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The Final Day

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the story-mode Main Scenario trial. For the level 90 challenge-mode trial, see The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria.


The Final Day

The Final Day.png
90 (Sync: 90)
Item Level
540 (Sync: 570)
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
60 minutes
Duty Finder
Trials (Endwalker)
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 10 
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest Endwalker
The Final Day (Zone) (X:6.1, Y:6.2)
The Final Day
The Sea of Stars
Stone, Sky, Sea
The echo icon1.png The Echo
On wipe: +10% (max +50%)

Meteion and her sisters took to the stars in search of hope; they found naught but despair. Wishing to free mankind from his vain struggle, they began to sing, their chorus borne upon the invisible winds of dynamis to usher in the Final Days.

Against all odds, you have arrived at their nest at the edge of the universe. In this place, where emotions dictate reality, the hopes of your comrades have opened the way forward, and it falls to you to take the last step. Transforming conviction into strength, you sally forth upon dragonback to confront the Endsinger and silence her song of oblivion.

— In-game description

The Final Day is a level 90 trial introduced in patch 6.0 with Endwalker.


Trial Guide by MTQcapture

Aggressive difficulty r6.png The Endsinger

Falling off the arena is possible. You can use Limit break icon1.png  Limit Break 3 before the add phase, as it will recharge instantly before Ultimate Fate countdown.

Phase 1

Elegeia: Raid-wide AoE and spawns two planets circling the arena. Pay attention to the SLOWER moving planet and move away from it as it will spawn a huge AoE on the side of the platform when they collide.

Galaxias: The Endsinger drops a meteor in the middle, creating a knockback. Move to the middle so you're knocked back only halfway and do not fall off of the platform. If you have an anti-knockback skill, be sure to use it.

Elenchos: The Endsinger will spawn one of two possible attacks:

  • If her MOUTH GLOWS purple - a line AoE will shoot through the middle --> Move to the sides.
  • If her EYES TEAR down her face in purple streaks - two line AoEs will shoot out on the sides --> Move to the middle.

Death's Embrace: Targets players with narrow cone AoE that follows the player when they move. Spread these out; DO NOT OVERLAP with other party members. Right after this attack a couple of adds called "Feather of Despair" will drop and start casting Pharmakon. Simply move away from the feathers, as they will spawn circle AoEs at their bases.

Aporrhos: Spawns 4 faces similar to that of The Endsinger which will cast a line AoE in the direction they are facing, like the mouth version of Elenchos. Position in between the faces to avoid this attack.

Hubris: Tankbuster on both tanks - spread these out as they are AoE attacks. Tanks: pop multiple cooldowns here. Healers: be ready to help heal them through this.

Elegeia Unforgotten: Like the original version this is a raid-wide AoE attack, followed by the spawn of two planets that will eventually collide. Watch the SLOWER moving planet for the collision. The boss will then begin to reconstruct the moon and cast the next spell,... Note: The planets will always explode in the same order if more than one collision is shown.

Fatalism: Rewinds the recorded event, will be cast within a Elegeia Unforgotten window.

Ekstasis: The Endsinger drops AoE puddles across the platform, these puddles will turn into heads which will in turn drop growing AoE puddles. Position yourself all the way at the edge at cardinal positions to avoid the puddles.

Interstellar: Before this attack The Endsinger changes its position and is indicated with the voiceline "'Tis so lonely between the stars". This attack will cleave through the middle so players should move to the sides of the arena, but at the same time it targets four players with an AoE circle. Position yourself so AoEs do not overlap and leave safe space for players without AoEs.

Nemesis: Spawns a targetted AoE on every player, spread out to avoid overlapping.

Planetes: Begins a cutscene and triggers the Add Phase.

Add Phase

The Endsinger spawns her necklace, Kakodaimon, as an add and slowly begins charging up an purple orb of oblivion along with a Despair gauge bar.

