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Carnivals and Confrontations

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Carnivals and Confrontations

Carnivals and Confrontations.png
Quest giver
Dig Site Chief
Kholusia (X:34.7, Y:18.2)
Quest line
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Quests
Experience 0
Gil 655
Previous quest
Feature QuestTails, You Lose
Feature QuestHeads, I Win
Next quest
Feature QuestOne Way to Do It

The dig site chief has a request for you. You could not possibly guess who it concerns.

— In-game description



  • The dig site chief has a request for you. You could not possibly guess who it concerns.
  • As usual, the dig site chief is worried about Anogg and Konogg─or rather, their capacity to wreak havoc if left to their own devices for long enough. He also mentions that they have been shirking their village duties to continue their research into the key that you located in the Copied Factory, and asks that you remind them of this fact after you have finished confirming whether they've set anything on fire.
  • Per the chief's request, you speak to Anogg, who immediately expresses her frustration with the progress of their tinkering. Said progress, as Konogg explains, is in fact quite substantial─the two have been able to confirm that the device you recovered is in fact the “key” to some manner of weaponry, and were even able to get it working. Alas, its energy reserves ran dry soon after, and it will require additional power if it is to fulfill its purpose. This is typically the point at which one or the other of them would request you find a power source for them, but their incessant need to bicker reasserts itself at the critical moment, sparing you being set a new task. For now.