Guardian of Eorzea

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Guardian of Eorzea

Guardian of Eorzea Image.png
Quest giver
Minfilia Warde
The Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.2)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 1,220
Previous quest
What Little Gods Are Made Of
Next quest
Recruiting the Realm

Minfilia has some correspondence she wishes to share with you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Minfilia is in The Solar.



  • Minfilia has some correspondence she wishes to share with you.
  • Minfilia informs you that a letter has arrived expressing gratitude for the Scions' efforts in quelling the primal threat. Though the realm is not yet free of strife, the Antecedent stresses that your deeds inspire countless Eorzeans to continue along the difficult road to peace. Conscious that you cannot be expected to spend your every waking moment attending to realm-shaking matters, however, she encourages you to stay awhile in Revenant's Toll. Just when it seems as if you have been granted leave to rest, Minfilia asks that you spare a moment to indulge the attention of the Doman children. Speak with Yozan within the Rising Stones.
  • Elated to see you returned to Revenant's Toll, Yozan and his fellow “Doman adventurers” beg you to give them a special training session. Hoary Boulder, the Roegadyn who has taken charge of the children's daily instruction, instead proposes a sparring match between you and himself. Head to the east of Revenant's Toll and speak with Hoary Boulder to signify your readiness to begin the demonstration of martial skill.
  • You have bested Hoary Boulder in the sparring match. The gathered onlookers cheer your victory, and praise your hard-won strength. Following the bout, Alphinaud approaches you and asks that you meet with him to discuss the future of Eorzea. Head to the Rising Stones and speak with the young Elezen.


Minfilia: Now the matter of Ramuh has, for the present, been put to rest, there is something I would show you, [Forename].
Minfilia: It is a letter of thanks, signed by the leaders of the Eorzean Alliance, acknowledging the Scions' tireless service to the realm.
Minfilia: It mentions, in particular, the names of all of the defeated primals─Ifrit, Titan, Garuda, Good King Moggle Mog XII, Leviathan, and now Ramuh.
Minfilia: Needless to say, there is only one among our number to have faced them all.
Minfilia: And though these words of gratitude were addressed to our order as a whole, I feel that they were meant for you above all others.
Minfilia: I, too, must offer my heartfelt thanks for all that you have done. In the course of your duties, you have never once failed to answer my call to arms.
Minfilia: You are a true hero, [Forename], and Eorzea is that much the safer for your presence.
Minfilia: Pray do not misunderstand me─I said “safer,” not “safe.” I know only too well that we can ill afford to lower our guard. The Ascians may be relied upon to sow chaos in this realm until such time as they are forced to stop.
Minfilia: Why, even without their encouragement, you may be assured that man would foment strife on his own. And that is to say nothing of the beast tribes. Unless we learn to live in harmony, the primals, too, will return to plague us again and again and again...
Minfilia: And yet...despite all of this, your deeds serve to inspire the people─to give them hope for a better tomorrow. And there is no greater gift.
Minfilia: That we have the courage to strive for what might otherwise seem an impossible peace, we owe in no small part to the dangers you have faced on our behalf, and the people you have won over to our cause in so doing. Our list of enemies has ever been long, but think of the allies with whom we are now blessed...
Minfilia: Of the beastmen who wish naught of conflict, and who now call you friend.
Minfilia: Of the sylphs of Little Solace, who wish naught of conflict.
Minfilia: Of Alisaie, who strives to unearth the terrible secrets of the Calamity.
Minfilia: Of the Ala Mhigans and the Domans who stand with us, determined to halt the dread march of the Empire.
Minfilia: And then there is Cid and the fellowship of NOAH, racing to unlock the mysteries of ancient Allag that we might be spared the horror of another Ultima Weapon.
Minfilia: And then there are the many unsung individuals who have gathered here in Revenant's Toll─honest men and women who seek to employ their skills for the good of all.
Minfilia: ...Of course, when speaking of our greatest allies, we must not forget those closest to us, by which I mean our fellow Scions.
