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The Interphos

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The Interphos

The Interphos.png
Item Level
670 (Sync: 700)
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
60 minutes
Duty Finder
Trials (Dawntrail)
Allagan Tomestone of Aesthetics 10 
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest Dawntrail
Unlost World
Stone, Sky, Sea

A world free of suffering and loss... This earnest wish, made by the young Queen Sphene in her final moments, was realized centuries later in the form of Living Memory, the twisted paradise behind the legend of the golden city. In order to obtain the aether needed to sustain the sanctuary’s recreated denizens, Sphene has shed her conscience─the memories she had as a living person─to arise as within the Meso Terminal a terrifying entity possessed of absolute authority. Thus empowered, she now seeks to initiate interdimensional fusion and harvest the life force of people in other worlds, and it falls to you to stop her before untold lives are sacrificed.

— In-game description

The Interphos is a level 100 trial introduced in patch 7.0 with Dawntrail.


Please note that players may fall off the arena to their deaths.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Queen Eternal

  • Legitimate Force: One of the boss's four hands will begin glowing, followed by another on the opposite side, indicating two sequential half-room AoEs from the glowing hands. In later usages of this attack, two hands on the same side may glow.
  • Aethertithe: Will do continuous light magical damage for the next set of mechanics, requiring healing.
  • The absorption of aether accelerates! A moving green grid will spawn on the arena. A section of the grid will become distorted and travel to the boss at a faster rate, indicating a conal AoE hitting that section of the arena. Anyone hit will be sucked in and instantly killed. There will be three AoEs in total each hitting a different section of the arena (northeast, middle, northwest)
  • Coronation: Multiple moving orange targeting rings will sequentially appear and follow random players. A few seconds later, they will lock in (become partially green) and use a circle AoE at that position.
  • During this, the main tank will be hit with a telegraphed physical tankbuster (Prosecution of War).
  • Virtual Shift: Party-wide magical damage and transitions the arena to a smaller hourglass shape, leaving two gaps in the middle.
  • Coronation: Now summons a moving line AoE telegraph, which will tether two players. The telegraph (which will always be horizontal) will follow the players to the average of their y-position and resolve a few seconds later.
  • Downburst: Telegraphed radial knockback from one corner of the arena. Players should position to be knocked back across the diagonal to avoid falling off, or use knockback immunities.
  • Brutal Crown: Five floating noulith-like appendages will converge on one position, indicating a donut AoE with a late telegraph.
  • Powerful Gust: Telegraphed horizontal knockback from the east or west. Players should position to be knocked back across the top or bottom edge to avoid falling off, or use knockback immunities.
  • Virtual Shift: Party-wide magical damage and reverts the arena to its original state.
  • Coronation (the moving baited line AoE) is used again but is now combined with Aethertithe.
  • Royal Domain: Party-wide magical damage.
  • Mechanics repeat until the boss uses Virtual Shift again, which now transitions the arena into two smaller, disconnected rectangles. This will also give everyone Gravitational anomaly icon.png Gravitational Anomaly, causing them to float and allowing them to freely maneuver around the arena. Note that touching the border will still result in death.
  • Castellation: The boss summons a castle wall on the north, leaving some holes within. The holes will either be at the top or the bottom. The castle wall will charge forward and knock back and kill any player that it hits (Besiegement). As they are currently floating, players must position to be in line with a top hole.
  • Gravity increases, making you fall. Players will stop floating and must position to land safely on one of the two small platforms to avoid falling off.
  • Castellation is used again, but players must now be in line with a bottom hole to avoid being killed.
  • Gravity deceases, making you float. Players will begin floating again and will need to resolve Castellation using the upper holes again.
  • The boss will use Legitimate Force again and players will lose ability to float afterwards.
  • Virtual Shift reverts the arena to its original state again.
  • Absolute Authority: A slow cast that begins a fast-paced series of mechanics:
  • During this sequence, the the boss will continually pulse magical damage, so healing and mitigation are recommended.
    • Four players (all DPS) are given a flare marker and should move away from the party.
    • All players are given an red overhead stack triangle and should stack with at least one other person.
    • Multiple circle AoEs spawn, leaving some safe spots where players should stack together.
    • Another set of circle AoEs appears, leaving new safe spots.
    • The Acceleration bomb icon.png Authority's Hold (acceleration bomb) debuff given to all players resolve, so they should stop moving in the new safe spots to avoid taking damage.
    • Both healers are given a gaze indicator. Other players should look away from them, or they will be Petrification icon1.png petrified.
  • Divide and Conquer: Sequential telegraphed line AoEs on random players dealing magical damage, followed by another set of telegraphed line AoEs hitting all players at once. Spread out.
  • Aethertithe is used again, but the donut AoE indicator will begin appear partway through the room cleave, so players should lean towards that side of the room when dodging the cleaves.

Mechanics repeat until the boss's health reaches around 30%, after which a cutscene will play and a short "victory lap" phase begins.

  • Dynastic Diadem: Telegraphed donut AoE directly in front of the boss.
  • Royal Banishment: Five hits of party-wide magical damage. During this, telegraphed conal AoEs will originate from the boss and should be dodged.
  • Partway through the phase, each player will receive Dawn's Resolve icon.png Dawn's Resolve, increasing their damage dealt.

Mechanics repeat until the boss is defeated.



All NPC lines are voice acted.

Queen Eternal: Greetings and good-bye.
Queen Eternal: Do not be afraid. Death is not the end. 
Queen Eternal: We require aether.
Queen Eternal: Deploying drones.
Queen Eternal: I will show you the worlds beyond.
Queen Eternal: Are you still alive? Activating reserve power.
Queen Eternal: Are you still alive? Disengaging safeties.
Queen Eternal: Target area delineated. Commencing erasure.
5 seconds to Absolute Authority...
4 seconds to Absolute Authority...
3 seconds to Absolute Authority...
2 seconds to Absolute Authority...
1 second to Absolute Authority...
Queen Eternal: System overload. Aborting process.
Queen Eternal: Let us rise above death!
Queen Eternal: Are you still alive? Recommencing erasure.
Queen Eternal: System overload. An error has occurred.
Queen Eternal: System override order confirmed.
5 seconds to Absolute Authority...
4 seconds to Absolute Authority...
3 seconds to Absolute Authority...
2 seconds to Absolute Authority...
1 second to Absolute Authority...
Sphene: I can't bear to lose them! Not again!
Wuk Lamat: I feel your pain! As if it were my own!
Wuk Lamat: At last I think I know you─all of you.
Sphene: How can you say that to me now!?
Wuk Lamat: It's over, Sphene. We will stop you.
Sphene: No! I won't let you! I can't!
Sphene: I will protect my people's happiness!
Wuk Lamat: Leave that burden with us now.
Wuk Lamat: We will bear it in your stead!