge of the arena away from Bahamut to bait where the marker appears. Once the Divebomb marker pops up, players can move around the arena to drop the Liquid Hell puddles at the edge of the arena to avoid them at a later point, then Nael will hit a player with Thermionic Beam, but since everyone's stacked, the damage will be mitigated well. Nael will then mark 2 DPS, a healer and a tank with Megaflare markers while four pillars will spawn around the arena. Each tower needs a player inside it before it explodes, or it will wipe the party. Nael will also cast Hypernovas at players, so players need to dodge out of the Hypernovas before standing in the towers. The Megaflare players need to stack away from the group at this point. After the towers resolve, Bahamut will begin casting Gigaflare, so shields and mitigation is required. After casting Flare Breath three times in a row, the other bosses will return once again

Fellruin Trio

The three bosses will land in a triangle around the center of the arena. Nael will use either the Raven's Dive/Lunar Dynamo quote, or the reverse of that. Bahamut will cast Tempest Wing, putting out two tethers that need to be picked up by the tanks. Twintania will then cast Aetheric Profusion. The only way to survive is to mitigate using the Neurolink puddles. The tanks will take a puddle each, while the rest of the party will step into the remaining Neurolink. Immediately after these attacks resolve, Nael will cast Meteor Stream, so players need to spread out to avoid splash damage. Bahamut will follow this up with another Gigaflare, so shields and healing are required. The boss will cast Flare Breath, Flatten and another Flare Breath

Heavensfall Trio

The three bosses will spawn in a line at the edge of the arena. Bahamut and Twintania will mark players with Divebomb markers, then charge through the arena towards them. Immediately after, Twintania will cast Twister, and Bahamut will spawn 8 towers around the arena near the edge. Shortly after, Heavensfall will cast, dropping a large pillar in the center of the arena, causing knockback. Finally, a player will be marked for Fireball, then another Gigaflare. To handle these mechanics, players will need to stack in the center of the arena to bait the bosses charging through the arena. Players should observe the order in which the bosses spawned at the edge. If Bahamut and Twintania are next to one another, players can split into light parties and move to either side of the arena. If Nael Deus Darnus is between them, the bosses will charge across the arena in a cross pattern, meaning two players in the north, east, south and west is the maximum amount of players that can be in each safe zone. Once Twisters drop, players will move closer to the center of the arena, putting their backs to a tower, so when Heavensfall resolves, players will be knocked back into their towers. After the towers resolve, players need to be ready to dodge the AoEs that fire from the pillar in the center of the arena. Nael will cast Hypernova three times at random players, so move along the edge of the arena to bait these. Following this, a random player will be marked for Fireball, so players need to stack to mitigate this. Finally, players will need to mitigate the Gigaflare that follows. The boss will return to the arena and cast Flare Breath three times.

Tenstrike Trio

Twintania will spawn in the center of the arena and mark three players for Generate, then fire two orbs per marked player. The only way to avoid the orbs exploding and causing fatal damage is to have three players stand in the Neurolink puddles and intercept an orb each. While this is resolving, Nael will cast Meteor Stream on each player, and divebomb each of the DPS, the healers, then the tanks. To handle this, players should spread to their clock positions to avoid splash damage and soak the meteors. Following this, four players will be marked for Earthshaker. Marked players should move to the intercardinals to create safe zones at the north and south of the arena. Following this, the other four players will be marked for Earthshakers, and players will need to quickly swap places. It is recommended to quickly call out where each player is going. After this resolves, the boss will cast Gigaflare, Flatten and Flare Breath, before moving into the final move of the phase

