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Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment

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Quest giver
Excavation Tunnels (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Quests
Previous quest
Feature QuestEverything You Know Is Wrong
Next quest
Feature QuestTo Make Amends

Konogg would attend to simpler matters before embarking on any further missions relating to unfathomable technology and the applications thereof.

— In-game description



  • Speak with Konogg.
  • Speak with Glagg.
  • Speak with Komra's residents.
  • Speak with Glagg.
  • Speak with Glagg again.
  • Speak with Konogg.
  • Speak with Konogg again.
  • Speak with Konogg yet again.
  • Survey the destination for signs of Anogg.
  • Survey the next destination for signs of Anogg.
  • Survey the final destination for signs of Anogg.
  • Speak with Konogg.


  • Konogg would attend to simpler matters before embarking on any further missions relating to unfathomable technology and the applications thereof.
  • You consult with Konogg, who mentions that he would like to check on the other villagers─a perfectly reasonable idea, given that if they are fine, they will have ale, and if not, they will need help. Even Anogg agrees to go, but before any of you can move a single step, raucous noise emanates from outside the door.
  • The door opens to reveal quite a few dwarves of Komra present and not in the best of moods. Due to eyewitness accounts of a not entirely inaccurate but nevertheless incomplete nature, it seems that many have concluded Anogg and Konogg to be the source of the chaos. With tempers running high, it is impossible for the siblings to get a word in edgeways about their motivations or the dangers that remain, and thus Konogg begs you to explain the situation to the village elder in their stead.
  • It transpires that the elder, Glagg, is keen to get proper grasp of the circumstances surrounding the disaster himself─though like the other villagers, he is fixated on apportioning blame to the exclusion of all else. Perhaps if you assist him in reconciling the villagers' differing perspectives, he will be more inclined to listen to your side of the story.
  • As you speak to the villagers, it immediately becomes clear why Glagg is having difficulty deriving a coherent conclusion from their disparate─and in some cases melodramatic─assertions. Hopefully your explanation can add some sense to the mix.
  • You speak with Glagg, who is completely unsurprised by his people's unhelpfulness. In a last-ditch effort to weed out those who simply like yelling from those with actual knowledge of the situation, he asks for a show of hands. Alas, this directive too goes unheeded.
  • Finally having given up on making heads or tails of what the villagers have to say, Glagg turns to you for a conclusive verdict on who is at fault for this incident, at last providing you the opportunity to present your perspective. However, before he can announce said results to the people at large, he is interrupted by Anogg─who is in turn interrupted by 2B, whose sudden and menacing appearance sends the other dwarves fleeing in terror. Though she ostensibly merely found the argument over blame to be as pointless as it in fact was, Konogg has a sneaking suspicion that she intervened out of concern for the twins' welfare.
  • Given the kindness that she has shown him and his sister, Konogg feels it only right that he thank 2B. Presumably she may be found back at the bedside of her inert comrade.
  • You enter Anogg's hideaway to find Konogg attempting to convince 2B to come with him and speak with the villagers, concerned that as things stand, they will be unable to accept that 2B is on their side. She dismisses this as of no import, and without further ado hoists 9S over her shoulder and leaves─presumably to continue her campaign against the machines. Konogg worries for her, but also for Anogg, who was still racked with guilt when last you saw her.
  • You and Konogg proceed to the workspace where Anogg may usually be found, but she is nowhere to be seen. Panicking at the thought of his sister alone and at the mercy of angry villagers and hostile machines, Konogg implores you to search the area around Komra for any sign of her.
  • On your search for suitable brooding spots, you climb a ridge overlooking the path to the village. Alas, Anogg is not there, nor anywhere in view.
  • You continue further afield to a contemplative sort of clifftop, but again you are disappointed.
  • Having glimpsed neither helm nor beard of Anogg elsewhere, you finally make your way to the Dwarven Hollows. Sadly, you discover that Anogg has not, in fact, decided to stop in the middle of a knocker-infested cave for a spot of soul-searching.
  • For want of ideas, you return to Komra to consult Konogg. You find that he has had no better luck in finding his sister, and his spirits are much the worse off for it. Where can she possibly have gone?