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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Feature Quest. For the level 50 Alliance Raid, see Syrcus Tower. For the furniture item, see Syrcus Tower (Furniture). For the landmark in The Crystarium, see Syrcus Tower (Landmark).
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Syrcus Tower

Syrcus Tower (Quest).png
Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:30.4, Y:12.1)
Quest line
Crystal Tower
Experience 0
Gil 3,752
Previous quest
Feature QuestFor Prosperity
Next quest
Feature QuestThe World of Darkness

Rammbroes is frustrated over NOAH's lack of progress on the Crystal Tower.

— In-game description




These alliance raids are not difficult and can be done blind in the Duty Finder. Tanks will have the longest queue times as only 3 of the 24 players in Alliance Raids are tanks. If you are going blind as tank please know that all tanks are expected to run stance and there are no off-tanks in alliance raids.



  • Rammbroes is frustrated over NOAH's lack of progress on the Crystal Tower.
  • Rammbroes informs you that the investigation of the Crystal Tower is being hindered by the most mundane of security measures: a gate that refuses to open. Even as Cid and G'raha Tia rack their brains to find a solution, two peculiar individuals arrive and offer their aid. They introduce themselves as Doga and Unei, scholars of ancient Allag sent by the Students of Baldesion. Though Rammbroes is at first suspicious of their origin, he relents at G'raha Tia's behest and allows them to join NOAH in an advisory capacity. Without further ado, Doga and Unei are asked to examine the sealed gate which leads into Syrcus Tower. Accompany the two scholars to the Eight Sentinels, and there speak with Biggs to be shown to the gate.
  • Much to the surprise of all present, Doga and Unei open the gate as if they were born to do it. Speak with Doga to learn how this feat was possible.
  • Doga and Unei reveal that they are "clones"-- copies of two individuals who claim direct descent from Emperor Xande, the founding father of the Allagan Empire. In his desire to bring the world under his rule, Xande consorted with forbidden powers. Fearful of what might befall the world, the original Doga and Unei attempted to thwart their emperor's scheme. They imbued their clones with their will, that their work might continue in the event of their death. After millennia in slumber, the two clones now seek to finish what their namesakes had begun, but they require your help to succeed. The members of NOAH unanimously agree to join their cause, and Rammbroes tasks you with eliminating all hostile elements within Syrcus Tower and finally defeating Emperor Xande. See to your preparations, then speak with G'raha Tia.
  • You have declared your readiness to enter Syrcus Tower to G'raha Tia. Fight your way to the top of the structure, and strike down Emperor Xande.
  • Syrcus Tower can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have defeated Xande, but your victory proves short-lived. Even as Doga and Unei attempt to annul the emperor's dark covenant, an entity calling itself the Cloud of Darkness pulls them into the rift that had manifested before the throne. Nero attempts to save them for his owns reasons, only to end up sharing their fate.
  • With the rift having vanished, you are powerless to help your friends. For now, return to Saint Coinach's Find, and consult Rammbroes as to a way to bring them back.
  • Rammbroes believes that Doga, Unei, and Nero were drawn through a Voidgate, and into the dark realm beyond. Though they do not yet know how, the members of NOAH are determined to save their comrades and eliminate the threat posed by the Cloud of Darkness. Rammbroes pledges to search for the answer, and bids you rest up in preparation for the instrumental role you will doubtless play in the impending rescue mission.


Accepting the Quest (Cutscene)

