The Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3

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The Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3

The Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3.png
50 (Sync: 50)
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 30 
Req. quest
Feature quest Fragments of Truth
Northern Thanalan (X:19, Y:20)

At 8,872 yalms below the surface, your party arrives within Bahamut's cavernous regeneration chamber. As Alisaie moves to disable the internment hulk, she finds her way barred by her grandsire, the Archon Louisoix. The man once gave his life that the realm might be spared; if you would honor his legacy, you must now strike him down.

— In-game description

The Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3 is a level 50 raid introduced in patch 2.4.

See also: The Final Coil of Bahamut


The fight is broken down into four phases with a soft enrage around 13 minutes. Before the fight begins, players should assign locations around the arena to drop Blackfires and assign each location to a role type: Healer, DPS and Tank. A player should also be assigned as a "debuff swapper", as well as a player to enter the Bluefire puddle later.

Phase 1: 100%-80%

The main tank should move the boss to the center of the arena. This makes it easier to handle mechanics.

  • Revelation: A heavy-hitting tankbuster that debuffs with Revelation Resistance Down, making the next hit a guaranteed kill. Mitigate this attack and tank swap before the next hit.
  • Bennu Spawns: These ads will spawn and must be moved away from the boss and killed quickly. If they are left alive too long, they will begin to buff Phoenix. In phase 3 these ads will be revived and buff any ads near them in a small AoE, so placing them appropriately to be killed is essential. It is recommended that players drop the ads at the intercardinals and one in the center of the room to be sure they are spaced appropriately. Players should move these clockwise around the room to avoid accidentally stacking them together.
  • Blackfire: One DPS, Healer and the off tank will drop a Blackfire where they are standing. These act as mines that deal damage and debuff with Vulnerability Up if stepped on. If they are dropped too close to each other they will tether and repeatedly explode, debuffing the entire party. Drop these at the predetermined locations by waiting then quickly moving away. The Blackfires will also explode if not defeated quickly enough.
  • Whitefire The same players that were debuffed with Blackfire will now be debuffed with Whitefire and drop and AoE that deals heavy damage.

To handle these fire mechanics, players need to drop the Blackfires at the specified markers, then drop the Whitefires on top of them. These will debuff the Blackfires and make them easier to kill. The mechanics of this phase will repeat until the boss's HP is reduced to around 80%.

Phase 2: 80%-52%

At the beginning of the phase the boss will mark either a ranged player or a healer with Brand of Purgatory. This will debuff the player with either a green or purple marker and either Chain of Purgatory or Brand of Purgatory. Both of these debuffs work the same. The boss will then cast Flames of Unforgiveness on the player that was originally debuffed. If they still have that debuff they will die. To handle this mechanic, the player that is marked and the assigned debuff swapping player will swap the debuff by passing through each others hitbox. Passing this will deal around 4000 HP damage to both players. Healers need to top the originally debuffed player off before Phoenix finishes its cast, otherwise it will still kill the player. The healer should then heal the player that took the debuff. To have the best chance of successfully surviving this mechanic, players should swap as soon as the cast starts.

  • Bluefire: A random player is marked and soon after drops a small blue puddle. This needs to be dropped away from the boss otherwise it will be absorbed. If players touch this, they will receive a heavy debuff.
  • Redfire: A fire orb will tether to a player and begin to move towards them. If it hits the player it is tethered to or anyone else, it will explode, deal heavy damage and apply a heavy hitting Damage over Time debuff.

In order to handle these, the player assigned to the puddle will step into it after the Redfire spawns and run into the orb to destroy it. The debuff from the Bluefire puddle will prevent the damage from the Redfire orb. It will weaken the damage output and healing from the debuffed player for a short while so only step in the puddle to destroy the orb. During these mechanics the boss will still be summoning Bennus and using Revolution so handle these mechanics accordingly, being sure to drop the ads in the correct locations for the next phase. The fight will repeat here until the boss hits roughly 52%.

Phase 3

At the beginning of the phase the boss will become invulnerable and summon a wall of fire around itself, instantly killing any who touch it. It will then begin constantly casting Flames of Rebirth, a room-wide AoE that stacks a buff on the boss so that each following hit of Flames of Rebirth hits harder. This attack will also revive the Bennus around the room. The ads will still have the same enmity they did when they died so they will move towards their tank. Players should be sure to continue to defeat the ads separated from each other, so that when they revive, they don't accidentally buff the other ads near them. Players should defeat one to the east of the arena and one in the center, moving back and forth between these two locations. When the Bennus are revived, they will grow in size and can be revived twice before being defeated permanently. These larger Bennus are stronger and will tether together and buff one another if there are more than one up and they are within close proximity. Players should try to stagger defeating Bennus between each cast to avoid having more than one large Bennu up at a time. This is a small DPS check. If the boss receives too many Flames of Rebirth buff stacks it will wipe the raid. After the ads are defeated, the boss will lower the wall and become targetable again.

Phase 4: 52%-0%

The boss will cast a Brand of Purgatory immediately. Whoever gets this debuff should pass it to the main tank. From here the main and off tank will swap the debuff for the remainder of the fight.

  • Fountain of Fire: A wide AoE will spawn on a random player and drop a large puddle. The puddle will then buff the boss with Attack Up up to 8 times before disappearing. Players need to take turns standing in this puddle, which will debuff and damage them instead of buffing the boss. The more stacks of the debuff a player receives, the more damage each attack deals.

To handle this, the off tank will step into the puddle and soak the first four stacks of the debuff, followed by two DPS taking two stacks each. While this is happening, the boss will summon Phoenix Egis that will either drop an easily avoidable AoE or will tether to a random player and charge them shortly after, damaging every player it hits. Every player can avoid this except for the tethered player so be sure to avoid cleaving any players unnecessarily. The boss will use Revelation here and the tanks will swap debuffs at the same time. After the fountain is gone the boss will cast Flames of Rebirth, adding a stack of Flames of Rebirth Damage Up. The boss will summon another fountain, and it should be handled the same way. After the second fountain is gone and the boss casts Flames of Rebirth, it will disappear and summon Plumes around the arena. Players will dodge these and the Phoenix Egis. The boss will return, and the phase will repeat from here. It should be noted that if a player dies in this phase the boss will receive a stack of Flames of Rebirth and continue to receive them until the player is back up, so healers need to be quick with raising players. If the boss is not defeated in time, it will enrage and wipe the party.


Gold Coffer (small).png Phoenix

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Dreadwyrm Gloves of Casting Hands CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Tassets of Fending Waist CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Sarouel of Fending Legs CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Breeches of Aiming Legs CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Greaves of Maiming Feet CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Bracelet of Slaying Bracelets CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Bracelet of Casting Bracelets CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Ring of Aiming Ring CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Ring of Healing Ring CTomestone 1
 Neo Aetherstone - Hand Gear Crafting material ABasic 1
 Neo Aetherstone - Foot Gear Crafting material ABasic 1
 Faded Copy of From the Ashes Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1
Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Dreadwyrm Shield Shield CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Coronet of Fending Head CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Chapeau of Aiming Head CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Cyclas of Striking Body CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Gloves of Healing Hands CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Slops of Scouting Legs CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Earring of Slaying Earrings CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Earring of Casting Earrings CTomestone 1
 Dreadwyrm Choker of Healing Necklace CTomestone 1

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