Syrcus Tower (Quest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Feature Quest. For the level 50 Alliance Raid, see Syrcus Tower. For the furniture item, see Syrcus Tower (Furniture). For the landmark in The Crystarium, see Syrcus Tower (Landmark).
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Syrcus Tower

Syrcus Tower (Quest).png
Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:30.4, Y:12.1)
Quest line
Crystal Tower
Experience 0
Gil 3,752
Previous quest
For Prosperity
Next quest
The World of Darkness (Quest)

Rammbroes is frustrated over NOAH's lack of progress on the Crystal Tower.

— In-game description




These alliance raids are not difficult and can be done blind in the Duty Finder. Tanks will have the longest queue times as only 3 of the 24 players in Alliance Raids are tanks. If you are going blind as tank please know that all tanks are expected to run stance and there are no off-tanks in alliance raids.



  • Rammbroes is frustrated over NOAH's lack of progress on the Crystal Tower.
  • Rammbroes informs you that the investigation of the Crystal Tower is being hindered by the most mundane of security measures: a gate that refuses to open. Even as Cid and G'raha Tia rack their brains to find a solution, two peculiar individuals arrive and offer their aid. They introduce themselves as Doga and Unei, scholars of ancient Allag sent by the Students of Baldesion. Though Rammbroes is at first suspicious of their origin, he relents at G'raha Tia's behest and allows them to join NOAH in an advisory capacity. Without further ado, Doga and Unei are asked to examine the sealed gate which leads into Syrcus Tower. Accompany the two scholars to the Eight Sentinels, and there speak with Biggs to be shown to the gate.
  • Much to the surprise of all present, Doga and Unei open the gate as if they were born to do it. Speak with Doga to learn how this feat was possible.
  • Doga and Unei reveal that they are "clones"-- copies of two individuals who claim direct descent from Emperor Xande, the founding father of the Allagan Empire. In his desire to bring the world under his rule, Xande consorted with forbidden powers. Fearful of what might befall the world, the original Doga and Unei attempted to thwart their emperor's scheme. They imbued their clones with their will, that their work might continue in the event of their death. After millennia in slumber, the two clones now seek to finish what their namesakes had begun, but they require your help to succeed. The members of NOAH unanimously agree to join their cause, and Rammbroes tasks you with eliminating all hostile elements within Syrcus Tower and finally defeating Emperor Xande. See to your preparations, then speak with G'raha Tia.
  • You have declared your readiness to enter Syrcus Tower to G'raha Tia. Fight your way to the top of the structure, and strike down Emperor Xande.
  • Syrcus Tower can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have defeated Xande, but your victory proves short-lived. Even as Doga and Unei attempt to annul the emperor's dark covenant, an entity calling itself the Cloud of Darkness pulls them into the rift that had manifested before the throne. Nero attempts to save them for his owns reasons, only to end up sharing their fate.
  • With the rift having vanished, you are powerless to help your friends. For now, return to Saint Coinach's Find, and consult Rammbroes as to a way to bring them back.
  • Rammbroes believes that Doga, Unei, and Nero were drawn through a Voidgate, and into the dark realm beyond. Though they do not yet know how, the members of NOAH are determined to save their comrades and eliminate the threat posed by the Cloud of Darkness. Rammbroes pledges to search for the answer, and bids you rest up in preparation for the instrumental role you will doubtless play in the impending rescue mission.