Rammbroes: Ah, 'tis you, my friend. You are doubtless eager to hear of our progress on the Crystal Tower. 
Rammbroes: Excellent, I'd be disappointed to hear otherwise. Of course, “disappointed” is the word of the day, I fear. I'm ashamed to say that there is nothing worthwhile to report. 
Rammbroes: The Sons continue to probe the Labyrinth of the Ancients, and every day brings new discoveries. Alas, the same cannot be said of the Crystal Tower proper. We've not been able to set so much as a single foot inside it. 
G'raha Tia: You will recall how the Eight Sentinels stood between us and the labyrinth initially. 
G'raha Tia: In like manner, the entryway into the principal spire─Syrcus Tower, the Allagans called it─is also protected by technology far more advanced than our own. 
G'raha Tia: Cid and I have tried every trick we know, but without success. Frankly speaking, we are at a loss. 
Rammbroes: It is discouraging, but we cannot give up. There must be a way in. 
Rammbroes: ...And so the situation stands, my friend. Until we gain entry into the tower, I fear your talents shan't avail us. It will require time that I am loath to waste, but I have a mind to set my people to scouring such ancient texts as we have on hand. 
???: Perhaps we can be of assistance. 
G'raha Tia: And you are? 
???: Be at ease, friends, for we share the selfsame goal. 
Unei: I am Unei, and my companion is called Doga. We are scholars of the Allagan civilization, sent by the Students of Baldesion to assist in your endeavor. 
Rammbroes: Unei and Doga? Rather unusual names for this day and age, if I might be forgiven for observing. But I digress. 
Rammbroes: You claim to be here at the Students' behest, but we have received nary a word of your coming. Moreover, in light of the recent incident at the Isle of Val, I should think that they have rather more pressing concerns. 
Doga: We can only assume that the message failed to reach you due to some mishap. I assure you that we are here to help. 
Rammbroes: What is it, G'raha? 
G'raha Tia: Ungh... 'Tis nothing. There was...a pain, but it has subsided. 
Unei: Well, well, this is rather unexpected. Your right eye is the same as ours. 
G'raha Tia: >> The same? have the Allagan Eye as well? <<
G'raha Tia: >> This sanguine hue is said to be a trait unique to the Allagans! Yet I inherited it from my father, as he did from his. <<
G'raha Tia: >> Only one child in a single generation is born with the eye. All my life, I have sought to learn the truth of its manifestation. If there is aught you know, I implore you to tell me! <<
Doga: My deepest apologies, but we have no answers for you. Only one thing is certain: those who possess the trait are bound by fate to Allag. 
Doga: As your eye has placed you upon the path you walk, so too have we come here to fulfill our destiny. Absurd though it may sound, it is the truth. 
G'raha Tia: It seems to me we have naught to lose by accepting their aid. What say you? 
Rammbroes: If that is your wish, then so be it. 
Rammbroes: Yet know that I still mean to verify your story with the Students of Baldesion when I am able. I trust there will be no objections. 
Rammbroes: Very well. As of this moment, I name Unei and Doga advisory members of NOAH. Without further ado, let us have them examine the Syrcus Tower entrance. 
Doga: I promise you'll not have cause to regret your decision. 
Rammbroes: [Forename], I should be much obliged if you were to accompany our new friends to the tower. Biggs and Wedge are presently surveying the Eight Sentinels; the two of them can show you the way. 
Rammbroes: Upon arrival, pray report to Master Garlond. He will brief you on the situation. 
G'raha Tia: I shall join you, [Forename]. With Unei and Doga's knowledge, along with your uncanny knack for setting events in motion, I am hopeful that we will finally see progress. 

Optional Dialogue

Wedge: We're examining the rubble in the hopes that'll yield a clue to entering Syrcus Tower.
...Can you tell we're getting desperate?

Speaking with Biggs at the Eight Sentinels to be taken to Syrcus Tower

Biggs: Well, if it isn't [Forename]! Eager to enter Syrcus Tower and kill everything in sight, no doubt. As I'm sure you've already heard, though, the place is locked up tight as a clam. 
Biggs: ...New friends from the Students, you say? Excellent! It's been slow going─or rather, no going─for the chief. He'll appreciate the help. 
Biggs: If you'll just follow me, I'll take you to him. 


