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Male ♂
Roegadyn (Sea Wolves)
Mor Dhona (30.4,12.1)
Circle of Knowing
The Sons of Saint Coinach
Quest NPC

"I am wholly dedicated to the restoration and preservation of ancient Allagan wisdom—delving into the past, that we might safeguard the future."

One of the Circle of Knowing's founding members, Rammbroes left the Sharlayan homeland for Eorzea near the end of the Sixth Astral Era to expand his research. Unlike his many compeers, the Sea Wolf did not join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn following the Calamity, instead choosing to join the Sons of Saint Coinach at the behest of an associate. Though quickly presented with the opportunity to lead the Sons, Rammbroes was reluctant to accept the role, more intent on losing himself in millennia-old tomes after the loss of his trusted master. It was Y'shtola who reminded the fifty-year-old Sea Wolf of Louisoix's vision for Eorzea, convincing Rammbroes that the only true way to honor their late mentor was by using his peerless talents as both an anthropogeographer and a natural-born leader of men to bring salvation to the realm.

— In-game description

Rammbroes is a Roegadyn found in Mor Dhona.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Sanding It Down Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
A Performance for the Ages Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
Syrcus Tower Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
The World of Darkness Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
The Light of Hope Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
Hit the Hippogryphs Sidequest 45 Rammbroes

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Legacy of Allag Feature quest 50 Nero tol Scaeva
For Prosperity Feature quest 50 G'raha Tia
What Death Can Join Together Feature quest 60 Wiltwaek
Allagan Attire Job quest 45 Y'mhitra
A Fitting Tomestone Job quest 50 Y'mhitra
A Book with Bite Job quest 60 Y'mhitra
Off the Record Job quest 68 Y'mhitra

Additional Information