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The Whorleater (Unreal)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the level 80 Faux Hollows trial. For the level 50 challenge-mode trial, see The Whorleater (Extreme).


The Whorleater (Unreal)

The Whorleater (Unreal).png
80 (Sync: 80)
Item Level
430 (Sync: 435)
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
60 minutes
Req. quest
Feature quest Fantastic Mr. Faux
The Whorleater
La Noscea

The faux commander will be satisfied with nothing less than a daring tale of epic proportions, and few opponents loom larger than the legendary Leviathan. Summon forth your recollections of that heaving struggle, and let the waves of memory crash over you...

— In-game description

The Whorleater (Unreal) is a level 80 trial introduced in patch 5.5 with Shadowbringers.


Aggressive difficulty r6.png Primal: Leviathan

This fight is almost exactly the same as the Extreme version of the fight, however it has been scaled up to match the current lv.80 endgame content.

Players should note that while there is a railing preventing players from falling off the arena, that railing will be removed part-way through the fight. Players who fall off the arena are permanently removed from the fight. Players who are K.Oed during the fight can also be knocked off, so it is a good idea to revive players as soon as possible. Before the fight begins, each tank should be assigned to the head and the tail for phase 2 onwards. The boss has a hard enrage at 11 minutes, and must be defeated before then.

Phase 1

The fight starts with a simple burn phase. The boss will simply auto-attack here. This phase lasts until the boss reaches 90% or roughly 30 seconds have passed. at this time, the boss will disappear and dive into the water. Watch for the water spout to see where the boss will respawn and move to the opposite end of the ship deck to avoid Body Slam.

Phase 2

At this time the boss's tail will be targetable, and two ads will spawn. It should be noted that the tail and the boss are separate targets but share HP. The tail can use a point-blank swiping cleave and Scale Darts, an attack on the main enmity target. It can also cast Briny Mirror which debuffs the tank holding its enmity. While this doesn't do anything to the tank, whichever healer casts a spell on the debuffed tank will lose casting range on their spells. Healers should be aware of this, and the debuffed tank should do their best to mitigate damage until the debuff wears off. The tail will reflect any Magic-based damage, so casters should focus on the head. The head reflects any and all ranged attacks. It also gains new abilities:

  • Spinning Dive: The boss will leap across the arena either vertically or horizontally and drop Grand Falls AoEs. Later in the fight this attack will knock players off the boat if they are hit by it.
  • Aqua Breath: A point-blank AoE. This has no telegraph and happens throughout the fight. Simply heal through.
  • Dread Tide: A heavy-hitting tank buster. This will happen throughout the fight and needs to be mitigated.
  • Water Spout: Random players will be hit by this small AoE.
  • Tidal Roar: Unavoidable room-wide damage.

Two Wavespine Sahagins will spawn at the start of this phase as well. They will start using regular auto-attacks, and occasionally use an attack that applies a Paralysis icon1.png Paralyze debuff. If they are left alive for too long however, they will begin to spam cast Hydroshot, which drops AoEs under players that will debuff with Dropsy icon1.png Dropsy, making Water element attacks more effective. When the boss reaches 80% HP, Wavetooth Sahagins will begin to spawn. The ads will use regular auto-attacks until their HP gets to 70%, at which time they will cast Dreadstorm, a large AoE that will debuff any player who passes through it with Hysteria, which takes control from the player and they begin to run around randomly until the debuff resolves. If the player happens to pass through the AoE again, their debuff will be renewed. Eventually players will develop resistance to the debuff, but it takes a while. At 40% the ads will cast Dreadwash, an AoE from the ad that also debuffs with Hysteria icon1.png Hysteria. Any ads that spawn should be burned down quickly. When the boss reaches 70%, it will spawn 4 Gyre Spumes. While these don't attack, they will drain aether from the Energy Converter. There needs to be at least 30% left in the converter when you need to activate it to survive the boss's attack. When the Gyres are defeated they explode in a small AoE. Once the Gyres are defeated, the boss will become untargetable and use Spinning Dive across the arena, dropping Grand Falls AoEs under players, which deal damage and debuff with Heavy icon1.png Heavy, greatly restricting movement. If a player is hit by Spinning Dive, they will take damage, receive knockback and get debuffed with Water resistance down icon1.png Water Resistance Down. The boss will follow this up with Tidal Wave, an attack that will wipe the party if the Converter is not activated, or doesn't have enough energy. Players should activate the converter as soon as they identify which side the boss's attack is coming on to ensure the converter puts up a shield in time. After the attack the railings around the arena will be destroyed, and the boss will enter into the next phase.

Phase 3

From this point on, The fight will repeat almost the same as the previous phase, other than players can now be knocked off the boat and permanently removed from the fight, so players need to be careful and observe what side and what area the boss is charging from, and where it is using Body Slam, as the attack can also throw players off the boat. The boss will also begin using Tidal Roar twice in a row, and Spinning Dive will also drop more Grand Falls AoEs. Two more Wavespines will spawn at the start of the phase and Wavetooths will spawn and can be handled the same way as before. When the boss reaches 35% HP, it will use two Tidal Roars, summon 4 Gyre Spumes and 4 wave Spumes. These will tether to the Converter and quickly drain the energy from it. Players need to pick these up and pull them away until they explode. The tethers deal roughly 2000 damage per tick, and deal damage when they explode. A common strategy is to have either tank pick up all 4 and either mitigate the damage with cooldowns or simply use an invulnerability skill to handle the damage and the explosion. Once the Converter becomes active again, the boss will use another Spinning Dive and follow up with Tidal Wave. After this the boss will Body Slam the stage, summon Wavetooths and the phase will repeat once again, this time with no Spumes. The fight will repeat until roughly 11 minutes have passed, at which time the boss will become untargetable and use Tidal Wave and wipe the party, so it must be defeated before then.



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