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The Navel (Unreal)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the level 80 Faux Hollows trial. For the level 50 challenge-mode trial, see The Navel (Extreme).


The Navel (Unreal)

The Navel (Unreal).png
80 (Sync: 80)
Item Level
430 (Sync: 435)
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
60 minutes
Req. quest
Feature quest Fantastic Mr. Faux
The Navel
La Noscea

This time, the faux commander wishes to hear a tale of heart-stopping terror and victory against impossible odds, for which your climactic encounter with Titan seems the perfect candidate. You cast your mind's eye back to that fateful day, when you stood on the very precipice of certain doom...

— In-game description

The Navel (Unreal) is a level 80 trial introduced in patch 5.4 with Shadowbringers.

Abilities & Phases

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Primal: Titan

The Navel (Unreal) is a retelling of the classic encounter between the Warrior of Light and Titan, an earth-based primal brought into existence by local kobolds through the power of worship. The battle bears many similarities and differences to the original version, though the arena and cinematics are still identical. Below is a list of mechanics and phases you will endure throughout the encounter.

Just like previous battles against Titan, the circular arena has no edges, meaning players can be knocked (or walk over) the edge at any time. Also, it is best to keep Titan at the northern edge of the arena, facing him away from the rest of the raid so that teammates are not cleaved by his vicious Mountain Buster (AoE cleave). Whilst doing so, the rest of the raid (excluding the off-tank) should remain behind Titan at all times to bait specific mechanics, such as the constant Landslide's.

Phase One Loop

Once the fight commences, Titan will continuously loop through four basic abilities in the same order until his health has been sufficiently decreased, starting with:

  • Landslide - Titan rears back his arm and aims a massive straight-line AoE towards a random player. After a brief delay, Titan will punch the ground with such force that a shockwave will be sent down the line, knocking anyone in its path over the edge to an early grave. Assuming all non-tanks are stacked behind Titan, Landslide can easily be baited and side-stepped. However, future versions of Landslide will eventually emit a three-pronged AoE (Phase 2), and five-pronged AoE (Phase 3).
  • Weight - causes large earthen puddles to form underneath random players that will eventually explode, dealing massive damage to anyone caught in their wake. Just like Landslide, having the raid stack behind Titan means that all Weight AoE's are baited into a single location, making them easy for the group to dodge in unison. Once dodged, the raid should immediately move behind Titan once again.
  • Mountain Buster - a violent AoE cleave (with no cast-bar) that afflicts anyone hit with a stacking vulnerability debuff. As a rule of thumb, it is best to tank-swap at two stacks and to ensure that Titan is never directly facing the raid.
  • Tumult - causes Titan to repeatedly stamp his foot on the ground four times in a row, emitting unavoidable raid-wide damage with each stomp. Healers beware!

At this point, Titan will loop back to Landslide and repeat the process until his health is sufficiently decreased. Once he has reached about 80% health, Titan will cast Geocrush, temporarily leaping out of view. After a delay, he will land back into the arena with such force that the outer rings will begin to collapse, shrinking the arena to a smaller size and dealing proximity damage based on how close players are to the arena centre. As a result, all players should move as close to the edge as possible whilst avoiding the section that is about to collapse.

Phase Two Loop

Once Titan has completed the first Geocrush, he will then enter a second mechanical loop until sufficiently damaged, starting with:

  • Landslide - now a three-pronged straight-line AoE, with the baited line always being in the centre (assuming all non-tanks are stacking directly behind Titan). Players should treat the new version similar to the previous one, baiting the first line by stacking together behind Titan so that the pattern remains predictable. Landslide will happen three times per mechanical loop.
  • Gaol - causes Titan to encase two players - one damage dealer and one healer - within an earthen gaol after a brief delay. Once fully wrapped in earth, neither player will be able to move or act in any way until released from their prison. If they are left for too long, they will eventually be slain outright. To complicate matters, a Mountain Buster will also take place around this time, and Gaol will always be immediately followed by Upheaval (see below). As a rule of thumb, the damage-dealer who is about to be imprisoned should remain with the raid (near Titan), whereas the Healer should retreat to the opposite side of the arena (south) and allow themselves to be imprisoned by the edge for reasons explained below.
  • Upheaval - Titan rears up his left leg and prepares to stomp the arena, inflicting a raid-wide knockback that will push all players away from his current position. Bear in mind that two players will be stuck within an earthen Gaol at this point, and that said players will be unaffected by the knockback whilst imprisoned. All active players will need to make sure that they do not get flung over the edge of the arena. Assuming the imprisoned damage-dealer was trapped near Titan, it is best to break them out from their prison before Upheaval goes off, then allow Upheaval to push the raid towards the trapped healer. However, Titan will now unleash another three-pronged Landslide, so it is best not to break the healer out immediately as they may then be unable to avoid the attack.
  • Landslide - will always be cast after Upheaval. As mentioned above, players will need to be careful when trying to break the second player out of their prison, as they may not be able to avoid the Landslide if freed too early. Be wary!
  • Tumult - Titan repeatedly stomps the ground once again, multi-hitting the raid with four bouts of unavoidable damage.
  • Weight - causes large earthen puddles to form underneath random players once again, forcing everyone to move. Assuming all non-tanks are stacked in one place (preferably behind Titan), then they should be easy for everyone to avoid.
  • Mountain Buster - will be cast quite frequently throughout the phase (and with no cast-bar), thus Titan must be kept facing away from the raid at all possible times. Mountain Buster will typically be cast in-between the first Gaol+Upheaval, after Weight, and before the Half-Bombs mini-phase.
  • Landslide - another three-pronged attack just after Weight.
  • Half-Bombs - several stony time-bombs drop into the arena in a variable pattern, forcing the raid to position themselves in certain ways to avoid upcoming explosions. Each bomb will slowly begin to flash, flickering much quicker as the timer is about to expire, which helps to give a visual queue of when specific bombs are about to detonate. In some cases, players will need to stand near bombs and wait for others to detonate first, then use the newly created space to avoid the bombs they were standing beside.

