La Noscea

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La Noscea

La noscea map.jpg
Map of La Noscea


La Noscea is the marine region located in the south-eastern part of Eorzea, Limsa Lominsa, one of the starting cities, is located in La Noscea.
The maritime metropolis is located in the south of the island Vylbrand that Aldenard precedes in the west, the Gulf of Rhotano.
Their patron deity is Llymlaen, the aerodrome controller, the goddess of seafarers.

— In-game description


Limsa Lominsa

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Lower La Noscea

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Middle La Noscea

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Eastern La Noscea

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Western La Noscea

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Outer La Noscea

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Upper La Noscea

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The Mist

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Wolves' Den Pier

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