Guardian of Eorzea

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Guardian of Eorzea

Guardian of Eorzea Image.png
Quest giver
Minfilia Warde
The Rising Stones (X:6, Y:5)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 1,220
Previous quest
What Little Gods Are Made Of
Next quest
Recruiting the Realm

Minfilia would have you indulge the attention of your young admirers.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • After thanking you once more for your timely aid, Tataru asks that you spare a moment to indulge the attention of the Doman children. Speak with Yozan within the Rising Stones.
  • Elated to see you returned to Revenant's Toll, Yozan and his fellow “Doman adventurers” beg you to give them a special training session. Hoary Boulder, the Roegadyn who has taken charge of the children's daily instruction, instead proposes a sparring match between you and himself. Head to the east of Revenant's Toll and speak with Hoary Boulder to signify your readiness to begin the demonstration of martial skill.
  • You have bested Hoary Boulder in the sparring match. The gathered onlookers cheer your victory, and praise your hard-won strength. Following the bout, Alphinaud approaches you and asks that you meet with him to discuss the future of Eorzea. Head to the Rising Stones and speak with the young Elezen.
  • You return to the Rising Stones, and Alphinaud outlines his proposal to form a new organization. Join the determined Scion as he endeavors to fulfill his role as a guardian of Eorzea.