Grand Octet

The 5 dragons and 3 bosses will spawn randomly around the arena. Each player alive will be marked at least once for Divebomb. If any player is downed, a random player will take more than one hit. Nael will dive across the arena first, in the direction where the marker appears. The 5 dragons will dive in an order based on where Bahamut spawned. If it is at a cardinal position, the dragons will dive counter-clockwise. If Bahamut is at an intercardinal, the dragons will dive in a clockwise order. The dragons dive in the direction when their marker disappears. Following the dragons, Bahamut will dive in the direction where its marker appeared. Finally, Twintania will dive last, in the direction where the marker appeared. Megaflare will cast at the same time. There are many ways to handle this, however a common strategy to handle this is to start stacked in the middle. Take note of where Bahamut has spawned, so players can tell which direction the dragons will begin diving from, wait for the first dive marker to appear, then move to the opposite wall, away from Bahamut. If Nael is there, move out of the way towards the first dragon to the left of Bahamut, or to the first dragon to the right if Bahamut is at an intercardinal, then move back to the opposite of Bahamut. Once Bahamut's red dive marker appears, move back to the center of the arena. Once Nael dives, players will move around the edge of the arena either clockwise or counter-clockwise based on which order the dragons will be diving. After everyone but Twintania has dived, the only player that hasn't been marked should move to the right of Twintania to bait its dive to the edge of the arena. While this is happening, players will be marked for Megaflare and towers will spawn around the arena. Have marked players stack up on the left of Twintania and the final player bait the attack to the right, then move to the nearest tower. The other players will move to the other towers. Twintania will also cast Twister, so players will need to dodge out of towers to avoid these. Once all these attacks have resolved, the boss will leave the arena and begin casting Teraflare. It is important to note that if Bahamut is not pushed to at least 60% HP, it will gain a Damage up icon1.png Damage Up buff that will make Morn Afah nearly impossible to survive.

Phase 4: Teraflare

At this point, Nael Deus Darnus and Twintania will both be targetable, and a gauge will appear and begin charging, representing how much the boss has charged Aetherial Attunement. If the gauge reaches 100%, the party will be wiped. Each tank should grab one of the bosses and tank them back-to-back. Each boss needs to be defeated at roughly the same time, otherwise the other will enrage and cast Twin Fury/White Fury, completely healing the remaining boss to full, and buffing them with Damage up icon1.png Damage Up and Vulnerability down icon1.png Vulnerability Down, essentially leading to a wipe. The bosses both share an enmity table with Bahamut Prime, so the off tank will have to provoke one of the bosses. The bosses have all the abilities they had before, and they can be handled the same way. Twintania will still use the Generate/Twister combo, firing 3 Hatches this time. Have players resolve Generate before dodging out to bait Twisters. Have a ranged player bait Liquid Hells to the edge of the arena. It is recommended to have a way marker down to set a location to stack to soak Thermionic Beam and spread to clock positions to avoid Raven's Dive knockback. After Twisters resolve, Nael will call out one of four quotes, this time each quote will be three attacks instead of two:

  • Unbending iron, take fire and descend! - Iron Chariot, Thermionic Beam, Raven's Dive
  • Unbending iron, descend with fiery edge! - Iron Chariot, Raven's Dive, Thermionic Beam
  • From hallowed moon I bare iron, in my descent to wield! - Lunar Dynamo, Iron Chariot, Raven's Dive
  • From hallowed moon I descend, upon burning earth to tread! - Lunar Dynamo, Raven's Dive, Thermionic Beam

The boss will cycle through these moves very quickly, so players need to be aware of what moves are coming out and how to handle them. After these attacks resolve, Nael will cast Megaflare, then the bosses will both use their tankbusters, both of which require tankswaps. From here the bosses will repeat their rotations one more time until Twister, at which time the bosses will use their tankbusters, then cast Megaflare. By the end of these cycles the boss will have filled its gauge and cast Teraflare, wiping the raid. If the bosses are both dead and the gauge reaches 100%, the party will still be wiped, but everyone will still be raised by Phoenix casting Flames of Rebirth. Players will lose all debuffs, regain full HP and a full Limit Break gauge, as well as the buff Phoenix's Blessing, doubling the damage players deal. If a player dies in the final phase, this buff will resolve.

Phase 5: Golden Bahamut Prime


  • Morn Afah: A random player will be hit with an untelegraphed stack AoE that deals massive damage and requires additional party mitigation to survive.
  • Akh Morn: A heavy-hitting tankbuster AoE that targets the highest enmity target. Can be shared by both tanks with mitigation or taken by one tank with an invulnerability cooldown. The attack will add one additional hit per use.
  • Exaflare: Three pairs of two medium-sized circle AoEs will sequentially spawn on a random cardinal or intercardinal of the map, in random patterns. These AoEs will travel across the map and kill anyone hit. Tanks may survive with cooldowns but will receive a -50% Damage Down debuff. Players need to watch to see in what order they fire in and move out of the way.

Strategy: Note: It is important to avoid deaths early in the phase, as players who die will lose the Phoenix Blessing buff and deal significantly less damage to the boss (along with the Weakness debuff), probably leading to an enrage wipe. Currently, the DPS check is lenient enough where most parties can afford a handful of deaths, but it is still beneficial to avoid them.