Cid: Ah, some old faces to lift the spirit...and a couple of new ones besides. 
G'raha Tia: Allow me to introduce Unei and Doga. They are scholars of ancient Allag, sent here by our friends of Baldesion to aid in the investigation. 
Doga: We understand you're having trouble circumventing the tower's defenses. 'Tis our hope that we can be of some small assistance. 
Cid: If your attire is aught to go by, your assistance should prove invaluable indeed. 
Cid: To begin with, let me tell you where we stand. Beyond rises Syrcus Tower, the principal spire of the structure collectively known as the Crystal Tower. 
Cid: The only way to get inside is through the proverbial front door─the imposing gate you see here. The problem is, we can't get it to open. It's sealed by some mechanism whose workings are an utter mystery to us. 
Cid: Having had no success via more orthodox methods, I went at it with everything from a pickaxe to a magitek cannon. Nothing so much as put a scratch on it. 
Cid: For a blessing, the gate doesn't try to reduce us to ashes like the Eight Sentinels, but that doesn't make it any less effective a security measure. It's fiendishly frustrating in its simplicity. 
G'raha Tia: The only clue we have is the elaborate device carved upon it: a man and a woman, respectant. Allagan royalty, by my judgment. 
G'raha Tia: Precisely who these individuals were, we cannot say. Nor do we know whether the device actually serves a purpose. Like as not, it is purely decorative. 
Cid: If you're thinking to force it, save your strength. It's no use─just ask the calluses on my hands. 
Unei: Rest assured we do not mean to waste our strength. Doga: Indeed. Why should we exert ourselves...when the gate will open of its own accord? 
G'raha Tia: I...I don't think any of us expected that to happen... 
Cid: Seven hells... What is this? What did you do? What...what are you? 
???: Piercing the heavens and gathering the light,
a symbol of mankind's glory and might. 
???: Its virtue guarded by gates impregnable,
only to those of royal blood answerable.
...Exactly as passed down through legend, I am delighted to see. 
Nero tol Scaeva: Beg pardons for interrupting your bewilderment. I couldn't help but notice the remarkable playthings you have acquired. 
Cid: N-Nero!? You're still alive!? 
Nero tol Scaeva: Garlond, Garlond. If I didn't know better, I would say you weren't happy to see me. Ah, but I jest. In light of our recent meetings, you have every right to be wary. 
Nero tol Scaeva: But rest assured I am no longer a threat to you. My legion is for all intents and purposes defunct, and my association with it means a tight noose awaits me back in Garlemald. And so I've been roaming this land Eorzea, a regular itinerant. 
Nero tol Scaeva: In the course of my wanderings, I chanced to catch wind of your latest venture. It sounded positively fascinating, and so I decided to come here and join you. 
Cid: After the wrongs you've committed? You think us that gullible? 
Nero tol Scaeva: If you are suspicious of my intent, 'tis only my just deserts. But I am determined to make amends. As a gesture of goodwill, I will share with you what I know...starting with these two odd characters. 
Nero tol Scaeva: As you are doubtless already aware, the Crystal Tower was the symbol of ancient Allag's might and prosperity. Entry was permitted only to royalty and a select few individuals. 
Nero tol Scaeva: According to the records I have unearthed, only royal blood can open the gate. In other words, the emperor and his progeny were living keys. 
G'raha Tia: You mean to say that these two are descended from Allagan royalty!? 
Nero tol Scaeva: Oh, I suggest nothing so glamorous. 
Nero tol Scaeva: To put it plain, they are imitations of royalty─living keys born of Allagan ingenuity. 
Nero tol Scaeva:  “Clones,” I believe, is the name your creators gave your kind. Is that not so? 
Doga: 'Twould seem that the time for concealment is past. 
Doga: Pray accept our apologies. 'Twas not our intent to deceive. We simply wished to avoid causing undue alarm by prematurely making what many would consider deranged claims. 
Unei: If it please you, let us return to the Eight Sentinels. There is much and more to tell. 
G'raha Tia: Very well. 
Cid: Seven hells, do you seriously mean to follow us around? 
Nero tol Scaeva: Come, Garlond. You know me better than to think that I spoke in jest. What more will it take for us to be reconciled? A gift, perhaps? 
Nero tol Scaeva: An Allagan tomestone. It holds the information I just shared with you, and a deal more besides. It used to be the jealously guarded property of the XIVth Legion, but it's yours now. I wish you joy of it. 
Nero tol Scaeva: I look forward to working together, old friend.

