YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse

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YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse is a storyline consisting of a series of three 24-man raids in Shadowbringers with a Nier: Automata. theme. It was designed by the creators of NieR: Automata: Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito.


Machina indistinguishable from men in appearance, speech, demeanor─anyone in Norvrandt would dismiss such an idea as the fantastical ramblings of drunken dwarves. The discovery of a white-clad woman identifying herself as an "android," however, may call everything that has long been believed about technology into question...

— Patch 5.1 Official Website

The white-robed android 2P awakens at last, but so too does an unforeseen danger to Komra. As Anogg and Konogg's search for answers grows ever more desperate, the Warrior of Darkness may find greater questions yet await in the core of the Puppets' Bunker.

— Patch 5.3 Official Website

The white-garbed 2P's discovery was the first domino to fall in a series of conflicts that have only escalated since the arrival of the black-shrouded 2B, the pattern they form growing ever more complex. The time of revelation may be at hand, but is this tale one of hope...or despair?

— Patch 5.5 Official Website

An enigmatic android, mysterious machine lifeforms, and deadly secrets...

Newfound ruins amidst the Duergar Mountains have drawn the attention of curious dwarves and the Warrior of Darkness alike. The discovery of a pale-garbed woman calling herself 2P, however, will force these intrepid explorers to confront the reality─and dangers─of technology beyond their wildest imaginings.



An android in white, awakened within the excavation tunnels near Komra. Her knowledge of the ruins and their machine lifeforms could be an invaluable asset...

Anogg & Konogg

Clever and curious twins who make their home─and a nuisance of themselves─in the village of Komra. They are determined that the Warrior of Darkness help bring their master plan to fruition...whatever that may be.

Machine Lifeforms

These peculiar machina, discovered in the ruins unearthed by Kholusia's dwarves, are so unlike anything else found in Norvrandt that their very existence seems beyond the realm of possibility. Whence have they come, and to what end?

Guest Creators


President and Game Director, BUKKORO

Notable works include: NieR (series), Drakengard (series)

Good morning! YOKO TARO here. Just last night, I had the strangest dream where I was working on a raid for FFXIV...and then I woke up, and told Square Enix about it, and they were like, "that...wasn't a dream," and─


Yosuke Saito

Member of the Board and Executive Producer, SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

Notable works include: NieR (series), DRAGON QUEST X Online, DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Greetings. I'm Yosuke Saito, a.k.a. Yosu-P! If 2B stands for YoRHa No.2 Type B, what does 2P stand for? It can't possibly be "2nd Player" this time... Well, I'm sure that if you play YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, you'll find that mystery completely resolv─

— Yosuke Saito


Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Word about Komra Feature quest 70 Gossipy Dwarf
2 Paella icon1.png  Paella
2 Ovim cordon bleu icon1.png  Ovim Cordon Bleu
2 Lemonade icon1.png  Lemonade
2 Jellied harcot icon1.png  Jellied Harcot
3 Nightworld silver piece icon1.png  Nightworld Silver Piece
A Scandal in Komra Feature quest 80 Gossipy Dwarf
On the Threshold Feature quest 80 Dig Site Chief
The Copied Factory
The Copied Factory
1 Significance orchestrion roll icon1.png  Significance (Nothing) Orchestrion Roll
1 Portable Archive.png  Portable Archive
An Academic Dispute Feature quest 80 Anogg
Tails, You Lose Feature quest 80 Anogg 1 Voice of no return (guitar) orchestrion roll icon1.png  Voice of no Return (Guitar) Orchestrion Roll
Heads, I Win Feature quest 80 Konogg 1 Voice of no return (guitar) orchestrion roll icon1.png  Voice of no Return (Guitar) Orchestrion Roll
Carnivals and Confrontations Feature quest 80 Dig Site Chief
One Way to Do It Feature quest 80 Anogg 1 Crumbling lies - front orchestrion roll icon1.png  Crumbling Lies (Front) Orchestrion Roll
We Can Rebuild Her Feature quest 80 Dig Site Chief 1 Amusement park orchestrion roll icon1.png  Amusement Park Orchestrion Roll
Everything You Know Is Wrong Feature quest 80 Anogg
The Puppets' Bunker
The Puppets' Bunker
Crime and Punishment Feature quest 80 Konogg 1 Broken heart orchestrion roll icon1.png  Broken Heart Orchestrion Roll
To Make Amends Feature quest 80 Konogg
Konogg, Alone Feature quest 80 Dig Site Chief 1 Voice of no return (normal) orchestrion roll icon1.png  Voice of no Return (Normal) Orchestrion Roll
1 The color of depression orchestrion roll icon1.png  The Color of Depression Orchestrion Roll
Brave New World Feature quest 80 Dig Site Chief
The Tower at Paradigm's Breach
The Tower at Paradigm's Breach
1 Widespread illness orchestrion roll icon1.png  Widespread Illness Orchestrion Roll
1 Possessed by disease orchestrion roll icon1.png  Possessed by Disease Orchestrion Roll
1 Faltering prayer (dawn breeze) orchestrion roll icon1.png  Faltering Prayer (Dawn Breeze) Orchestrion Roll
It Takes a Village Feature quest 80 Dig Site Chief
Komra Wasn't Built in a Day Feature quest 80 Dig Site Chief
All That Grinds Is Not Gloom Repeatable Feature quest 80 Doomsaying Dwarf
The Merchant of Komra Repeatable Feature quest 80 Dour Dwarf
How to Catch an Automaton Repeatable Feature quest 80 Decisive Dwarf
Whence the Heart Leads Feature quest 80 Dig Site Chief Inner truth icon1.png  Inner Truth
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse (New Game+)
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse (New Game+)
1 Weight of the world (Instrumental) orchestrion roll icon1.png  Weight of the World (Instrumental) Orchestrion Roll


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