Minfilia: Thanks to their many and varied talents, our order is uniquely equipped to combat the far-reaching corruption of the Ascians─and combat it we shall!
(-???-)Your enthusiasm is truly heartwarming, Antecedent. Given our embarrassing wealth of allies, I trust it will not inconvenience you unduly if I absent myself for a time?
Minfilia: Alphinaud! I take it the troubles in Ul'dah no longer require your attention?
Alphinaud: There are yet some rumblings of discontent, but the air of simmering violence is largely dissipated. 'Tis to report such that I stand before you now.
Alphinaud: That...and to speak with you concerning the new organization we discussed.
Alphinaud: Ah, I have a message for you from Ele─ Ahem. You recall the refugee girl? The one whose parents were missing? They were found unharmed. She wished me to pass on her thanks to you.
Minfilia: Why, Alphinaud! Am I to understand that you made the effort to remember the poor girl's name? I look forward to reading all about her in your report. I do hope you left nothing out!
Minfilia: [Forename]─you have been away from Revenant's Toll for some time now, I believe. Might I suggest that you put the affairs of the realm to one side for the moment and take this opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the town?
Minfilia: ...Which reminds me─one of the Doman children recently inquired as to your whereabouts. Yozan was his name. I believe he has some small matter he wishes to share with you. Why not oblige him with a visit?
Minfilia: I realize that you must be quite tired from your travails, but I would most appreciate it if you could find a moment to speak to young Yozan. He has been through much in his own right, I am sure.
Yozan: Look! It's Mister/Miss [Forename]! He/She's back from his/her adventures!
Yozan: We heard you were off fighting “primals,” and that they're some of the strongest enemies you could ever face! I wish I could've seen you in battle...
Yozan: Anyway, we all want to be heroes, too─so we finally formed our very own Doman Adventurers' Guild to protect all the Domans!
Yozan: Oh! Do you think you could train us today, Mister/Miss [Forename]? Maybe you could show us how you fought the primals!
(-???-)What's all this commotion, then?
Yozan: Mister Boulder and Mister Coultenet! Did you know that Mister/Miss [Forename] is back!?
Hoary Boulder: So it would seem. Welcome home, [Forename]. My companion and I but recently became full members of the Scions, and I believe proper introductions have yet to be made.
Hoary Boulder: I am known as Hoary Boulder, and this bookish fellow is Coultenet. Though we remain largely unproven as adventurers, we have taken it upon ourselves to instruct the Doman younglings in the arts of combat.
Yozan: Ugh, I told you, Mister Boulder: we are not younglings anymore─we are adventurers!
Yozan: And we were just asking Mister/Miss [Forename] if he/she could give us some special training. I think we're ready to hunt monsters alongside him/her, don't you?
Hoary Boulder: Well, you've certainly been diligent with your drills...but I'm afraid the fiends of Mor Dhona are still ever so slightly too dangerous for you.
Hoary Boulder: I have a counter-proposal: what if I were to cross swords with [Forename]? A demonstration of skill at arms, if you will.
Coultenet: Hoary. If I didn't know you better─and I do─I'd say you were merely seeking to test yourself against a legend.
Hoary Boulder: Ahahaha, well, mayhaps I am. But what matters the motive when the children stand to learn so much from the lesson?
Hoary Boulder: What say you, [Forename]? Would you consent to spar with me?
Yozan: Hurrah! We're to have a tournament! Come on, everyone─we must prepare our gear for an outing!
Coultenet: ...Do try not to disappoint them, hm?
Hoary Boulder: Have faith, Coultenet! I shall summon every last onze of my strength to make of this a worthy contest.
Hoary Boulder: The fields to the east of town should prove suitable for our purpose. I very much look forward to our bout.
Coultenet: Since becoming a Scion, I have had much opportunity to hear news of your epic deeds. I must confess, then, that my excitement rivals that of the children's at the prospect of seeing you in action firsthand.
Yozan: Mister/Miss [Forename] is here! Let the battle begin!
Koharu: As we left the Rising Stones, Mister Thancred asked us where we were going. I told him we were off to watch you and Mister Boulder fight, and he looked very surprised. I hope we haven't made him cross...
