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Konogg, Alone

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Konogg, Alone

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Quest giver
Dig Site Chief
Kholusia (X:34.7, Y:18.2)
Quest line
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Quests
Previous quest
Feature QuestTo Make Amends
Next quest
Feature QuestBrave New World

The dig site chief is still concerned about the twins.

— In-game description




  • The dig site chief is still concerned about the twins.
  • The chief tells you that naught has changed since last you spoke─Anogg's whereabouts remain unknown, and Konogg has yet to emerge from the doldrums or his place in the tunnels. Though there is little to be done about the former, perhaps a friendly word with Konogg might cheer the young dwarf.
  • You seek out Konogg, but find him stricken with a fever. Though you insist that he rest, it is not altogether clear that he is lucid enough to understand. Perhaps the chief will be able to help.
  • The chief seems distraught to hear that Konogg is unwell. He resolves to fetch a remedy posthaste, barking hasty orders to meet him at Konogg's bedside before rushing off.
  • You return to where you left Konogg, along with the worried chief. Unfortunately, the young dwarf is no longer abed, nor indeed anywhere in sight.
  • Upon consulting with the chief about this dismaying development, the two of you resolve to speak with the villagers. If Konogg has indeed wandered off in his half-conscious state, someone likely took notice.
  • Though you ask a variety of potential witnesses, not a single dwarf produces information that might lead you to Konogg. Perhaps the chief has had better luck.
  • The chief tells you that one of his miners indeed caught sight of a feverish Konogg making his way from the village. He was headed in the direction of the crater whence you previously entered the Puppets' Bunker─so that is again where you must go if you would bring him home.
  • You gaze out over the crater, but Konogg is nowhere to be found amongst the bulky metal debris. For better or worse, you have an inkling as to where he has gone...