Optional Dialogue

Unei: You have every right to mistrust us, but I beg you to hear us out. Long have we waited for this opportunity to fulfill our life's purpose.
G'raha Tia: Let us hear what Unei and Doga have to say. It will not be too late to decide upon a course of action afterwards.
Cid: It goes without saying that Nero can't be trusted. We'd do well to keep an eye on him at all times.
Wedge: To think the Allagans could make copies of people... If this knowledge were to fall into the wrong hands, the world would become a terrible place. I shudder to imagine a dozen Biggs, shouting at me all day long... <gulp>
Biggs: The chief and Nero go all the way back to the Magitek Academy. It's an exclusive school situated in the capital, reserved for the Empire's brightest elite.
Biggs: I don't know the nitty-gritty details, but they didn't get along back then, and they don't get along now. Fate's a bastard for bringing them together again.
Nero: We may not have gotten off to the best of starts, but the past is in the past. Yesterday's enemies can yet be today's friends. Do you not agree, Warrior of Light?

Speaking with Doga at the Eight Sentinels

Doga: If you are ready to listen, we shall tell you all. 
Doga: As it pertains closely to your investigation, your leader, Rammbroes, may wish to be present. 


Doga: Before we begin, pray allow me to apologize again. It was not our intent to deceive you. 
Doga: As you will have already gathered, we are not scholars sent by the Students of Baldesion. Nay, we are “clones”─copies of people who once existed, given life through Allagan technology. 
Rammbroes: This is rather a lot to take in... 
Rammbroes: If it would not be considered unseemly, might I ask why you and yours were created? And more specifically, what is it that you now seek to do? 
Doga: Answering your questions requires that we revisit Allagan history. Pray bear with us. 
Unei: The Allagan Empire reached its zenith long before our kind came into being. 
Unei: In that glorious age, the Crystal Tower stood tall as the symbol of Allagan pride. Parents took their children there, that they might learn how the nigh-limitless energy it produced brought prosperity to the whole empire. 
Doga: That prosperity, however, bred decadence, and the empire began to show signs of stagnation. This decline was made all the more rapid for want of strong leadership. 
Doga: In a matter of generations, the Allagan civilization became a pale shadow of its former self. Its once gleaming cities fell into disrepair, and its frontier lands were given over to the wilderness. 
Unei: Lamenting the pitiful state of affairs, one technologist made it his mission to restore Allag to greatness. 
Unei: Amon was his name, and he believed that the ailing empire wanted for but a potent ruler. And none was more potent than its founding father, whom he sought to resurrect. 
G'raha Tia: The founding father? You cannot mean Emperor Xande!? 
Unei: None other. As part of his experiments, Amon created clones of the emperor's descendants. We are the products of that experiment─copies of Unei and Doga. 
Rammbroes: Historical texts mention the reigns of two Allagan emperors named Xande. 
Rammbroes: It was commonly believed that the second was the namesake of the first. After all, such a custom is not uncommon among royalty and commoners alike. To think that the two were in fact one and the same... 
Unei: Aye, Xande returned from the grave and assumed his throne once more. And true to Amon's prediction, the emperor restored his realm to the glory it once knew. Would that he could have been satisfied with that... 
Doga: In his previous life, the emperor desired to bring the entire world under Allagan dominion─an ambition that ultimately went unfulfilled. Having been granted a second chance, he was determined to succeed. 
Doga: Realizing that he needed more power to wage his war of conquest, Xande turned his sights towards a forbidden source: darkness. In order to learn how to harness this power, he converted the Crystal Tower into a restricted research facility. 
Cid: Darkness...again? Seven hells, what is it with megalomaniacal rulers turning to darkness in their lust for power? 
Cid: Well, at least this one won't be bothering us, being thousands of years dead and all. 
Doga: Would that you were right, Master Garlond. 
Doga: Alas, Emperor Xande is very much alive. Within Syrcus Tower he still abides, his ambition burning all the more ardently for his empire's collapse. 
Doga: Wielding the power of darkness requires prodigious amounts of energy─energy that not even the Crystal Tower could produce. In order to augment the shortfall, Dalamud was created and launched into the heavens. On high it hung, gathering the sun's energy and channeling it to the tower below. 