Rokka: Is sparring...dangerous? I don't think I want to see anyone else being hurt...
Shiun: We had a Master of Lessons back in Doma, and the way he taught us was very different from Mister Boulder. I'm not sure which way is better, but I think I like them both!
Hoary Boulder: 'Twas good of you to agree to this, [Forename]. I trust you are ready to begin?
Hoary Boulder: Very well. Let us not keep the younglings waiting any longer!
Coultenet: Ahem. Hoary? Are you certain you wish to fight him/her alone? That is [Forename] you face.
Hoary Boulder: What better way to test my mettle? Pray allow me to attempt the first round unaided.
Hoary Boulder: After all, 'twas this hero's legend that led me to join the Scions to begin with. Without [Forename] to inspire my efforts, I would not be half the warrior I am today.
Coultenet: Your point is well made. But remember: this is for the children's sake as well as your own. Should it appear the contest will end too swiftly, I shall add my spells to your bladework.
(-???-)Hello! You haven't begun yet, have you?
Coultenet: Yda!? What─ Who are all these people!?
Yda: When I heard about your sparring match, I told everyone I could find. Thought you could use a crowd to cheer you on!
Thancred: Yes, and there are still more to come. When I mentioned [Forename]'s name, the reaction was quite enthusiastic.
Thancred: Why, my own popularity seems but a sickly shade in comparison! You'd best claim victory, Bringer of Light─your burgeoning reputation is at stake!
Yozan: Well, our teacher won't be beaten so easily! He's a master swordsman!
Koharu: You can win, Mister Boulder!
Hoary Boulder: We shall soon see. On your guard!
Win the sparring match!
Hoary Boulder: Day and night I've honed my skills.
Hoary Boulder: Now comes the time to test them!
Hoary Boulder: Ugh... Such power!
Hoary Boulder: The tales barely do you justice!
Rokka: Mister Boulder won't lose, will he?
Shiun: It's not over yet! It can't be!
Coultenet: Aye, the children have the right of it.
Coultenet: 'Tis time I joined the fray.
Coultenet: On your feet, Hoary!
Koharu: Oh no! He looks hurt...
Yozan: Mister/Miss [Forename] is so strong...
Yozan: But you can't give up, Mister Boulder!
Hoary Boulder: Can't...disappoint...the younglings...
Hoary Boulder: Raaargh!
Hoary Boulder: Never have I faced such strength!
Hoary Boulder: ...But the lesson must continue!
Hoary Boulder: 'Tis your example I follow!
Hoary Boulder: Surrender not to the implacable foe!
Coultenet: I must admit defeat.
Coultenet: 'Twas an honor and a privilege... 
Hoary Boulder: You... <gasp> You have bested me... <huff> I yield!
Yozan: <gasp> ...
Yozan: ...That was incredible! He/She beat them both at the same time!
Frontier Hand: We knew you couldn't lose, [Forename]! None can defeat the guardian of Eorzea!
Experienced Adventurer: Now I see why they send you to deal with the primals! I've much work to do if I'm ever to attempt the same...
Alphinaud: Impressive as always, [Forename]. 'Tis ever a pleasure to witness the spectacle of your martial prowess.
Alphinaud: And judging by the smiles on these many faces, they, too, appreciate the hard-won strength that keeps the perils of the realm at bay.
Alphinaud: “Guardian of Eorzea”... Yes, that is a most fitting title.
Alphinaud: Do you recall when first we met? 'Twas at the memorial service for the Battle of Carteneau...
Alphinaud: At the time, I was yet attempting to understand this land of Eorzea. I sought to grasp the reason why Grandfather willingly sacrificed himself to protect it.
Alphinaud: I shall speak plainly: my initial impressions were less than favorable. Dire problems abounded, and yet the effort I saw expended towards their solution was haphazard and half-hearted. I thought Eorzeans a foolish and childish people.
Alphinaud: Considering the shambles their home was in, I would not have been surprised if some had chosen to swear allegiance to Gaius and the order he proposed to enforce. The legatus's single-minded military invasion precluded any such switching of loyalties, of course.
