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The Gilded Araya

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The Gilded Araya

Guilded araya logo.png
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
60 minutes
Req. quest
Feature quest Gentlemen at Heart
The Gilded Araya

Vanhudi has welcomed you to the Gilded Araya, the historic vault within which he houses his many and wondrous treasures. But it is not wonder that fills your heart when you spy the ominous devices lining the side of the structure─devices you remember seeing inside the Tower of Babil.

Your sense of dread is justified when the summoning begins. Drawing upon the devotion of the imprisoned faithful, the corrupted incarnation of a Manusya is brought into being. She is Asura, a deity of battle and conflict, and whether you wish it or not, your mettle will be tested!

— In-game description

The Gilded Araya is a level 90 trial introduced in patch 6.55 with Endwalker.


Aggressive difficulty r6.png False Manusya: Asura

  • Lower Realm: Raidwide damage and spawns a lethal AoE at the edge of the arena.
  • Asuri Chakra: Spawns a point-blank AoE and multiple concentric ring AoE telegraphs, leaving narrow safe spots in between them. Later casts of this will include several point-blank AoE telegraphs on random party members that go off at the same time as the ring telegraphs.
  • Cutting Jewel: Telegraphed AoE tankbuster.
  • Ephemerality: Physical raidwide damage and spawns several phantom clones of the boss. These will each do a point-blank AoE with a very brief telegraph.
  • The boss will summon a large clone of herself in the background past the north side of the arena, then tether to it during the following mechanics. This will repeat the subsequent Iconography AoEs from the boss, but centered on the clone and much larger. The boss will cast each of the 3 Iconography attacks in succession, in a random order.
  • Iconography: Pedestal Purge: Telegraphed point-blank AoE from the boss.
    • Iconic Execution: A briefly telegraphed, massive point-blank AoE from the clone. Move away from it.
  • Iconography: Wheel of Deincarnation: Telegraphed donut AoE from the boss.
    • Iconic Execution: A briefly telegraphed, donut AoE from the clone. Move towards it
  • Iconography: Bladewise: Telegraphed line AoE from the boss.
    • Iconic Execution: A briefly telegraphed, wide line AoE from the clone. Move to its sides.
  • Six-bladed Khadga: Asura telegraphs six sequential half-room cleaves, cleaving either her north, west, or east, and traveling in a clockwise or counterclockwise pattern. The last three cleaves are a repeat of the first three.
  • The Face of Wrath / The Face of Delight: Divides the arena into a red half and blue half while summoning either a red or blue mask. Go to the opposite floor color as the mask, because the same color floor will blow up.
  • Myriad Aspects: Two sets of telegraphed conal AoEs.
  • Bladescatter: Multiple sequential telegraphed line AoEs that will spawn clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The boss will use all 3 Iconography attacks again, in a random order. However, it will also cast Iconic Transcendence , which will cause the clone to teleport to a random location prior to using its own version of each of the 3 attacks. Players will need to identify the new location of the clone and resolve the follow-up Iconic Execution AoEs relative to it.
  • Asuri Chakra is later repeated with telegraphed spread AoEs on random players.




Asura: I am Asura, and on battle I thrive.
Asura: Have you the courage and strength to face me?
Asura: Will you dodge or will you bleed?
Asura: The frail shall fall!
Asura: You've not time to blink!
Asura: Tremble before the might of the Manusya!
Asura: Come forth, embodiment of carnage!
Asura: Revel on the bloody field of war!
Asura: The spirit of battle awakens!
Asura: Sharp is the lesson!
Asura: The weak shall perish!
Asura: Fear the gleaming edge!
Asura: Unmerciful light shine upon you!
Asura: Behold the sixfold blade!
Asura: Fury be my strength!
Asura: I will scatter your bones!
Asura: The face of battle is ever changing...
Asura: Joyful is your downfall! 


  • This duty was originally made playable during the 2023-24 Fan Festivals as an optional "battle challenge" for attendees.