Doga: However, a miscalculation resulted in a surge of energy that escaped into the land. This triggered an earthquake of unprecedented violence─the calamity that ushered in the Fourth Umbral Era. 
Doga: In the blinking of an eye, the mighty Allagan Empire was laid to waste. 
Doga: Yet even as the Crystal Tower was sinking into the earth, the technologist Amon, now Emperor Xande's closest aide, invoked powerful magicks and halted the flow of time. 
Doga: Every soul within the structure, the emperor included, was placed in a deep slumber. In that state they were to remain until the time was ripe to awaken. 
Unei: Eras came and went. After millennia lying dormant, Dalamud was summoned back to the earth. Its descent triggered the Seventh Umbral Calamity, in the wake of which the Crystal Tower reemerged. 
Unei: At that moment, Emperor Xande awakened. 
Unei: In his lust for power, the emperor consorted with darkness and was seduced by its corrupting influence. Even though his empire is now little more than a fading memory, he will stop at nothing to see his ambition realized. 
Unei: 'Tis for no other purpose but to put an end to Xande's madness that we exist. This is the mantle we have inherited from our namesakes─the true Unei and Doga. 
Unei: Fearing what might befall the world, the two of them sought to thwart their emperor. They gave unto us their will, that we might carry on their mission should they fail. 
Doga: When we came to our senses within the Crystal Tower, we deliberated a course of action. Concluding that we alone could not overcome Xande, we struck out to find a worthy ally. It has taken years, but our search is finally over. 
Doga: 'Tis no ordinary woman/man who can cut a path through the Labyrinth of the Ancients. With you as our champion, [Forename] [Surname], we are confident that we can end Xande's dark ambition once and for all. 
Cid: Well, that'll teach me for speaking too soon... Setting my chagrin aside, I see now why you knew about the Students of Baldesion among a host of other things─you were observing our investigation the whole time. 
Cid: So, what will we do, [Forename]? The world's in grave danger again, and it just so happens you're an expert at saving it. 
Doga: You have our eternal gratitude. Together, let us see the Allagan Empire's dark past laid to rest. 
Rammbroes: It has been our mission to recover the long-lost knowledge of the Allagan civilization. But what worth is that knowledge if it means subjecting the realm to peril? 
Rammbroes: Truth be told, it pains me to think that the tower's secrets may become lost to us, but the greater good must ever come first. Besides, no quantity of ancient relics can compare to our friends Unei and Doga─living, breathing Allagans. 
Rammbroes: And so I hereby declare a change in NOAH's objective. Henceforth, we shall direct all efforts towards sealing off Syrcus Tower. Its dark secrets must never know the light of day. 
Rammbroes: [Forename], as you did for us within the Labyrinth of the Ancients, I would have you enter the structure and eliminate hostile elements. Suffice it to say this includes Emperor Xande himself. 
Rammbroes: Meanwhile, the rest of us shall examine ways to isolate Syrcus Tower from the outside world. To work, then! 
G'raha Tia: Wait. There is something I must know. My right eye is like yours. Does...does this mean...? 
Doga: You inherited the trait from your father, you said. Know that clones are unable to bear offspring. You have no cause for concern. 
Doga: The Allagan Eye, you called it, but to us it is the Royal Eye, owing to the fact that the trait manifests only in those possessed of royal blood. 
Doga: I cannot well explain why the eye runs in your line, but I am disinclined to think it a coincidence. 
Doga: Though you are doubtless impatient to learn the truth, pray have patience. All will be revealed in due time. 

Optional Dialogue

Unei: Though their names do not appear to have survived the passage of time, Doga and Unei were worthy individuals. they were not without faults, but they placed the welfare of the people above all else.
Unei: When Xande was resurrected, they supported his second ascension to the throne, in hopes that the empire would flourish once more under his leadership.
Unei: When it came to light tha tXande was consorting with dark powers, they did all within their power to stop him. Among their many acts, they imbued us, two humble clones, with their will.
Doga: Within Syrcus Tower, you will encounter clones who share our appearance.
Doga: Though they, too, were created in the image of Doga and Unei, they are but empty husks bereft of independent will. Their sole purpose is to eliminate intruders.
Doga: Striking down spitting images of Unei and myself may give you pause, but you must not let that stay your hand.

