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A Scandal in Komra

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A Scandal in Komra

A Scandal in Komra.png
Quest giver
Gossipy Dwarf
Kholusia (X:12.9, Y:8.7)
Quest line
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Quests
Required quest
Shadowbringers (Quest)
Required items
1 Bejeweled bracelet icon1.png  Bejeweled Bracelet
Experience 0
Gil 1,455
Previous quest
Word about Komra
Next quest
On the Threshold

A certain gossipy dwarf has news that might be of interest to you.

— In-game description





  • A certain gossipy dwarf has news that might be of interest to you.
  • According to the gossipy dwarf, Komra has recently been troubled by a number of thefts. The culprit has yet to be identified, and there are fears that the lingering enmity between the dwarven communities could lead the residents of Komra to hold Tomra's people responsible, so someone must solve the mystery before tensions rise. Why this someone should be you is unclear, but is that not always the way of it?
  • You speak with the chief of the dig site in Komra, who confirms that both priceless artifacts and excavation tools have gone missing. Alas, he is at a loss for leads, so he suggests that you continue the investigation in his stead. Perhaps there will be some manner of clue that can only be spotted through eyes honed by many years of seeking out random objects at the behest of everyone and their mothers.
  • Though you are not so fortunate as to catch the culprit in the act, searching the area the chief indicated does reveal one thing that is not like the others─a bejeweled bracelet. Its make and general state of cleanliness suggest that it was not so recently recovered from ruins as its location might lead one to think, but the dig site chief ought to be able to tell you for certain.
  • The chief confirms that the bracelet you picked up does not, in fact, belong at the dig site. He believes that he has previously seen it on a young woman in the village─who is likely visibly distressed by its loss at the moment, and therefore should be easy enough to seek out.
  • You speak to the bracelet's owner, who is both relieved to have her accessory returned and more than willing to provide information on its origin. Apparently, it was given to her by the dig site watch, which paints at least a partial picture of how it ended up where it did─or at least enough of one to know that probing further into the particulars would be unwise, lest you be forced to imagine salacious sights that the mind's eye cannot unsee. Unfortunately, she does not know whence the site watch himself purchased the item, or indeed how he managed to afford it to begin with.
  • After witnessing yet another argument between the dwarven siblings Anogg and Konogg and the dig site watch over whether the twins might be allowed into the machine graveyard, you inquire as to how he got his hands on the bracelet. Suspiciously, he seems loath to divulge the details─details that an innocent man would surely have no reason not to relate.
  • The watchman's figurative evasiveness turns literal as he flees the scene. He is pursued by the ever-persistent Anogg and Konogg─who have nothing at all to do with the matter at hand, but are happy to seize any opportunity that might allow them to relieve the man of the key to the ruins.
  • You follow on the heels of the dwarven siblings, who at last corner the watchman─only to find that the watchman has in fact been three identical watchmen all this time. This raises several questions, but two of the triplets take up arms before you can ask even one, and if they so desire a battle, who are you not to oblige?
  • You defeat two of the brothers that had been masquerading as one man with little effort. They flee once again but, given the beating that you doled out not moments ago, are unlikely to get far enough to cause further trouble. All that remains is to track down the third and ensure that he understands what will happen if he continues to be a belligerent imbecile.
  • You find the final triplet, and once again press him to confess his crimes. He gives in immediately, divulging the brothers' plan to sell off valuables from the dig site in order to obtain funds for gifts that might be used to woo the lass from the village whom you met earlier. Left with little recourse but to repent lest he suffer the same pummelling as his siblings, he departs to beg the dig site chief's mercy.
  • You spy a gleaming object on the ground─the dig site key, presumably dropped by the watchman in his haste to escape punishment at your hands. What you do with the key is up to you, but it would be prudent to at least check in with the chief and see if he's noticed that it's missing before absconding with it.
  • The chief has not, in fact, noticed that the watch's key has vanished into the aether. He seems quite relieved that the caper has been resolved, so perhaps the lump of iron in your pocket can be considered fair payment for your services.