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Biggs and Wedge's Excellent Adventure

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Biggs and Wedge's Excellent Adventure

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Quest giver
The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:23.5, Y:23.9)
Quest line
Alexander Quests

Experience 0
Gil 3,508
Previous quest
The Coeurl and the Colossus
Next quest
Thus Spake Quickthinx

Undaunted by recent revelations, Biggs would brief you on the next stage of the rescue mission.

— In-game description





  • Undaunted by recent revelations, Biggs would brief you on the next stage of the rescue mission.
  • With the operation to rescue Roundrox─and, in turn, foil the Illuminati's plans for historical domination─set to commence, Biggs briefs you on the details. Your task will be a straightforward if demanding one: enter the colossus through its head and delve deep through its nasal cavity to seize control of a moving platform that will transport the rescue party to Central Control, where Roundrox is being held captive. Cid and the others, meanwhile, will sweep through Midas, eliminating any Illuminati ambushers they encounter before rendezvousing with you in readiness to attempt the rescue. The goblin girl's fate─and that of history itself─hangs in the balance. Once more unto the breach, Warrior of Light!
  • Dispatching an oversized Illuminati sellsword, you seize control of the transport platform, securing a shortcut to the heart of the colossus, where Roundrox is being held captive. Ride the platform to your destination to rendezvous with Cid and the others before proceeding with the next phase of the mission.
  • Successfully infiltrating Central Control, you find Roundrox chained to a metal chair. Projected on the ceiling above her is the Enigma Codex, its vast knowledge and powers now open to the Illuminati by their cruel manipulation of the goblin girl's mind. Mide rushes to her friend's side, and the delirious Roundrox indicates that Alexander is now fully operational, with the capacity to travel through time. While Mide wistfully contemplates what she might do with such power, Roundrox engages the time travel engine, transporting the colossus and all within three years into the past, to the fateful day when Mide and her fellow treasure hunters attempted to summon the primal. From a perch high atop the colossus, Biggs and Wedge duly bear witness to what truly happened...
  • Illuminati snipers emerge from the within the steel fortress and fire upon the treasure hunters in the midst of their ritual. As chaos ensues, their leader, Dayan, declares the summoning a failure, and orders a fresh-faced Mide to seal the primal away, before sacrificing himself to save her life. After watching her beloved disappear into the primal's howling core, she slumps to the earth, bereft and broken. Meanwhile, back atop the colossus, Shanoa conspicuously hurls herself at Backrix, and both the kitten and the goblin's journal go tumbling to the ground below. The former─quite miraculously─scampers away unscathed, while the latter is discovered by the Roundrox of the past...
  • With a blinding flash, the time travel mechanism is disengaged, and the colossus returns to the present time. There, the party is met by Quickthinx, who reveals the most chilling truth of all: that time is a circle, an infinite loop, and the primal that Mide and her companions summoned three years ago was, in fact, the selfsame one that bore you to the past in scant moments before. The Illuminati Grand Master gleefully thanks you for playing out your roles in his preordained history, then summons his lackeys to put an end to you. You successfully retreat, but Mide─devastated by the knowledge that she is powerless to change either her past or her future─remains behind, unwilling to abandon the soul of her beloved.
  • All─save for Mide─emerge from the colossus unscathed if deeply unnerved by recent revelations. Roundrox, though finally free from the clutches of the Illuminati, is heartbroken over the role she played in her Auri friend's downfall, insisting that she will go and save her. Cid swiftly puts paid to this notion, however, assuring the goblin child that she can leave Mide's rescue to you.
  • Is Quickthinx truly an all-knowing traveler from the future? Does the soul of Mide's beloved still live on in the heart of the machine? Once again, each answer has given rise to yet more questions, and the steel giant beckons you within once more...



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