Regardless of the Half-Bomb pattern, Titan will reset the mechanical loop and unleash the first Landslide shortly after the bombs have dropped, then go back to Gaol + Upheaval, etc, repeating the loop until he has been sufficiently damaged. When enough damage is inflicted, he will once again leap away via Geocrush, eventually shrinking the arena even smaller and forcing the raid to stand near the edges to reduce proximity damage.

Phase Three

  • Landslide - now a five-pronged attack, with the baited line always being in the centre (assuming all non-tanks are stacking directly behind Titan). Players should continue to treat the new version just like to the previous one, baiting the first line so the pattern is always predictable.
  • Rock Buster - replaces Mountain Buster - converting the previous cleave into a forward swiping AoE punch that will no longer apply vulnerability, meaning that tank-swapping is no longer be required. However, Titan should still be kept facing away from the raid at all times so that he doesn't cleave the raid.
  • Half-Bombs - drops several stony time-bombs in a circular formation, one after the other. Seeing as they no longer drop simultaneously, but instead, drop one-by-one, players will need to position themselves so that the earliest bombs can detonate safely, then move into the newly created safe-zones to avoid explosions from bombs dropped later in the pattern. Additionally, players will need to contend with another Landslide beforehand.

Just like previous versions of the encounter, Titan's Heart will eventually be exposed, presenting the raid with a DPS check, forcing them to destroy the heart before Titan can enrage. Assuming the raid is successful, Titan will temporarily leap away, then return to the arena and unleash Earthen Fury - a vicious raid-buster that will require fierce mitigation and healing to survive.

Phase Four

After Titan's heart has been destroyed, two adds will be summoned into the arena that should be picked up by the off-tank and taken to the east or west side of the arena. Much like Titan himself, both adds should be faced away from the raid, as they will aim their very own Landslide attack towards their primary target.

To make matters worse, Rock Buster will become Mountain Buster once again, meaning tank-swaps will be required due to Vulnerability stacks. Titan will also utilize the five-pronged Landslide whilst another pattern of Half-Bombs fill the arena in a double-pattern - one earlier than the other. As a result, players should bait and dodge the Landslide as a group (just like before), then position themselves within the second pattern of bombs until the first has exploded, then use the newly created safe-zones to avoid the second pattern of explosions, all while burning the adds down as soon as possible. Bear in mind that once the adds have been slain, they will each leave behind a persistent puddle that should be avoided for the rest of the encounter, so make sure that they are slain at around the same time, otherwise, the off-tank may be forced to move away from the first puddle and leave a second one further away, leaving even less space for the raid to work with later.

For reference, here's a mini timeline of events:

  • Adds Spawn - pick them up and move them to the side of the arena (east or west - facing the outside).
  • First pattern of bombs drop.
  • Second pattern of bombs drop.
  • Titan unleashes Landslide.
  • First pattern of bombs explode.
  • Second pattern of bombs explode.
  • Adds unleash their own Landslide.
  • Mountain Buster will be used occasionally, possibly forcing a tank-swap between Titan and the two adds. Tanks beware!

From here, the raid will need to contend with Tumult (multi-stomp AoE), Upheaval (stomp-knockback), and a double-set of Weight (AoE circles beneath players). Unlike previous versions of Weight, a second wave will immediately be cast after the first has detonated, so make sure the raid is stacked together to bait the first AoE circles, then dodge them in the same direction to bait the second wave.

  • Half-Bombs - drops three lines of time-bombs either horizontally or vertically (starting with a middle line), one after the other. Players will need to contend with other mechanics, keeping in mind which line of bombs will explode first-to-last. By standing near the bombs dropped last, players can allow the earlier lines to explode, then use the newly created safe-zones to avoid the remaining explosions from later lines. Seeing as the middle line always drops first, players will need to utilize side-lines while dealing with another multi-prong Landslide. Don't forget to avoid the persistent puddles left behind by the two adds!
  • Bomb-Boulders - drops time-bombs throughout the entire arena, except this time, they can be targeted and destroyed. After enough time has passed, Titan will cast Geocrush, which will inflict proximity damage based on how close everyone is to the centre of the arena and detonate all remaining Bomb-Boulders in unison. Players will need to focus-fire any non-central Bomb-Boulder and destroy it to create a safe spot to reduce upcoming Geocrush damage. Bear in mind that Titan will also use Weight beforehand, spawning AoE circles underneath random players, forcing everyone to move away. As a result, the entire raid should be stacked together whilst focusing their chosen Bomb-Boulder so that Weight can be predictably baited and avoided, then rush back to their Bomb-Boulder to kill it as soon as possible.

Having survived the ordeal, Titan will unload another Landslide before the phase begins to loop once more, respawning the previous adds and initiating another wave of Half-Bombs.

The final loop will continue until Titan enrages. Time is of the essence!



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