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Nightworld Silver Piece

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Nightworld Silver Piece

Item type
Material type
Vendor Value
Gil 500
Market board icon1.png MB prices

A coin of ancient currency. Whatever design its face may have once borne is now entirely lost to time.

Exchangeable for gil.

— In-game description

Functionally identical to Allagan silver piece icon1.png  Allagan Silver Piece but obtained from various activities and quests in Norvrandt and Tural due to lore-wise absence of the Allagan Empire in those regions.



Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Courting Cooperation Main Scenario quest 72 Urianger
The Aftermath Main Scenario quest 75 Almet
Out of the Wood Main Scenario quest 76 Y'shtola
That None Shall Ever Again Main Scenario quest 78 Alphinaud
Return to Eulmore Main Scenario quest 77 Manager of Suites
A Dirty Job Main Scenario quest 77 Guthjon
A Tearful Reunion Role quest 80 Cerigg
Resolve Regained Sidequest 70 Tolas
Flowering Friendships Sidequest 70 Tolas
The Sullen Man Sidequest 70 Dadfort
Her True Calling Sidequest 70 Callea
Children of the Derelicts Sidequest 70 Sristialla
Wright for the Job Feature quest 70 Eueliss
Word about Komra Feature quest 70 Gossipy Dwarf
Ronitt to the Rescue Feature quest 70 Ronitt
Worm in the Ointment Sidequest 70 Seasoned Scavenger
Semi Auto-malik Sidequest 70 Ghun Gun
An Axle to Grind Sidequest 70 Horthur
Marks of the Monarch Sidequest 70 Watch Amaro
The Key Ingredient Sidequest 70 Tonatiuh
Do the Chuckle Sidequest 70 Deushs Aath
Scales for the Scaled Ones Sidequest 70 Amshs Aath
Hearts as One Feature quest 70 Ciuna
Beware the Benthos Sidequest 70 Kewshs Ooan
Barking Up the Right Tree Sidequest 70 Harvene
Back Where it Belongs Sidequest 70 Nymet
Ondo Dream of Oranges Sidequest 70 Ondo Visionary
More than One Way to Skin a Stingray Sidequest 70 Nakshs Koal
Tomorrow Is in Your Fins Sidequest 70 Naroshs Koal
Snakes in the Grass Feature quest 70 Quinfort
Oh, Snap Sidequest 70 Ersabel
Shaken Resolve Main Scenario quest 80 Tataru
A Welcome Guest Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Nowhere to Turn Main Scenario quest 80 Kai-Shirr
For the People Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Way Home Main Scenario quest 80 Krile
Facing the Truth Main Scenario quest 80 Lyna
An Old Friend Main Scenario quest 80 Y'shtola
Heroic Dreams Main Scenario quest 80 Eirwel
Etched in the Stars Main Scenario quest 80 Peculiar Crystal
The Journey Continues Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud

Used For

Can be sold for Gil 500 gil.