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One Way to Do It

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One Way to Do It

One Way to Do It.png
Quest giver
Excavation Tunnels (X:5.8, Y:4.7)
Quest line
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Quests
Required items
1 Chunk of knocker icon1.png  Chunk of Knocker
Previous quest
Feature QuestCarnivals and Confrontations
Next quest
Feature QuestWe Can Rebuild Her

Anogg would like to continue what may be charitably termed the discussion at hand.

— In-game description




  • Anogg would like to continue what may be charitably termed the discussion at hand.
  • Anogg insists that it is in the village's best interest that you use the key to claim the androids' enigmatic weaponry as soon as possible so that the twins may study it. Forced to concede that she may have a point, Konogg agrees to help─though not without complaint. It seems you will be searching for that power source after all.
  • According to Anogg, one of the crystals that comprises a knocker should provide enough energy to power the key. She sends you off to the Dwarven Hollows to seek one out while she and Konogg consider the problem of how said energy might be harnessed for your purposes.
  • You pounce upon an unsuspecting knocker and bash it to pieces─all for the greater good, of course. Now with a sizable chunk of crystal in hand, you are ready to return to Anogg.
  • Though you provide the crystal to Anogg, successful implementation will require an amount of experimentation. The twins are keen to begin, but unfortunately for them, they are interrupted before they can so much as connect a whatsit to a thingamabob by the dig site chief, who will brook no further delay in the completion of their preparations for the upcoming carnival. As they grudgingly leave their work in the tunnels behind, he encourages you to attend the event. What exactly it entails remains a mystery, but one thing is certain: there will be drinking.