Speaking with G'raha Tia at the Eight Sentinels (Cutscene)

G'raha Tia: My apologies if I've given you cause to worry. I am quite well, I assure you. As you can appreciate, there has been much for me to think on. 
G'raha Tia: But now is the time for action, not idle thoughts. Syrcus Tower awaits us! 
G'raha Tia: Your task is to eliminate all hostile elements within the structure, Xande himself included. This will afford us the chance to seal off the facility. May the Crystal grant you strength! 

Entering Syrcus Tower

Duty Dialogue

Scylla: My hounds hunger for man-flesh!
Scylla: Scorch their insolent hides, my hounds!
Scylla: The hounds...grow silent... Finally...I may rest...
Glasya Labolas: You who would bare steel against the emperor. You shall not pass so long as I draw breath!
Glasya Labolas: Activating support protocol...
Charging energy stores!
Glasya Labolas: That my defenses...could be breached...
Amon: My, my, such unruly guests. 'Twould seem a little diversion is in order.
Amon: That will do for the opening act. Let the curtains rise for the main attraction!
Amon: Inconceivable...
Beware, Your Majesty... Danger approaches...


Xande: You fight valiantly, mortals, but to no avail! 
Xande: Absolute darkness draws nigh. Soon it will be unleashed, and all shall return to nothingless!

Duty Dialogue=

Xande: Mine is the power of darkness! Even the stars must bend to my will!
Xande: I shall crush all who dare oppose me!
Xande: My defeat...means nothing... Darkness...shall devour all... 

Post Duty Cutscene

G'raha Tia: [Forename]! 
G'raha Tia: You did it! You defeated Emperor Xande! 
Doga: Empires may rise and fall, but man's indefatigable spirit ever lives on. Truly, you are the champion we had hoped for, [Forename] [Surname]. 
Doga: With Emperor Xande now at eternal rest, his dark legacy may be undone. 
Cid: What are you playing at now, Nero? 
Nero: In case you haven't noticed, Garlond, these are dangerous surrounds. Can a man be faulted for exercising due caution? 
Nero: At any rate, you needn't mind me. I am perfectly capable of looking after myself. Go on and finish what you came to do. 
Unei: There are two ways that we may seal off Syrcus Tower: either isolate it from the outside world, or cripple its ability to produce energy. 
Unei: The choice of method is yours to make. Before you proceed, however, Doga and I must needs attend to a task. 
G'raha Tia: That distortion... What is it? 
Unei: The power that Xande sought to obtain comes from the void─the World of Darkness, our people called it. 
Unei: And the true nature of that power was none other than the armies of voidsent. 
Doga: Voidsent feed on aether, as you may already know, and no plane is richer in it than ours. 
Doga: In exchange for their allegiance, Xande entered into an unholy covenant. He would open a gate through which the voidsent could freely enter our world. 
Doga: The covenant, I'm afraid to say, is still in effect. However, being of the emperor's lineage, Unei and I believe that we can annul it. 
Doga: By his blood Xande sealed his dark pact. By our blood it shall be undone. 
Doga: It is time. 
Unei: Yes, Doga. Finally, we may fulfill our purpose. 
Nero: >> Hahahahaha... AHAHAHAHAHA! <<
Nero: Oh, be still my beating heart! 
Nero: For a moment I feared that this outing would end in disappointment, but my readings were not mistaken! Not even the Ultima Weapon compares to this! 
Cid: What are you going on about!? 
???: The everlasting...

