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Ultima's Bane (Unreal)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the level 90 Faux Hollows trial. For the level 50 challenge-mode trial, see The Minstrel's Ballad: Ultima's Bane.


Ultima's Bane (Unreal)

Ultima's Bane (Unreal).png
90 (Sync: 90)
Item Level
560 (Sync: 565)
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
60 minutes
Req. quest
Feature quest Fantastic Mr. Faux
Porta Decumana

The faux commander seeks ultimate entertainment in his tales, and what should lend itself better to such than your furious encounter with the Ultima Weapon? Call to mind the time the steel-clad monstrosity stood menacingly before you, and let your imagination run wild...

— In-game description

Ultima's Bane (Unreal) is a level 90 trial introduced in patch 6.1 with Endwalker.


Video guide by Mrhappy1227

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Anti-Eikon Warmachina: Ultima Weapon

Phase 1

Viscous Aetheroplasm and Diffractive Laser (tank mechanics): The boss will apply a stack of this to the main target at a set interval. Receiving five stacks of this will result in immediate death, so tanks must swap before this happens. The debuff takes roughly a minute to fall off. Note that boss will also occasionally use an untelegraphed cone tankbuster, and auto-attacks will also deal heavy damage.

Homing Lasers: The boss will periodically fire these at a random DPS player. These lasers explode in a small AoE so it is recommended to spread out to avoid overlapping damage.

During the first portion of the fight, Ultima will occasionally summon Garuda, who will drop to the center of the arena, turn to face a random direction, and begin to cast Mistral Song, telegraphed by a large green AoE that takes up roughly a third of the arena. At the same time, the boss will also cast Vulcan Burst, sending each player backwards into the wall of the arena in a staggered animation. Players need to be positioned so that when they are knocked away, they don't accidentally get sent into Garuda's attack, as getting hit by it will result in a Vulnerability Up icon1.png Vulnerability Up stack.

The boss can also summon a vortex on the edge of the arena that deals damage to stand in, while also summoning Geocrush markers in the center of the arena. Players will need to move to the center of the arena into the Geocrush markers, then once the blue vortex disappears, back out to avoid the second attack. Getting hit by Geocrush will result in a Vulnerability Up icon1.png Vulnerability Up stack, and damage based on proximity. These attacks will continue until the boss reaches roughly 80% health, at which time he will purge Garuda and begin using new attacks.

Radiant Plume/Weight of the Land: This combo will spawn fiery AoEs around the arena first, then fill the remaining area with pulsating earth AoEs. Players must move out of the fire AoEs until they detonate, then out of the earth AoEs (note that earth AoEs in center can be avoided by standing directly in center - remember that your character's hitbox is a pixel in the very center of your body). The fire plumes can appear either around the entire edge of the arena, in two lines across the center, or in the middle of the arena. Getting hit by either AoE will result in a Vulnerability Up icon1.png Vulnerability Up stack.

Ceruleum Vent: circular AoE around boss.

Tank Purge: High damage roomwide AoE, healers should be ready and tanks should mitigate this.

These attacks will continue until the boss reaches roughly 65% health, at which time Titan will be purged, and the boss will start using attacks solely from Ifrit.

Eruption: The boss will target two random players and place 5 large exploding AoEs underneath them, which will detonate after a short while. This will happen three times, so to mitigate this, players should group up to bait the AoEs (run around walls of arena, avoiding tanks), then simply move out of the AoEs before they explode.

Crimson Cyclone/Radiant Plume: The boss will place several Radiant Plume AoEs around the arena, while Ifrit drops at the edge of the arena in a random location, then after a short wait, charges across the arena. This will repeat three times, and players must avoid both Ifrit and the AoEs, as getting hit by either will result in a Vulnerability Up icon1.png Vulnerability Up stack. The first set of Plumes will go off before Ifrit dashes. Once the boss reaches 45% health, Ifrit will be purged and the boss will enter its next phase.

Phase 2

Aetheric Boon (first at 50%): Each player will be knocked backwards to the walls of the arena (non-tanks should group together around boss's flank before cast ends), and pairs of orbs will spawn. These orbs will tether together and slowly move towards each other. If they are allowed to touch, the party will be defeated. To handle this, at least one of the orbs in the pair must be touched by a player. When the orbs are touched, they will deal shared damage nearby and explode in a large AoE, damaging anyone who is hit. It is recommended to have the tanks use their defensive cooldowns (note invulns will not work) and run through the orbs, with rest of party stacking east to pop other orbs. These orbs will spawn three times in this phase, with each spawn bringing more orbs and increasing their speed. Tank Limit Break 3 should be used during the third Boon's cast time if available (if DPS is high, you may not have three full bars, even if party composition is optimal - ie no duplicated jobs).

Magitek Bits: Once the boss reaches 40% health, it will spawn several Magitek Bits, which will fire lasers across the screen at random. They should be destroyed as soon as possible to mitigate potential damage and make movement and casting easier.

Green orbs: 1-2 players are marked with green markers, and a green orb will slowly follow them from boss. Explodes on touch to deal damage in AoE, or explodes in a bit if no one touches. Should be kited away from party. around edges.

Around this time, two impact markers will appear on the stage, indicating that an Airship is going to crash. Move away from both of them to heavily mitigate the damage. This, along with the Bits, will reoccur one again when the boss reaches 20% health, with four markers instead of two (lasers still need to be dodged while avoiding proximity markers). The boss will also begin firing lasers in the direction of a random player that runs across the arena in an AoE that explodes shortly after.

This phase will repeat until either the boss is defeated, or it reaches its enrage time of ten minutes, at which point it will cast Ultima, wiping the party.