  • Meteor Radiant: Kakodaimon spawns planets on the outside of the arena that signals where they are about to fall through a rainbow-colored arrow. To avoid the AoE simply move away from the location the arrow lands at.
  • Meteor Outburst: Kakodaimon targets every player with an own AoE; spread out to avoid overlapping.
  • Ultimate Fate: Heavy raid-wide damage based on how far the Despair gauge filled. If the Endsinger was allowed to reach 100%, or if the party did not counter in time with a Tank role.png tank Limit break icon1.png  Limit Break 3 and mitigation, this attack will wipe the party.

After Ultimate Fate is withstood, the Endsinger will then cast a second Ultimate Fate that the players have no Limit break icon1.png  Limit Break to block it with, and seemingly wipe the party, which triggers another cutscene.

Phase 2

After the cutscene, the party will receive a Prayers of hope icon1.png Prayers of Hope buff that gains stacks over time, granting significantly increased damage.

Telos: Raid-wide AoE.

Telomania: This mechanic is a combination of multiple and repeats until you kill The Endsinger. The combination is as following:

  • First part of Telomania consists of four cleaves over the arena, mitigate and heal these as necessary.
  • Second part of Telomania is a raid-wide AoE similar to the one of Telos, however it is not as hard hitting.
  • Lastly, three sets of puddles will spawn under some players. Simply move to avoid getting hit.



Zenos: Our hunt ends this day. There is nowhere you can flee that we cannot follow.
The Endsinger: Even stars must die.
The Endsinger is recreating the despair she experienced!
The Endsinger is recreating the despair she experienced!
The Endsinger: Utterly futile.
The Endsinger: Your suffering is at an end.
The Endsinger: This is a kindness.
The Endsinger: All of us have known despair.
The Endsinger: We have seen the end.
The impact event has been recorded!
The Endsinger: The same end, again and again.
Tragedy is about to be repeated!
The Endsinger winds back the clock on the impact event!
The impact event has been recorded!
Tragedy is about to be repeated!
The Endsinger winds back the clock on the impact event!
The Endsinger: A sorrow so deep only emptiness remains.
The Endsinger: 'Tis so lonely between the stars.
The Endsinger: We have seen the end.
The impact event has been recorded!
The impact event has been recorded!
Tragedy is about to be repeated!
The Endsinger: The same end, again and again.
The Endsinger winds back the clock on the impact event!
Tragedy is about to be repeated!
The Endsinger winds back the clock on the impact event!
The Endsinger: If there is no happiness in life...
The Endsinger: There is only one place it may be found.
The Endsinger prepares to seal the fate of the universe!
The Endsinger: Oblivion!
10 seconds until oblivion is sealed...
Transcend your limits to survive!
5 seconds until oblivion is sealed...
4 seconds until oblivion is sealed...
3 seconds...
2 seconds...
1 second...
The Endsinger: Dynamis?
The Endsinger: No matter. You only delay the inevitable.
The Endsinger: This is fate!
The Endsinger: Your time has come. It always does...
10 seconds until oblivion is sealed...
Resist oblivion with all your being!
5 seconds until oblivion is sealed...
4 seconds until oblivion is sealed...
3 seconds...
2 seconds...
1 second...
Comrades: Light the way!
The Endsinger: What is this defiance?
The Endsinger: No! The hatred, the pain, the loss...
The Endsinger: We cannot suffer it again...
Alphinaud: We will stand against fate.
Alphinaud's prayer grants you strength!
Alisaie: No matter the cost!
Alisaie's prayer grants you strength!
Thancred: We've been here before...
Thancred's prayer grants you strength!
Urianger: Many a time.
Urianger's prayer grants you strength!
Y'shtola: Thus do we know...
Esteem withdraws from the battlefield.
Y'shtola's prayer grants you strength!
Estinien: To never give up.
Estinien's prayer grants you strength!
G'raha Tia: For hope will shine again!
G'raha Tia's prayer grants you strength!
The Endsinger: What we saw... What I saw...
The Endsinger: This can only end in misery and desolation!
The Endsinger: No life, no star, nor the universe itself...
The Endsinger: None should hope for better!



Prior to patch 6.5, owing to its lack of an ilvl sync, players can usually deal enough damage to finish the second phase quickly and skip much of the dialogue. For a better first-time experience, an item level sync of 570 was added in patch 6.5. This is the only 8-player level cap trial (current or historical) with an item level sync.