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Male ♂
Roegadyn (Sea Wolves)
Labyrinthos (14.8,27.6)
Garlond Ironworks
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Go Inoue
Voiced by (EN)
Antony Byrne
Voiced by (FR)
Eric Peter
Voiced by (DE)
Thomas Dehler

“Seeing your ideas take shape before you. This is why I became an engineer.”

A Roegadyn from an imperial province in Ilsabard, Biggs was born without citizenship to a poor family of desert farmers. Lacking the most basic of rights, his life was hardship upon hardship ever since childhood. When he came of age, he was forced into the Garlean Army with the other youths of his village. Biggs, however, would not be party to the Empire’s aggression, and chose the dangerous path of desertion. Alongside Wedge, a like-minded fellow met while training, he rigged a set of magitek armor to malfunction, and the pair made their escape during the confusion. They were doubtless terrified throughout their flight, for Garlean deserters, if found, are executed on the spot without impunity. Nevertheless, they managed to find succor within a group that had taken up arms against imperial aggression. With the group’s help, they contacted Cid, who, by this time, was also in exile, and thus succeeded in safely reaching Eorzea.

Incidentally, Biggs delights in making models of the fantastical machina he has come across in his twenty-five summers, and many of his recreations can be seen lining the stalls of Ul’dah’s Sapphire Avenue Exchange.

— In-game description

Biggs is a Roegadyn found in Labyrinthos.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Steel and Steam Feature quest 60 Biggs
Tinker, Seeker, Soldier, Spy Feature quest 60 Biggs
The Folly of Youth Feature quest 60 Biggs
Biggs and Wedge's Excellent Adventure Feature quest 60 Biggs
Thus Spake Quickthinx Feature quest 60 Biggs
Judgment Day Feature quest 60 Biggs
Of Endings and Beginnings Feature quest 60 Biggs
To Kweh under Distant Skies Feature quest 70 Biggs

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Company You Keep (Twin Adder) Main Scenario quest 20 Serpent Officer
The Company You Keep (Maelstrom) Main Scenario quest 20 Storm Officer
The Company You Keep (Immortal Flames) Main Scenario quest 20 Flame Officer
Notorious Biggs Main Scenario quest 44 Wedge
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek Main Scenario quest 46 Cid
Unto the Heavens Main Scenario quest 89 Ojika Tsunjika
Sanding It Down Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
Syrcus Tower Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
The World of Darkness Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
Disarmed Feature quest 60 Slowfix
Goodbye, ε̆│̆│Δ Sidequest 90 Omega


Zone Coordinates Level range
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10, Y:13)
Mor Dhona (X:20, Y:8)
Mor Dhona (X:30, Y:12)
The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:21, Y:18)
Labyrinthos (X:14.8, Y:27.6)

Additional Information


Biggs is in fact named after the Star Wars character Biggs Darklighter and he is a recurring homage in the Final Fantasy franchise.