Echo Flashback

Xande: And so Meracydia is brought into the fold. Soon, all the world shall be united under Allagan rule. 
Xande: And yet... with every dream that becomes reality, the memory of death grows ever more vivid─an endless void, bereft of light and warmth. 
Xande: Though I may have defeated death, it did not leave me unscathed. Nay, its ravening claws have scarred my soul for eternity. Never shall I know peace. 
Xande: Beings without will. You cannot fathom my rage. My melancholy. My fear. 
Xande: What worth is wealth and power when all must inevitably be consigned to nothingness? If man has nothing, he need not know the pain of loss. 
Xande: So let there be nothing. 
Xande: Harvest more power, that the gate may be thrown full open. Let the Cloud of Darkness come and engulf the world, devouring all life, hopes, and dreams. Let all be returned to nothingness. 

Echo End

G'raha Tia: [Forename]! Pull yourself together! 
G'raha Tia: Is there no end to them!? What in the seven hells is happening!? 
G'raha Tia: Argh! Not now, damn it! 
Cid: >> Nero! Were they part of your grand plan, too? << 
Nero: Save your japes, Garlond! I didn't put up with your arrogant face to play with worthless clones! 
Nero: Something controls them. A voidsent, and no ordinary one at that. 
Unei: >> Doga! << 
Nero: Confound it! Without them, there's no way to master the darkness! 
Nero: That mine! 
Cid: >> Nero! <<
???: The covenant shall be honored. 
Cloud of Darkness: I am the Cloud of Darkness. I shall devour your light, and return this world to the void. 
Cid: Damn it, the rift is gone! What are we supposed to do now? 
Cid: As much as it pains me to leave without them, there's precious little we can do. Let us return to the Find and consult Rammbroes.

Optional Dialogue

G'raha Tia: I feel as though that I'm forgetting something important, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what that something is...

Speaking with Rammbroes (Cutscene)

Rammbroes: All this happened within the tower? Gods preserve... 
Rammbroes: The rift that manifested before the throne was a voidgate, of this I am certain. 
Rammbroes: There exist myriad kinds of voidsent. The more powerful the being, the larger the gate must be for it to pass through. 
Rammbroes: 'Twould seem that Xande sought to open a gate of unprecedented proportions─one that would allow this Cloud of Darkness entry into our world. 
Rammbroes: Fortunately for all mankind, he did not succeed. I shudder to imagine what this voidsent is capable of. 
Cid: However dreadful it may be, we can't abandon our friends. Is there no way to save them? 
Rammbroes: I will not lie to you, Master Garlond. The situation is bleak. 
Rammbroes: Though voidsent can enter our world, instances of men entering the void have never been documented. It pains me to give voice to my fears, but we do not even know whether our friends still live. 
Cid: Damn it... I feel so helpless... 
G'raha Tia: No, I refuse to give up. We must save Doga and Unei. 
G'raha Tia: We share the same eye, 'tis true, but that is not what motivates me. 
G'raha Tia: Above all, I wish to help them to fulfill their mission─a mission whose burden they have borne for thousands of years. And besides... 
G'raha Tia: We cannot leave matters as they are. 
G'raha Tia: So long as Xande's dark covenant is binding, our world is in danger. 'Tis our duty to prevent the worst from coming to pass. 
Rammbroes: G'raha. Ever since meeting Unei and Doga, you have not quite been yourself. Tell me true: is all well with your eye? 
G'raha Tia: I honestly cannot say. I know only that there is a memory that I must recall. 
G'raha Tia: As a child, my father told me that the truth of our eye rests with Allag. The answer eludes me still...but one day I will find it. 
Cid: I am with G'raha. 
Cid: However slim the odds, we must try to save Unei and Doga. Aye, and that bastard Nero as well, if only to make certain that he won't make any more mischief. 
Rammbroes: You have the right of it. Though we have known them but briefly, Doga and Unei are our comrades. We cannot fail them. 
Rammbroes: I shall consult experts and literature both. I swear to leave no stone unturned. 
Rammbroes: Yet know that it may be a while before we are ready to act. I would ask that you all be patient. When dealing with the void, one cannot be cautious enough. 
Rammbroes: My thanks again for your assistance. Pray rest now while you can. For when the time comes to go after our friends, you must be at no less than full strength. 
Cid: We'll save them yet, [Forename]! Mark my words!