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The popular profile creator makes its official debut! Craft the perfect calling card for your character with a range of expanded customization options and improved portrait features.

Patch 6.2 Official Website

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The Adventurer Plate interface allows you to create a personalized calling card by which to introduce yourself to other players. View a player's adventurer plate by targeting them and selecting the "View Adventurer Plate" subcommand.

Viewing the Adventurer Plate

From the main menu, select Adventurer Plate or target your character and select View Adventurer Plate from the subcommand menu. While there are myriad options available to customize your adventurer plate, additional options can be unlocked via rewards from certain duties.

Editing Plates

Capture the appearance of your Warrior of Light by customizing poses, movements, camera angles, backgrounds, framing, lighting, and more! You may save a variety of different portraits, with an additional portrait designed specifically for your adventurer plate.

The gear shown in your adventurer plate portrait is based on what you have equipped at the time it is initially saved. To update the gear in your adventurer plate portrait, select Reflect Current Gear in the Edit Portrait window.

Portrait Official6.jpg

Plate Design

In addition to portraits, you may also customize various design elements of your adventurer plate, including backgrounds, pattern overlays, and portrait frames. There are a limited number of default design options, but additional designs can be unlocked by acquiring Framer's Kits or completing various quests or duties.

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You may customize an adventurer plate profile with information about your favorite job, title, playstyle, active hours, and more.

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Privacy Settings

You can set limits on who may view your adventurer plate. By default, your portraits can be viewed by all players. This setting can be restricted to "Friends Only" or "No One."

Setting Portraits

The following subcommands are available for setting portraits:

Apply to Adventurer Plate

Selects a primary portrait to use on your adventurer plate. As this portrait is not updated automatically, your class or job, pose, and decorative elements chosen will remain unaffected even should you change jobs or gear. A new primary portrait must be chosen to update your adventurer plate.

Use as Instant Portrait

Selects a portrait that reflects your current appearance. Such portraits are used to introduce players at the start of various duties. As of Patch 6.1, they are used to introduce combatants at the beginning of Crystalline Conflict PvP matches.

Link with Gear Set

When linked with a particular gear set, portraits can be set automatically as your instant portrait whenever you equip said gear set.

It should be noted that portrait data is saved locally. As such, any portraits you have created will not be accessible when playing on a different client.

  • However, data used for adventurer portraits and Instant Portraits will be saved to the game servers.


Customize portraits for each of your gear sets using a variety of poses, movements, camera angles, backgrounds, framing, lighting, and more. These portraits will be displayed at the start of Crystalline Conflict matches and Doman Mahjong.

Portrait Official1.jpg

While portraits linked to gear sets have been carried over to the official release, they must be edited and resaved in order to be used as instant portraits.

Viewing Portraits

From the main menu, select Portraits to open a list of all available portraits. They are sorted in order according to your gear sets.

Editing Portraits

Select the portrait you wish to edit, then Edit Portrait from the subcommand menu. Portrait Official2.jpg

Using as Instant Portrait

Portrait Official5.jpg

When enabled, portraits will be applied as your Instant Portrait when the gear set is equipped.


Portrait Official3.jpg

Portraits that meet the following criteria will be marked with a warning symbol. These portraits must either be edited or restored to default settings.

  • Portraits that have never been edited prior to Patch 6.2
  • Portraits whose gear set makeup has changed and been overwritten.
  • Portraits that no longer match your character's appearance after using a phial of Fantasia.

Copying Settings

It is possible to copy settings other than equipped gear (motions, accents, etc.) to other portraits.

*Class or job-specific motions cannot be copied over.

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Framer's Kits

Example Adventurer Plates