When golden Bahamut Prime spawns, it will have the Lohs daih icon1.png Lohs Daih buff, increasing damage dealt. It immediately will begin casting Morn Afah, requiring players to stack for mitigation and shielding. The boss will fire 5 Morn Afah's through the fight, so being prepared to mitigate these is crucial to this phase. Because the DPS check is lenient, it may be worthwhile to use a Tank Limit Break for each Morn Afah to help with mitigation, as the Limit Break guage fills very quickly in this phase. After this resolves, every player other than the tanks need to move away from the boss. Bahamut will fire 3 Akh Morn's. These also need to be mitigated correctly, however, tanks should save their invulnerability skills for the next Akh Morn. After this, the boss will fire Exaflare. Watch to see where the first one fires from, then try to get behind the second one. Some players will pull the boss to the area where the first AoE exploded, since that area is now safe. However, This can be risky, if players move into the area too quickly, or don't move out of the following explosion fast enough, players can take lethal damage. These attacks will continue in sequence 5 times until the boss enrages. Once the boss enrages, the boss will continuously fire lethal damage Morn Afah's until the party wipes. To help in the last few seconds, have players spread out so Bahamut kills players one by one to help push DPS until the boss is defeated. The boss will target players in order of decreasing enmity, so it may be beneficial to have the tanks use Shirk on the healers to ensure the DPS are killed last.


When originally released, you could receive only one reward item per week for completing duties in The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate). This restriction was removed in Patch 4.2

The reward can be exchanged with Eschina in Rhalgr's Reach (X:13.8 Y:11.8) for Ultimate Dreadwyrm Weapons.

Completion of this duty will unlock a new Adventurer Plate design.


The following achievements are associated with this duty:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Resistance is futile icon1.png  Resistance Is Futile 10 Defeat Bahamut Prime in the Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate). Achievement title icon.png The Legend 4.11

World First

World First Clear Video
  • Dysnomia (JP) on November 4, 2017.



  • Due to numerous job changes and power creep since this encounter was first released, the DPS checks are essentially non-existent, which has allowed players to clear using non-standard methods:
    • On July 7, 2020, the fight was cleared using a 7 player party.[1]
    • On August 13, 2020, the fight was cleared using 8 tanks.[2]
    • On January 15, 2023, the fight was cleared with 103 player deaths during a single pull.[3]
    • On March 8, 2024, the fight was cleared by intentionally failing the DPS check for phase 3, causing Golden Bahamut to receive a 5x damage buff.[4]
    • On March 14, 2024, the fight was cleared with "one" neurolink (i.e. all three neurolinks stacked at one location), requiring major modifications to strategies for Twintania, Fellruin Trio, Tenstrike Trio, and Adds.[5]
    • On April 13, 2024, the fight was cleared with no tanks (using a composition of 4 DPS and 4 healers).[6]
    • On May 26, 2024, the fight was cleared using a 6 player party.[7]
  • In Japanese data centers, the preferred party composition is to use either three tanks or three healers, exchanging one DPS.

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Aether/NA Party Finder Strategies

  • Phase 1: Twintania
    • Please note that in Aether Party Finder, if the physical ranged DPS is marked for the first Hatch, another player will stand in the Neurolink to intercept it
  • Phase 2: Nael
    • Divebombs can be skipped with sufficiently high DPS.
  • Phase 3: Bahamut
    • Quickmarch Trio
    • Blackfire Trio
    • Fellruin Trio
    • Heavensfall Trio
      • If not all players are alive after the knockback, a Level 3 Tank Limit Break should be used to mitigate damage from the tower explosion and potentially save the run. All surviving players will receive a -50% Damage Down debuff, but this is usually a non-issue due to the incredibly lenient DPS check for the phase and the fact that it will fall off before Phase 4.
      • If there are more than two deaths coming into the Fireball stack, the marked player should take the stack solo and sacrifice themselves to prevent killing the rest of the party.
    • Tenstrike Trio
    • Grand Octet
      • If a level 3 tank limit break is used, the Megaflare stack can be ignored. At least one player should soak each tower. It is recommended to use knockback immunity as a precaution if Twintania's Twisting Dive is baited through the middle to prevent being knocked into the death wall. The limit break also allows one to survive the damage from Twisting Dive. Note that knockback resist will not prevent death from touching a Twister.
  • Phase 4: Adds
    • No toolbox available; stack is taken on D marker.
  • Phase 5: Golden Bahamut
    • No toolbox available