Alphinaud: Were it not for a desire to continue Grandfather's legacy, I would have abandoned the realm to its fate long ago. The threats were too many, the nations too self-involved and unstable.
Alphinaud: 'Twas you who convinced me the salvation of Eorzea was possible.
Alphinaud: 'Twas you who taught me─through countless acts of bravery─that what my grandsire sought to preserve was not the land, nor its history, nor any single nation...
Alphinaud: It was the people. These wonderful, oft infuriating, stubborn people that suffer blow after terrible blow only to drag themselves back to their feet to face another day.
Alphinaud: Though he never put such feelings into words, I believe Grandfather's admiration for this inextinguishable courage grew into a fervent wish─a wish to aid Eorzea and its inhabitants in charting a course for the future.
Alphinaud: A wish that has now become my own.
Alphinaud: I, too, will endeavor to take up the mantle of guardian of Eorzea, and champion these people who toil towards a better world.
Alphinaud: Our cause, however, is not a simple one: the troubles that plague us are of a scale that cannot be solved by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn alone.
Alphinaud: No, what is needed to tackle the root of the primal threat─and effectively counter the schemes of the Ascians─is a new, expanded organization that operates beyond the limitations of nations and borders.
Alphinaud: If you would aid me in building such an organization, then pray let us continue this discussion back within the walls of the Rising Stones.
Thancred: Your bout with Hoary Boulder was more stirring than a hundred lines of my most passionate poetry. Mayhaps I should arrange a sparring match of my own...
Yda: I can't wait for Alphinaud to start his new company. I love making new friends!
Papalymo: I wish Yda were not so eager to look to the future when we have so many problems in the here and now...
Y'shtola: I fear Yda's boundless optimism is beginning to affect my better judgment. And your tendency to triumph against the most terrible of foes is certainly not helping matters.
Tataru: No, this won't do at all! And then I'll have to─ Oh, hello, [Forename]! If you don't mind, I'm terribly busy at the moment!
F'lhaminn: 'Tis not enough that I am here for my daughter─I must do what little I can to help you all succeed in your monumental tasks.
Hoary Boulder: [Forename]! I must thank you again for agreeing to our bout.
Hoary Boulder: ...And I must thank the gods 'twas not a duel to the death! I will, however, cherish the lesson of each scrape and bruise as I work to better my swordplay.
Coultenet: I thought the idea foolish at first, but it seems that sparring match well served its purpose. Why, I can hardly wait to return to my studies and seek to improve upon my technique!
Hozan: My people's spirits were thoroughly crushed by the loss of our homeland, but thanks to your courage and generosity I see their inner flames once more flicker back to life. I, too, have felt my strength of will make a gradual return.
Douware: Our Doman farming methods have been adopted here on the frontier. 'Tis too early yet to know if they will prove to be effective...
Higiri: This place has become as a hive, and its bees flit about in constant motion. Perhaps a soothing pot of tea will coax one or two to alight and take a moment's rest.
Yozan: Mister Boulder fought well, but he was no match for you, Mister/Miss [Forename]!
Yozan: Just you wait! One day I'll be good enough to knock you from the top of your mountain!
Koharu: Mister Boulder is sore and beaten, but he said he'd return straight to his training. Heh heh, I don't think he likes to lose!
Shiun: We need to decide who in our Adventurers' Guild will do what. I'm fairly sure Yozan will have to be the swordfighter─he always has to be in the thick of the action.
Rokka: I like the way Mister Coultenet fought─no swords or fists. I wonder, if I studied hard, would I be able to cast spells like that too?
Alphinaud: Thank you for coming, [Forename]. The world shifts and alters, and we, my friend, must ever be one step ahead of the chaos.
Alphinaud: What I propose is the formation of a new organization─a group that shall pave the way for a truly united Eorzea...
Minfilia: With the primal threat presently subdued, now is the perfect time to focus on new endeavors.
Minfilia: Alphinaud has long been laying the groundwork for this organization of his, and he looks to you to help turn his proposal into reality. Pray lend him what aid you can.