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Everything You Know Is Wrong

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Everything You Know Is Wrong

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Quest giver
Excavation Tunnels (X:5.9, Y:4.7)
Quest line
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Quests
Gil 4,800
Previous quest
Feature QuestWe Can Rebuild Her
Next quest
Feature QuestCrime and Punishment

The glee in Anogg's eyes at the sight of 2P's awakening could only be born of keen self-interest. It would not be wise to keep her waiting.

— In-game description





  • The glee in Anogg's eyes at the sight of 2P's awakening could only be born of keen self-interest. It would not be wise to keep her waiting.
  • Sparing but the barest explanation of affairs for the now functional 2P, Anogg immediately solicits the android's help in using the key, which she does all too readily. The ground begins to tremble, and you rush outside to find the village relentlessly bombarded by a number of unknown craft. However, that is far from the only unpleasant surprise, as you soon learn it was 2P herself who brought about the attack, betraying you and your dwarven companions. With your entire party taken off guard by this news, Anogg comes within a hair's breadth of a dire fate at 2P's hands, but thankfully is rescued by a black-garbed android identifying herself as “2B.” Though your faith in androids may not be at its strongest, you have little choice but to ally yourself with 2B as you pursue the nefarious white-garbed group.
    • ※The Puppets' Bunker can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You find that the white-garbed androids have fled deep underground, to a strange facility rife with even more technological marvels than the Copied Factory. Many such machines are controlled by hostile androids, and you bring down one after another until you are at last able to confront 2P─or what she has become. Though the agglomeration of what you can only assume to be semi-formed androids will likely haunt your nightmares for years to come, you win the battle...however, with so many mysteries unsolved, it is clear that the war is not yet over.
  • Having witnessed the reality of the hostile androids' capabilities, Anogg laments her own role in abetting 2P's plans. 2B cuts in, however, claiming responsibility for the catastrophe─and thanks to some well-placed questions from Konogg, you finally obtain a few useful answers about the androids and machine lifeforms. According to 2B, the androids are from another world entirely, and the machine lifeforms are invaders even there. She also believes that the white-garbed androids were created by the machines to fight the original, black-garbed androids as part of their ongoing conflict. What any of this means for the First is difficult to ascertain, but it seems that as the enemy of your enemy, 2B can be considered a friend for now─in which case, the android boy with whom you previously clashed in the Copied Factory may well be too.
  • Having offered to take 2B to see her presumed ally, Konogg escorts you to where he and Anogg keep the inert android. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Anogg has appropriated yet another part of the excavation tunnels─where, you recall, the siblings weren't ever meant to set foot─and this semi-secret location is where 9S may be found.
  • Upon setting eyes on 9S, 2B confirms that he is indeed her comrade, and that his assistance is indispensable if you are to prevail over the machine lifeforms and their own androids. Though Konogg expects that it will be possible to repair 9S in the same fashion you did 2P, he is also sensitive to his sister's considerable distress, and suggests that all might benefit from a brief respite.