Labyrinth of the Ancients

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Feature Quest. For the level 50 Alliance Raid, see The Labyrinth of the Ancients.
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Labyrinth of the Ancients

Labyrinth of the Ancients (Quest).png
Quest giver
G'raha Tia
Mor Dhona (X:30.4, Y:12.1)
Quest line
Crystal Tower
Experience 0
Gil 3,752
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Performance for the Ages
Next quest
Feature QuestFor Prosperity

G'raha Tia is eager to begin the expedition to the Crystal Tower.

— In-game description




These alliance raids are not difficult and can be done blind in the Duty Finder.



  • Assuming the role of expedition leader, G'raha Tia issues instructions to the assembled fellowship of NOAH, detailing how the operation will proceed. Make your way to the large gate located to the southeast of Saint Coinach's Find, and await the arrival of the rest of the survey team.
  • To the great relief of all concerned, the crystal “fangs” make short work of the tower's lethal outer defenses. Reasoning that the structure's inner reaches are like to contain further hazards, Cid volunteers you for the task of securing the Labyrinth of the Ancients. Rid the maze of anything which might pose a threat to the survey team.
  • Along with your steadfast adventuring companions, you have succeeded in ridding the labyrinth of its deadly protectors. Cid and G'raha Tia praise your invaluable contribution to the expedition, and together you gaze upon the shimmering spire that rises from the center of the maze.
  • Though your labors in the labyrinth have secured a route to the tower, much remains to be discussed before the expedition can proceed. Return to Saint Coinach's Find and speak with G'raha Tia.
  • Back at the excavation site, G'raha Tia invites you to take a moment to collect your thoughts before debating how best to proceed.


Accepting the Quest

G'raha Tia: Esteemed colleagues/gentlemen! The secrets of ancient Allag beckon! 
G'raha Tia: Let's not keep them waiting any longer! Adventurer─you and I will join the engineers at the Crystal Tower's main gateway, where we will endeavor to neutralize the structure's outer defenses. 
G'raha Tia: Rammbroes, meanwhile, will remain here and oversee the operation. Given my knowledge of Allagan history, it seems logical that I should lead the expedition itself...though I admit the role does not exactly befit my status as an observer. 
G'raha Tia: Still, we can but make use of the resources at hand. Assuming all are in agreement, let us proceed forthwith to the large, lopsided gate found to the southeast. 
G'raha Tia: I have studied the legacy of the Allagan Empire for long years. Now that this expedition is at least underway, the very core of my historical infatuation lies within my grasp.
G'raha Tia: It falls to us—to the fellowship of NOAH—to crack open the tomb of a fallen civilization, and bring the wealth of its history out of the shadows and into the light!

Making your way to the gate located to the southeast of Saint Coinach's Find (Cutscene)

Cid: The Crystal Tower lies beyond this portal. Now comes the interesting part... 
G'raha Tia: Cid, you are the only one of our number who has ever crossed this threshold. I ask that you take the lead for the present. 
G'raha Tia: I say... The energy radiating from these statues is...palpable. 
Cid: Lucky for us that it is. One might otherwise stroll past them... Feast your eyes on the elemental defenses which prompted our lengthy preparations. These sentinels prevent would-be intruders from advancing to within twenty yalms of the tower's inner reaches. 
G'raha Tia: ...No matter how swift they may be. 
Cid: Happily, the crystal fangs we took such pains to craft should spare us the inconvenience of instantaneous annihilation. Here, allow me to demonstrate. 
Biggs: Ch-Chief!? It's too─ 
Cid: Dangerous to allow anyone else to risk his life testing one? Quite right. I made the damn things─it's my job to see that they work. 
Cid: ...Success! 
G'raha Tia: I for one am convinced! Friends─ready your fangs! 
Cid: This last one is yours, old friend. It seemed only right... 

Wedge: Haha! We did it! So much for the outer defenses! 
G'raha Tia: Indeed. The entrance to the tower is near at hand. My blood fairly sings with anticipation! 
Cid: Speaking of blood─I have a proposal for the next stage of the expedition. 
Cid: I suggest we wait here while [Forename] and a handpicked party of her/his adventuring companions enter the tower. 
G'raha Tia: What!? Without us? I thought we came here to survey the entire structure! 
Cid: We did─and we will. But our investigations must proceed at a more measured pace. 
Cid: If the outside of the place is this well defended, can you imagine what awaits us on the inside? Only a true hero could reasonably hope to brave the hazards ahead and live to tell the tale. 
Cid: [Forename] here fits that description better than anyone I know. 
Cid: And it is not as if we shall be idle in her/his absence. While [Forename] and her/his companions are risking life and limb to beat us a path to the tower, we can set about analyzing this rubble for evidence of how its technologies function. 
Cid: Your knowledge of ancient lore will be invaluable in that endeavor, Historian G'raha Tia. 
G'raha Tia: Bah! Do you ever tire of being right, old man!? 
G'raha Tia: Ahem. [Forename]─as it seems I won't be accompanying you, allow me at least to provide some instruction. The maze that surrounds the base of the tower is known as the “Labyrinth of the Ancients.” During this initial foray, I suggest you concentrate on ridding the place of hostile elements. 
G'raha Tia: When you are reasonably certain the maze is secure, contact me via linkshell and we shall join you posthaste─no matter what Master Garlond says! 
G'raha Tia: Though we would prefer it if any relics you encounter remained intact, you have leave to do whatever is necessary to secure ingress to the upper levels of the tower. Fortune go with you, [Forename]. 

Post Labyrinth of the Ancients Cutscene

Cid: Ho there, [Forename]! 
G'raha Tia: Very impressive, I must say! Your name shall be writ large in the volumes that are sure to be penned on this historic expedition. 
Cid: The scale of this structure defies comprehension... Someone plainly thought bigger was better. 
G'raha Tia: According to the findings of my Baldesion colleagues, the Crystal Tower was constructed to collect and store the endless energies of the sun. A characteristically ambitious undertaking. 
G'raha Tia: Now, what of the tower's inner defenses? Judging by your haggard expression, clearing out the labyrinth was no small feat. 
G'raha Tia: ...A giant of a man wielding a shimmering scimitar, you say? Yes, that will have been Phlegethon. Not Acheron. Phlegethon. He was a hero of the Allagan revolution. 
Cid: And you gleaned that from what exactly? His choice of weapon? 
G'raha Tia: Well, I am a historian. And I have a certain, shall we say, “affinity” for the lore of the Allagan Empire. 
G'raha Tia: It is, of course, all knowledge gleaned from musty scrolls and tomes. The ancient texts claim that the Crystal Tower is defended by the champions of eld, resurrected and augmented through the Allagans' extraordinary technology. 
Biggs: Chief, you need to see this! 
Cid: Well, well, there it is...the foot of the tower. What surprises do you have in store for us, I wonder...? 
Cid: I can't tell you how glad I am to have you with us on this little jaunt, old friend. Had you not beaten a path through that maze, I very much doubt we'd be standing here now... 
G'raha Tia: Well! We have much to discuss and digest. Let us retire to Saint Coinach's Find for the present and there plan our next step. Lest there be any doubt, our expedition has some way to go yet! 

Speaking with G'raha Tia at Saint Coinach's Find

G'raha Tia: So good of you to join us, [Forename]! Our meeting would be dull indeed without a full account of your experiences in the labyrinth. 
G'raha Tia: Take a moment to collect yourself, and when you are ready, we shall debate how best to proceed.