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Alexander - The Burden of the Father (Savage)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the (Savage) version. For the level 60 story-mode raid, see Alexander - The Burden of the Father. For the first tier of Alexander in general, see Alexander: Gordias.


Alexander - The Burden of the Father (Savage)

Alexander - The Burden of the Father (Savage).png
60 (Sync: 60)
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
Savage Raids (Heavensward)
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 15 
Req. quest
Feature quest A Song of Steam and Steel
The Burden of the Father
Stone, Sky, Sea
The echo icon1.png The Echo
Permanent +20%

What fun is there in merely restating the facts? Never one to be content with the truth, the wandering minstrel has taken the liberty of retelling the tale of your journey into Alexander with his trademark embellishments. Some may question the value of such entertainment, but none can deny the skill with which he weaves his tapestry of song and verse, immersing you in memory...

— In-game description

Alexander - The Burden of the Father (Savage) is a level 60 raid introduced in patch 3.05 with Heavensward. Also known as A4S, it is the final sector of Alexander: Gordias (Savage).


Aggressive difficulty r6.png The Manipulator

This fight requires heavy DPS pushing, as the fight has five phases and a hard enrage timer of 13 minutes and 10 seconds. Pushing DPS harder will get players through the various phases faster, leaving more time to deal with the boss before the enrage.

The fight consists of destroying the Manipulator's legs and attacking the boss in between phases. Players can destroy the legs in any order, but as soon as one leg is destroyed, the legs will no longer be targetable and any leg that has received damage up to that point will be healed.

Phase 1

  • Hydrothermal Missile: High damage AoE cleave that targets the plyer with the highest enmity. This attack will continue throughout the fight at set intervals, so tanks should be sure to hold enmity at all times and healers should be ready to mitigate the damage.
  • Discoid: One player will be targeted, and several orbs will spawn randomly from any of the intercardinals around the arena and slowly move into the arena towards the targeted player. Players need to intercept these, as they deal high damage to anyone they touch.
  • Seed of the Sky: Four AoEs will spawn under random players and appear in sets of two. Players simply need to avoid these. These will drop randomly as well, so players need to be aware of their surroundings.
  • Perpetual Ray.png  Perpetual Ray: This attack targets a random player, deals high damage and drains MP from whoever is hit. From time to time, players will note the boss's legs emit a jet of steam. this indicates which leg is about to cast Perpetual Ray.png  Perpetual Ray. Players can stun this attack to mitigate damage and prevent the attack from draining MP as well. This needs to be done within a few seconds of the leg emitting steam, otherwise the attack will fire with its full effect.
  • Quarantine: The boss will send the off tank and one random DPS into a small, separate arena to fight against a Panzer Doll. The doll will attack and slowly leave stacks of Blunt Resistance Down debuffs on its target. After defeating it, the players are returned to the fight. if the off tank is dead, another random player will be sent instead.

After the leg is shattered, the boss will be briefly targetable, and will cast Mortal Revolution, a raid-wide attack that deals high damage. Mitigate and heal through.

After Mortal Revolution, the boss will no longer be targetable, and players must continue to destroy the boss's legs.

Phase 2

This phase is similar to the first phase, with mechanics being handled in a similar manner as the first phase, however Discoid has been taken out of the boss's rotation, in its place is a new attack:

  • Carnage: One player will be targeted with 5 tethers that spawn randomly around the arena. Of the five tethers, only three of them will fire Diffused Laser, the other two will simply not fire. Players will need to intercept these tethers, so the player who is targeted should move into the hitbox of the leg that is being targeted so other players can take the tethers. If the targeted player is killed by the Diffused Laser, the boss gets a permanent stacking Damage up icon1.png Damage Up buff. Intercepting players killed by this attack do not grant the boss this buff.
  • Diffused Laser: This attack will explode on the player in a small AoE. Be sure to avoid overlapping with other players.

The attacks will come out in a similar rotation to the first phase, the only aspect that players can find challenging is dealing with Carnage at the same time as Quarantine. Similarly to the previous phase, upon shattering the leg, the boss will be targetable, cast Mortal Revolution, and be un-targetable again.

Phase 3

This phase repeats mechanics from phase 2 again, this time removing Quarantine and summoning ads instead.

  • Straf Doll: Summoned directly to the middle of the arena, this ad should be picked up by the off tank and pulled to the party to be burned down. This doll cleaves its target and gives it a stacking Slash Resist Down debuff. After 30 seconds, the doll will begin to cast Wirbelwind, draining all MP from the raid.
  • Jagd Doll: Three Jagd Dolls will spawn around the arena to the east, west and south. These dolls have low HP and deal low damage. They constantly pulse an attack that gives stacking Luminous Aetheroplasm debuffs in a small area around them. If a player gets four stacks of the debuff, they will explode and wipe the raid. if the Jagd Dolls get too close to the Straf Doll, they will tether and use Reducible Complexity, exploding and dealing damage to the raid equal to their current HP. If they are killed without being tethered to the Straf Doll, they will respawn with full HP.

To deal with the ads, players will need to bring the Jagd Dolls to the Straf Doll when they are at 10% health or less in order to defeat them without dealing massive damage to the raid. Players will also need to keep an eye on the Straf Doll to make sure they are ready to cast MP-restoring abilities if the doll is able to cast Wirbelwind so as not to limit the damage and healing of the party. The doll will also stop using it’s cleave attack when the boss tethers a player with Carnage.

