True to Form

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

True to Form

Quest giver
East Shroud (X:26, Y:10)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 4,800
Gil 658
Previous quest
Scattered Scions
Next quest
Levin an Impression

Yda is eager to join the other Scions.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Continue searching for the Scions.


  • You finally locate Papalymo, only to find him accompanied by not one, but two Y'shtolas. Confer with Maxio, and devise a strategy to reveal which of the Scions are real and which are impostors.
  • Maxio suggests that you attempt to unmask any potential impostors all at once. Toss a trueform scalebomb at the suspect Scions, and reveal their true identities.
  • Maxio's handy gift explodes in a cloud of choking dust, revealing one of the two Y'shtolas to be a skin-changed sylph. Confront the trickster, and show him the error of his ways.
  • You have defeated the touched sylph's boar ally. It is time to confront the sylvan trickster himself.
  • Though he has apologized for his mischief, the touched sylph is nevertheless determined to convince you of Lord Ramuh's absence. Return to Papalymo and discuss the obvious deceit.
  • Based on your tiny antagonist's dubious claims to the contrary and his own aetheric measurements, Papalymo believes he has pinpointed the spot where Lord Ramuh was summoned. Your audience with the Lord of Levin looms ever closer...