Players will need to shatter the leg quickly at this point, as the boss has the potential to enter an enrage in this phase, and a second wave of enemies will spawn, slowing down the fight. If players can shatter the leg quickly enough, the second wave of ads will also not spawn.

After the third leg is shattered, players can attack the boss once again. Be aware however, that the Mortal Revolution in this phase will hit a little harder.

Phase 4

All mechanics other than Quarantine will repeat here as well as a new ability:

  • Judgment Nisi: Two players are debuffed, one with a red debuff, one with blue. The debuff lasts 6 seconds per stack and has 5 stacks. The debuff deals moderate damage and lasts 30 seconds total. The debuff passes by touch. Players must never get the red and blue debuff at the same time, as that would result in instant death.

This debuff is required for an upcoming mechanic called Royal Pentacle. The debuff needs to be passed back and forth between players to handle the mechanic as intended. There is another popular method to handle this debuff mechanic, which will be covered in the next phase.

Once again, attack the boss after shattering the final leg, preparing as well to mitigate and heal through the Mortal Revolution for this phase, which hits quite hard.

Phase 5

In this final phase, mechanics will once again repeat, however some attacks will have additional mechanics to them:

  • Carnage Zero: Similar to Carnage, players will still be hit with lasers, however there is no tether, and the attacks will randomly target three players. The attack will still explode in an AoE, so players need to spread out and be ready to move.
  • Fracture: An additional mechanic to Discoid, the final orb that spawns will be large and still move towards the targeted player. This orb needs to be mitigated by all players other than the main tank. This orb also debuffs anyone it touches with a Vulnerability Up debuff.
  • Royal Pentacle: 6 crystals will spawn around the arena randomly, either red or blue. Players with the matching Nisi debuff will have to run through the correct color crystal to destroy it. Players without the debuff or the debuff of the wrong color will die upon exploding the crystals. The crystals will explode if not taken care of within 20 seconds. The crystals will spawn three times in this phase.

This mechanic has two popular ways to handle. The intended method, juggling the debuffs and taking care of the crystals as they spawn. Another method (dubbed the "sacrifice" method) is an easier way to handle this mechanic.

If players are using the "sacrifice" method, in phase three, simply move the players debuffed away from the party and let the debuffs fade. This also requires players to save the level 3 Limit Break for healers, meaning DPS need to push phases a little harder to make up for the lack of a DPS Limit Break. Players will also need to plan in advance what players will sacrifice themselves to destroy the crystals.

In the final phase, once crystals have started to spawn, it is recommended that players wait for at least one GCD (Global Cool Down) timer to refresh before destroying the crystals to make sure they have spawned in and are tangible. Three players will then use their Sprint ability to run through two crystals of any color. When the second round of crystals spawn, the main tank will use their invulnerability skill to mitigate Perpetual Ray.png  Perpetual Ray, then three more players will run through two crystals. The remaining healer will then use their level 3 Limit Break skill to revive and heal the entire raid. Once the third set of crystals spawn, the fight enters a burn phase, with players pumping out as much DPS as possible to destroy the boss before the crystals explode.

During this, players will need to be avoiding AoEs and other mechanics, as well as taking care of a final spawn of Straf Dolls and Jagd Dolls. these mechanics have not changed and can be handled as before.

Whichever method the party decides on, the mechanics for the fight will repeat from Carnage Zero onwards, until the boss enrages. Players must defeat the boss before then, otherwise the party will wipe.


See also: Gordian Weapons

Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Paladins gordian arms (il 210) icon1.png  Paladin's Gordian Arms (IL 210) Other N/A CBlue 1
Gordian axe icon1.png  Gordian Axe Marauder's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian greatsword icon1.png  Gordian Greatsword Dark Knight's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian trident icon1.png  Gordian Trident Lancer's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian cesti icon1.png  Gordian Cesti Pugilist's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian katana icon1.png  Gordian Katana Samurai's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian baselards icon1.png  Gordian Baselards Rogue's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian longbow icon1.png  Gordian Longbow Archer's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian musketoon icon1.png  Gordian Musketoon Machinist's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian staff icon1.png  Gordian Staff Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian grimoire icon1.png  Gordian Grimoire Arcanist's Grimoire 210 CBlue 1
Gordian rapier icon1.png  Gordian Rapier Red Mage's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian cane icon1.png  Gordian Cane Two-handed Conjurer's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian codex icon1.png  Gordian Codex Scholar's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gordian astrometer icon1.png  Gordian Astrometer Astrologian's Arm 210 CBlue 1
Gobwalker shielding icon1.png  Gobwalker Shielding Material N/A ABasic 1
Gordian chest gear coffer (il 210) icon1.png  Gordian Chest Gear Coffer (IL 210) Other N/A ABasic 1
Gobwalker Gear.png  Gobwalker Gear Other N/A ABasic 1

Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Gordian weapon coffer (il 210) icon1.png  Gordian Weapon Coffer (IL 210) Other N/A ABasic 1


This duty is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Sins of the savage father i icon1.png  Sins of the Savage Father I 5 Complete Alexander: Gordias (Savage). - 3.05
Sins of the savage father ii icon1.png  Sins of the Savage Father II 10 Complete Alexander: Gordias (Savage) 5 times. - 3.05
Sins of the savage father iii icon1.png  Sins of the Savage Father III 20 Complete Alexander: Gordias (Savage) 10 times. - 3.05
Mightier than the manipulator icon1.png  Mightier than the Manipulator 5 Complete Alexander - The Burden of the Father (Savage) with a party of only blue mages, Silence Echo turned on, and Unrestricted Party turned off. - 5.15